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MAN POWER GOD POWER: Divine Discussions #3 Ascension Process, Giving and Receiving

Phillip Elton Collins, Conscious Channel and Author

Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author 

Joel D. Anastasi


Divine Discussions is a video program in which conscious channel Phillip Elton Collins and spiritual journalist Joel Dennis Anastasi connect with various multidimensional realms to delight and enlighten us. The following are transcripts from some of those shows:


Divine Discussion #3 Video

Ascension Process, Giving and Receiving; Great White Brotherhood, Saint Germain

Greeting, beloveds. We come to you at this time from the Great White Brotherhood in combination with the Ascended Mastership of Saint Germain.

We join together with a teaching to support you in your ascension process as you are moving to a higher frequency of God-Power reality with a discussion of giving and receiving, dear ones. We realize many of you have been dealing with the universal equation of giving and receiving, and you already have some understanding of what this is. But we wish to take you to a deeper level of understanding of giving and receiving. Most of humanity who chooses to give has that down pretty well, as you would say.

We would like first to focus on receiving and your God Power I Am presence. What is this thing, what is this phenomenon, what is this aspect of yourself called the I Am presence? Is this your connection to your higher self or to the God Power that created you and continues to maintain and sustain you?

The atmosphere of your planet of Mother Earth is composed of every thought and every emotion that humanity has experienced for millennium. This atmosphere creates your weather and creates and supports many of your natural events, your acts of not-so-God, if you will. We’re asking you now to become aware of your thoughts and your emotions and how they affect you physically, how they affect your planet and your weather, and, most important, how they affect one another.

It will be through the receivership of your I Am presence, your God Power divinity, if you will, that you will connect to the forces that maintain and sustain you, that give you your life substance and allow you to move into this ascension process and your final golden age, your seventh golden age. This will allow a permanent connection to your I Am presence and God consciousness and the presence of the creator, who maintains and sustains you.

It is the absence of this connection that brought about the demise of your previous golden ages, called many names, which you know: Lemuria, Atlantis, early Egypt, early Greece, Mayans, Aztecs, and many other divine civilizations; humanity simply does not understand what happened to them. What is the mystery associated with the disappearance, the ending, of these apparently extraordinarily evolved civilizations, which in many ways achieved beyond what you have at this point and then ended for various reasons?

The basic reason, the core reason, for the ending of these civilizations, was their disconnect from the I Am presence, the disconnect from the creator, who maintained and sustained them. The mental body of humanity felt that it could do it on its own, its own way, a better way. Through your freedom of choice and freedom of will, you were given that opportunity. The time of learning this way through repeated Earth lives is coming to an end.

The reason and the function—the meaning, value, and purpose—for repeated Earth lives, for repeated embodiments, is for you to learn in each lifetime what you need to learn and then to review it when you’ve left your physical form so that you might decide what was incomplete that you might address in the next lifetime—and for that to go on and on and on. Dear ones, that cycle of reincarnation, of reembodiment, would have gone on for eternity if it were not for the aspect of the God-Powered I Am presence, which is connected to source, allowing the end time of reembodiment, reincarnations.

What a glorious moment it is. For once, you become immortal, and no longer have to go through repeated Earth lives to learn what you didn’t learn in the past. You maintain and sustain your connection to source through your connection to your I Am presence. Your true service to source will fully be engaged, and your Man Power has become God Power.

Right now, much of humanity, which is awakening, is involved in something called world service, which is a precursor, a preamble, to universal service.

As has been discussed with you in previous teachings on the divine discussions, you are assimilating and integrating five additional higher frequencies, divine chakras, if you will, to move down into the chakras that you are familiar with, one through seven. This will allow a more conscious connection to your I Am presence and to source.

Now, there are many more chakras than twelve. So why is twelve important at the time? It is important because the twelve chakras that are being integrated at this time reflect the twelve star systems that seeded and diversified your planet, which diversified your blueprint of your learning to love. That is the reason for your planet. That is the reason for your habitation of this particular planet, coming from other galaxies, coming from other planets within your solar system.

So as you reconnect with your solar systems, your galaxies, and your universes at large through this extended, elevated chakra system, you will more fully connect with your I Am presence and to source, your God Power. You will reawaken the dumbing down that has taken place in the past for various reasons, and forces and entities that have attempted to control you will stop. Many of those forces of the few controlling the many are still in play on your planet now. But the end time of that is in process. So having given this introduction to the I Am presence and the balance of giving and receiving and the importance of universal law, we would like to open this up for questions and answers so this may be more fully integrated for you, dear ones. How may we help you?

Joel: Welcome and thank you for joining us.

Entities: You’re welcome.

Joel: The Great White Brotherhood and Saint Germain.

Entities: Indeed.

Joel: It was Gabriel who first told me about the Great White Brotherhood. I never quite understood what the Great White Brotherhood is. Can you tell us what the Great White Brotherhood is?

Entities: Yes. It is a God Power that supports the Christ Consciousness, as many other entities do. It is a God Power that has been housed, if you will, in many sacred temples and particular vortices and on the geographic areas known as the United States. And it is a force that works directly with the ascended masterships, which are in service to humanity to allow you to move into your divine blueprint of ascension, immortality and service to source. Does that assist you?

Joel: Saint Germain, of course, has quite a historic association with the Earth. For those who don’t know, can you just give us a brief summary of Saint Germain’s role and association with planet Earth?

