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The only seer I ever heard of in my younger adult years was Edgar Cayce. I devoured countless books outlining his fascinating spiritual revelations, never expecting that I would author books of revelations myself.

In the past four years I have published three books of revelations from spiritual teachings of four powerful spirit entities: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. In writing these books I have read thousands of pages of magnificent spiritual teachings, not to mention countless spiritual books as well as channeled messages I have read from many sources, including the Internet.

The spiritual teachings contained in Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong are as powerful as any I have ever encountered. The channeled teachings of Anna relay the intimate details of her spiritual journey that include the lives of Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene and a host of other biblical characters and vividly outlines, among many other things,  the preparation of the coming of Jesus (Yeshua), his education to prepare him for his mission and what happened after his crucifixion.

In my book, The Second Coming, Gabriel says that Jesus brought in the energy of seven levels of spiritual initiation to awaken the soul in mankind: Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Renunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension.

In this excerpt, Anna discusses the initiations of Resurrection and Ascension:

An initiation is that inner directed experience that takes you over the threshold of irreversible change. In the initiations of Resurrection and Ascension, our former limited identity transforms into a more expansive awareness of inherent potential. This is illustrated in the transformational initiatory process demonstrated by the butterfly that emerges into a "new life" resurrected from its crucified caterpillar life

There has been much misunderstanding about the nature of crucifixion and resurrection. However, these are the foundational experiences of empowerment that anyone who chooses union in God experiences. Christ ascension cannot be understood until the initiations of crucifixion and resurrection are recognized as those transformational events that may already be occurring in your life.

Have you at one time or another, believed that crucifixion equals suffering--usually as a way for paying back a debt--original sin, guilt, shame? Do you insist that Yeshua (Jesus), in order to be the Christ, must have suffered and died in order to redeem a fallen world?

What feelings come up for you when you contemplate the Son of God suffering on the cross? What if Yeshua did not suffer? What if he did not die? What if his crucifixion was simply a demonstration of how you can align your will with Divine Will, release all attachment to a limited identity and open the way to being the Radiant One you already are? Not the false self who is looking and breathing through the mask of pretense!

Are you ready to take Jesus and yourself off the cross of endless suffering? Are you ready to shift your focus into resurrecting your consciousness into enlightened states of happiness, joy and bliss, instead of justifying why you feel betrayed, abandoned, trapped, helpless and hopeless?  Are you ready to take back your power instead of blindly giving it to mediating priesthoods, saints, teachers or unquestioned limiting beliefs? When it is time to allow growth and expansion of your inner authority and divinity, are you wiling to fly free of self-imposed prisons that were the structures and teachers that once served you? If you answer to these provocative questions is "Yes!" -- then I genuinely celebrate with you!

Once you understand that Yeshua learned from his youth how to pass through crucifixion, (dying to limitation) and resurrection (aligning with eternal life and original innocence), you can begin to allow for the possibility that he did not suffer to pay any form of debt. As you recall what I have shared about the Rite of the Sepulchre, you can also begin to understand that he did not die, even though all his vital signs ceased to support his physical body for a time.

Having mastered the physical and subtle realms throughout his life, Yeshua did not suffer in the gruesome way you may have been taught or that some subconscious part you may insist that he did. He did not die for your sins! He lived to model love and forgiveness so that you could choose to live by the same qualities he demonstrated.

I encourage you to let go of this idea that transformation, change and detaching from the nails of limitation or crucifixion has to be a hard struggle full of tragic drama and fraught with suffering. As you allow your separated consciousness to "die" into unity consciousness, you may pass much more easily through your crucifixion initiation into resurrecting and ascending yourself as a living Christ.

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