Monday, March 25, 2013


The Catholic Church, as nearly everyone knows, recently chose a new Pope. Throughout its history this church and its leaders have not been shy about condemning, ostracizing and sometimes killing (hopefully not recently) anyone whom they judged as "sinners" or worse.

Ten years ago next month (April 11, 2003 to be exact) I began the extraordinary experience of interviewing divine spirits, asking them all kinds of questions relating to my dimension (3D Earth) and theirs (5D and up). My first interviews were with the Archangel Gabriel channeled through that brilliant trance channel Robert Baker which led to the publication of The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age.

In 2003 Pope John Paul II had attacked homosexuals as "evil" and condemned the idea of gay marriage. I asked Gabriel about the Pope's statement and what he would say to the Pope. Here is Gabriel's response:

"You know nothing about spirit. Spirit embraces all being. It embraces the soul's individuation of being in all forms. The Catholic Church and all other churches to a great degree are nothing more or less than separated indoctrinations of ideas about the duality between spirit and matter, and they serve to continue to enforce that duality in the collective consciousness. The Catholic Church is the largest and the richest corporate structure in the world. The entire religion is based upon keeping the people down, keeping them under control, keeping them in fear, in fear of God, not in love of God.

"That does not mean that there are not certain individuals in the Catholic Church who aren't like that. There are. But the body of government of the church as a whole is in duality and represents and teaches the duality between matter and spirt and uses it to produce fear and control."

Fast forward ten years to 2013 and the retirement of the conservative Pope who replaced John Paul II and the selection of the new Pope from Argentina, the first from Latin America. I thought it a good sign when the new Pope became the first to take the name of the beloved saint of peace and love, St. Francis. But then I read of his condemnation of homosexuals and of the adopting of orphans by same sex parents. His views echoed John Paul. Last week I asked the Two Marys, the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene channeled by Jessie Keener,  for their view of the new Pope, the papal election process and of the Catholic Church itself. Here is an excerpt from our conversation of 3/15/13:

 M: Indeed it is the same old same old. Do not put any hope in these giant establishments and institutions. In fact, we think hope is sinful at that point. It misses the mark entirely.  There is nothing to be hopeful about with that institution. The wheels of change in these giant institutions move so incredibly slowly.

When these types of questions come up, we have always said essentially the same thing. It is the individual’s awakening. It is the individual’s awakening in creating soul families. It is the soul families connecting to other soul families rippling across this globe through the internet, through telepathy, through mass webinars, mass conference calls. This creates the change.

These institutions will go down very slowly, and they will fight tooth and nail every bit of the way, beloveds.

J: I was listening to some of the observations of people being interviewed as they were waiting for the College of Cardinals to choose the Pope.  One said that this selection of the new Pope was “giving God a chance to weigh in” on the church’s leadership. Another said, “It’s in God’s hands now.”

M: Blasphemy, we say. We say, blasphemy. We are the Two Marys and we say blasphemy. There is nothing like that in those words. There is nothing about going to God for that decision in this type of situation. There is no authentic emptying of the mind and allowing the higher self to connect with the higher realms. There is simply the programming through the hypothalamic structure of the brain for the way it is in that institution. They have replaced God with their concepts.

J: And their concepts are essentially?

M: Control, force and manipulation. If our beloved Messiah walked on your surface today, He would not be allowed to be a participant in the Catholic Church. Think about it. What does that truly say about the Catholic Church? If our beloved Jesus walked on this surface, he would not qualify for admission. He would not be allowed to preach, nor would we. I think that says it all. This is the Mary of Magdalene speaking.  I think that says it all, does it not? The Magdalene has spoken.

Gabriel said back in 2003 that high vibration energies creating higher consciousness were streaming into the Earth plane that would destroy all systems contributing to inequality and separation, including governments, religions and corporations. The wreckage has been startling, including the scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church. 

Look out all you systems in which the few control the many for their own benefit. 
Archangel Gabriel and the Two Marys have spoken. 

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