Entities: When you review our incarnations on this planet, you will see that the embodiments of Saint Germain have occurred throughout your history to enlighten you, often not to particularly receptive ears of those in control and power. But we who love you unconditionally, we who inspired your United States, we who inspired freedom, we who inspired the state of liberty, we who inspired unity and union to source and inspired the concept of a more perfect union of the United States are Saint Germain.

Joel: We are getting more and more information coming to us through various spiritual sources about the pivotal role that you played, Saint Germain, with our founding fathers and the creation of our founding documents.

Entities: We were instrumental in inspiring the individuals who laid down the documents, your Constitution and your Bill of Rights, to reflect universal law, to reflect a blueprint for this final golden age and to inspire the forefathers of this country to understand this task at hand. Needless to say, the ideals of these documents, of these words that have been brought from higher frequencies to humanity have not been fully realized. They have been partially realized. But it is your destiny for them to be fully realized and incorporated in this country you call the United States and to allow that truth and allow that resonance to ricochet through your world.

Joel: Well, if it’s going to ricochet around the world, we’ve got a lot of work to do here. Our Congress always seems to be in a logjam. Right now, our Supreme Court is going to be addressing another issue of equality in terms of gay marriage. We seem to be redefining all the time what freedom, equality, and liberty truly mean.

Entities: Dear ones, the monsters of humanity are doubt, fear, and ignorance. They have interrupted you throughout the millennia and all along your true path. So we ask you to have no doubt, to have no fear, to know that your thoughts and your emotions accumulate in your atmosphere collectively and influence the entire world. It is time to know and to trust and to surrender to what is being given to you from the higher realms at this time. Do you understand?

Joel: I do. Now Saint Germain, I am going to go out on a limb here because I didn’t know you were coming through today. I’ve been so inspired by the fact that you were the inspiration of our founding principles. Of course, the equality of all mankind is central to them. Our Supreme Court right now is going to be addressing the issue of marriage equality for gay people. What would you say to the Supreme Court justices who are making the decision right now?

Entities: What we would say to the Supreme Court, if they would allow us an audience, is that the diversity of all of God’s beings, of all of source’s beings, must maintain and sustain equality, harmony, and balance, or humanity cannot go forward. There can be no aspect of humanity through your evolutionary path that can be subjugated further by Man Power.

And the base and foundation of all this separation is the imbalance of the masculine and the feminine energies that radiate out in all of your prejudices, in all of your eons of separation and duality, whether it be sexual preferences, religion, gender, too big, too small, too dark, too light, too this, too that. The toos shall end, dear ones.

Joel: Very powerful. Saint Germain has spoken. You said that the purpose of our planet is to learn to love. Is the universe observing us in terms of our long, long struggle to learn that process?

Entities: We need to explain the purpose of love. The purpose of love is the building block, the electro-magnetic God-Power building block of everything. And, yes, indeed, the entire universe is watching and looking very closely at your planet, for many of them are an aspect and a component of its creation. And the very best, if you will, the highest component of them was brought into the creation of what you call Earth. That is why you have reflected many previous golden ages, which embodied all of that through beauty, through truth, and through oneness. Only through this understanding and the activation and the manifestation of love can you build this new paradigm of ascension of oneness in service to source, dear one.

Joel: I believe I heard you say that the cycle of repeated incarnations was going to be ending and when that happens, we would be able to be in fuller service to source. Could you expound on that, explain that?

Entities: Most of humanity has had hundreds, sometimes thousands of embodiments and reincarnations to learn what you came here to learn. That karmic disposition that cycle of reembodiment is coming to an end. Every planet in the solar system, in the galaxy, in the universe, if you will, goes through very similar cycles to what you’ve gone through to become, to return to, if you will, being beings of light, bodies of light. Once you become these bodies of light, having repeated dense, physical lifetimes is no longer necessary.

Joel: What does fuller service to source mean? Could you explain what that represents?

Entities: There are millions and billions and trillions of worlds out there that are going through various processes not unlike your own, some behind you, many ahead of you. You would be in service to supporting those worlds and continuing to support the evolutionary path of your own planet. Some of you would choose to go elsewhere. Some of you would choose to be here.
Remember, dear ones, the universe is ever expanding, ever growing, which invites all higher frequency and service to it. The universe is an ever-growing and expanding being of consciousness. The work to support that growth and expansion is eternal and limitless.

Joel: So if we are to truly understand what you’re saying, we would have to understand ourselves, first, as being spirit and, second, as being expressions of God, so that we would, in effect, be functioning as God throughout creation?

Entities: As has been said to you many times before, it is a process inside out. It starts with an individuated divine soul plan, which connects to a planetary plan, which connects to a solar system plan, a galaxy plan, and a universal plan, dear one. It is much more complicated than humanity is aware of. Not so much complicated as marvelous and miraculous, and all this is being revealed to you.

Joel: I think we’ve attempted to understand as much complication as we’re capable of right now. So let’s thank you very much, Great White Brotherhood, and you, Saint Germain, for joining us, and thank you so much for your teachings.

Entities: We’re delighted to be here with you and in reiteration for the further integration of our teaching today, remember the importance of receiving your I Am presence, which is your God-Power connection to your higher self and the connection to the source that maintains and sustains you and gives you life substance each and every moment of the now.

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