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The Seven Sacred Flames (SSF) is one of the most powerful teachings ever given to mankind. It contains all we need to know and do to raise our individual and collective consciousness to bring about mankind's Ascension.

What more could we ask of one book?

The teachings are completely consistent with the wisdom we at the Angel News Network (ANN) have received from a multitude of divine beings, including Archangel Michael,  the founding divine spirit of ANN.

This excerpt from the (SSF) explains the importance of the First Ray, The Flame of the Will of God, as the first step on the path of Ascension:

"The Will of God is the path of surrender. Without the Will of God you are not  going very far on your path of evolution. This is the very first step that must be mastered before you can progress into the other steps on the path.

"If you are not willing to surrender to the greater will of your being, the will of your own divine source, how will you recognize your new home? If you are not willing to surrender to that which is seeking to bring you all the way back "home," the home of your divine perfection, joy, bliss and limitlessness, your lost paradise, then how do you expect to ever get there?

"The Will of God is not a God outside of you. It is simply the God that you are and that you have always been, although when you are in a physical incarnation you tend to temporarily forget. Your divine presence is totally omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent and can fulfill all of your desires instantly. You have temporarily forgotten that you are nothing less than an expression of this great I AM, incarnated in a human experience.

"You came here with an agenda of love for the Self, and that Self is no one but you. Many of your are still so caught up in your mundane affairs, you are not seeking to attain the goals you have incarnated for. For too many of you, the affairs of your soul path and soul evolution have become the last concern on your agenda.

"When you are consciously putting aside the true goals of your incarnation for the sake of momentary human pursuits, your life turns out to reflect something very different than what you had envisioned for your life experience prior to your incarnation here. Once back on the other side of the veil, as you review the life you just left, there are always deep regrets. There is a profound desire to receive another opportunity for incarnation to fulfill all of the soul's desires that you have denied in your present life.

"And this is how the merry-go-round of endless cycles of incarnations for the soul keeps repeating itself again and again."

For those wishing to get off this "merry-go-round" of repeated incarnations, I can offer no better advice that to study and apply the teachings in the Seven Sacred Flames and of Archangel Michael and other divine spirits you can find on the Angel News Network website.

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