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I saw a famous actress in a funny play a couple years ago who, it was recently announced, has a terminal disease and is not expected to live more than a few months. Death and sickness have been on my mind recently because I have a few old friends who have had long stays in hospitals recently and seem to be nearing the end of their lives here on Earth.

One of the rewarding things about regularly talking with the Two Marys is that they are willing to share their wisdom about almost any subject I choose to ask about. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Jessie Keener. Here is an excerpt of our conversation about disease and death on 3/15/13:

M: The mind creates disease. The mind creates it because it is a read-out of the thought process itself. All disease comes from consciousness. Any disease of the owner/occupant of the body comes from the consciousness of the owner/occupant of the body. Death itself comes from the consciousness. The belief in death, of course, is completely optional as far as the fifth dimension is concerned.

Very few people in your modern world, and we use that word modern very carefully, want to admit, confront, and integrate the truth that death is purely a product of the mind. Now it is not as simple as saying (this actress) is thinking some kind of terrible, evil thought and, therefore, over years and years of thinking that thought, she created brain cancer. It is not that simple.

The mind is where all the memories are stored. But where is your mind? It’s everywhere. It’s in the body. The memory charges store in the soft tissue of the body. The memory stores in the brain. So it is not necessarily the conscious mind that creates disease. Much more typically it is the unconscious mind that is completely addicted to separation and duality.

So there is that and then there is this. The extreme pollution on the surface of your planet has reached formidable levels. There is so much invisible pollution that you are unaware of. It is overwhelming. If we couple that with the fact that for most people there is a dungeon full of demons in the unconscious mind, it becomes very clear how people generate disease.

It is true that in the times we walked on the surface there were terrible diseases such as leprosy. It did not require vast industrial pollutants to generate leprosy. It did require unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy elimination habits, and it required fear in the conscious mind and those demons in the dungeon of the unconscious mind.

We do not want anyone throwing in their towel, exasperated that what is going on on the surface means that they cannot thrive. It means that the understanding of how the mind works is paramount. It means that the relationship between the mind and the body must be purified, and the body itself must be purified or there will be disease, rest assured. Things are just too far gone on your planet for that not to be true.

It takes great vigilance for your surface dwellers to thrive in today’s world. That is the simple reason why many, many, many will not opt for their thrive opportunity. The overwhelm is huge. The lines of force are potent. Many will simply become exhausted and lie down. And that is perfectly acceptable. For when they choose to succumb to their exhaustion and lie down, truly they are finished with their life. Do you see?

J: Two thoughts come up. Certainly the Ascension Handbook is a guide for surviving.

M: Indeed it is.

J: Is there something simple and short in addition to the handbook that would help people survive in this toxic soup we’re living in?

M: It is not simple, but it is coming. The body of work that is being generated by this channel, Winston and Paula will create a thriving opportunity even for those who do not understand Ascension. The work will have to do with creating particular brain wave lengths and help people administer to the stuck parts of their brain.

J: Many people are choosing to leave the Earth plane as we have been told will happen. The old way of looking at and fearing death is alive and well. I have been suggesting that we should all embrace death as a new opportunity to move into a new cycle of growth and experience. What would you invite them to do?

M: We assert that the most appropriate state of being for any of those individuals is deep relaxation. That is the thing they long for the most, the sense of deep peace and deep relaxation. However, if they are very diseased working with their breath becomes challenging. They have to truly want the deep peace and the deep relaxation that lies beyond the breathing exercise. And so they have free will.

It is not your life purpose to create happiness on deathbeds. However, it is in your life purpose to serve love. So then the question becomes, how shall I be as I encounter these individuals who are still very much in the illusion? How shall I be with them? The answer is, be a loving servant of peace and relaxation, much like the gentleman who spoke at the end of the lovely poetry sharing last night. He shared about being. He shared about everything being love. This disease is love. This pain is love. This suffering is love.

Imagine for just a moment the suffering on the cross that was very real physically for our beloved Jesus. Of course, the giant lesson there is what he did with the suffering, is it not? He made his suffering the greatest sacrifice. He gave it to God. He surrendered completely.

So sometimes there will be places from religion that you can draw on. Sometimes there will be little questions you can ask that individual such as, would you like a deep relaxation response? I can share something with you that creates that. Would you like that? Does that appeal to you? Or maybe a simple Reiki or a foot rub is better. Do you see?

J: Yes, I wish I could soften the fear. I have a friend who is in the hospital with pneumonia right now and he doesn’t seem to be getting better. I know he is afraid. I know it’s not my life mission to take the fear away. It’s his experience, but at the same time I wish I could soften his fear.

M: Indeed. Fear is such a potent active resistance. That’s all it is and nothing more. Actively resisting God. Actively resisting what is in the now moment. So can you soften that blow? Perhaps. But only a little, for the commitment is up to that individual. At the end stage when there is a lot of fear and a lot of adrenaline—and this is important—the actual chemical bath in the body from that flight or fight response truly changes how the mind operates. It’s very difficult to engage anyone at that point and create a bridge that they can walk on, so to speak, out of that into something more peaceful and restful.

But here is the truth about death, beloved Joel. Your friend will be released from that fear. Your friend will have an enormous pineal gland activation on his exit, and he will be in peace.

J: I’m aware of so many people who seem to be in the state where they will be leaving the Earth plane.

M: Indeed, a necessary part of the whole process. For if they aren’t awake now it is truly appropriate that they leave and find the nest pathway for them to evolve with.

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