Thursday, June 27, 2013

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Divine Discussions #2: Final Golden Age

Phillip Elton Collins , Conscious Channel and Author 

Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author


Divine Discussions is a video program in which conscious channel Phillip Elton Collins and spiritual journalist Joel Dennis Anastasi connect with various multidimensional realms to delight and enlighten us. The following are transcripts from some of those shows:


Final Golden Age: Archangel Michael, Adama, Lord Sananda, Saint Germain

Greetings, beloveds, from the Archangelic realm of Michael in concert with Adama from the Inner Earth realms, Lord Sananda of the Christ Consciousness realms and beloved Saint Germain of the Ascended Master realms.

We all gather today to talk about your next and final Golden Age on planet Earth. Dear ones, you’ve all chosen to be here whether you are aware of it or not to participate in one of the most exciting adventures your planet has gone through in millennium. You have gone through six previous ages, which have had their life and death, if you will, as a result of their connection and disconnection to source. Now it is your destiny, now it is your blueprint, now it is your divine right, dear ones, to go into your final Golden Age, which will allow a permanent connection to source.

We would also like to talk about what America, the United States, and the Americas at large really mean within this journey into your final Golden Age. Dear ones, what you call America was once what you called your Garden of Eden. What was integrated into the geographic location and energetic field and vortex of what you call the United States was and continues to be the Garden of Eden, which is being reactivated at this particular time in a process you know as ascension—ascension of yourselves from inside out in concert with the ascension of your planet. For both of you to return to the beings, the eternal beings, the immortal beings of a light that you are, dear ones.

Oh, what an extraordinary journey this has been. So what is the meaning, value and purpose of this United, this Union of States called America?  What does the word “union” mean? What does the word “united,” mean, dear ones? It means the connection of your divine selves with source, with the creator. It is not the United States; it is the “united divinity” of you in combination with the source that maintains and sustains and creates you.

What is happening now is a reactivation, a rebooting, a new downloading through various portals and vortices within your continental United States to assist humanity in clearing and cleansing your duality, your separation, your confrontation, your wars and, through the resonance of this, to allow the entire planet to go into this final Golden Age. That is your destiny.

This was most recently reflected in the forefather’s documents, which founded the United States of America. Your forefathers and we—Michael, Saint Germain, Lord Sananda and others—gathered in concert to inspire your forefathers with the documents, your Bill of Rights, your Constitution, these wonderful papers, and to give such individuals as George Washington the inspiration to know the destiny of this particular country called America.

So how exactly will this take place? It will take place through a clearing and cleansing of the selfish, if you will, consciousness of humanity, which has kept you in separation and limitation to allow you to go into a constructive endeavor of self that will be reflected to the entire world.

Once you maintain and sustain through this healing process of self—which we of the Archangelic realm of Michael have taught you for many, many eons now of moving from the mental body to the heart space—once this process of the individuated self moves from the harmful self to a constructive self, we of the fifth dimensional realms will be forthrightly available to you to assist in this endeavor of ascension.

This is what is taking place at this time. This is why there are so many tools and teachings coming through to humanity through various fifth dimensional sources. So it is a great time to move from your limitations, your separations, your lack, into an immortal state of being that will allow you to stay permanently connected with us in a final Golden Age, which will prevent the death and destruction of this age as has happened in the six previous Golden Ages before.

It is a divine moment in your history where you will become telepathic, and the mistruths and the deceits and the denial of the deceit taking place in your communication systems and with one another will no longer take place, and truth will reign supreme, dear ones. You will also be gifted, once this connection is complete or in process, with free energy sources, which will change the structure of your financials and your relationship with self.

A small percentage of you will no longer be controlling the vast majority of you, so you will no longer be giving your power away. For right now, as you know, within your governments, your corporations, your religious organizations there is much mistruth and deception taking place, which will be cleared with your direct connection to source, dear ones.

So you all chose to be here for this distillation, for this creation of your final Golden Age, to move into a process of ascension to go into an immortal state of being to really begin your true service to source, dear ones. And we ask you as we join our energies to accept with compassion and to forgive the process you’ve had to go through for the various reasons you’ve had to go through them and know that the end time has come, dear ones.

This is the time of the healing of the self in order to move into a oneness with all in order to have a connection with source and allow the Archangelic realms, the Star realms that seeded your planet, the Inner Earth realms that were once upon the surface of your planet, to all work in concert to assist you by you merely asking us in a constructive format, a format that does not include harm of others, dear ones.

Oh, what a marvelous, divine moment this is for humanity. So we ask you—no matter how things appear outside as Earth’s final clearing and cleansings of your third dimensional frequencies, your past and present lives as well—we ask you to be aware and not to doubt this process. For one iota of doubt can interrupt the process within yourself, dear ones. Accept and know within your hearts that the time has come now.

So let us briefly open to some questions and answers for this is how you must integrate your wisdom and truth. For we have brought you these messages many times before. But now are you ready to receive them? Now are you ready to know the truth, dear ones? How may we assist you in this question and answer format?    

Joel: Well, we certainly would like to thank you all for joining us. It’s a thrill to have such wonderful, powerful, loving entities joining us.

Adama: You’re welcome dear one. We have a wonderful dispensation enabling us to be joined together with you. As you have experienced in the past with your Angel News Network, you had some fourteen frequencies come together with a united teaching. It is indeed a very exhilarating moment that we can join our forces in oneness as well with you to assist you in this process.

Joel: Michael, Adama, Lord Sananda and Saint Germain. We are indeed blessed.

Entities: We are blessed to be in your presence, dear one.

Joel: Well, my questions, of course, are coming from the third dimension. So let me apologize ahead of time for having the limited perspective that represents. You’ve told us, don’t doubt the process because that just retards it and that the time has come for these changes that you have outlined. You’ve talked about the role that the United States is playing in the unfolding of the new Golden Age and what the word united truly means. You have told us that we have chosen to be here.

We are watching the powerful continue to abuse their power, to continue to pollute our beloved Gaia, continue to pollute the air, the water, the land, simply to increase the storage of money they’ve got piled up in their reserves and to increase their power and influence over us all.  Those of us who are light workers and way showers certainly want to be able to do what we can to speed up the coming and the growth of the new Golden Age. What would you consul us to do to add our energy to the changes that are happening here? 

Entities: It has to do with the amount of humanity, which is able to go into an awakened state of consciousness. When it reaches a certain percentage, a certain quantum point, if you will, then we will be able more and more to work with you directly by you simply asking us to work with you directly to eliminate these old paradigms of control, dear one. They will be eliminated.

The process is in process that those forces will no longer be able to control your planet. You do have freedom of choice and of will that we cannot obliterate. But we can work in concert with those who have raised their consciousness to a point to work in concert with you. Do you understand, dear one?

Joel: Yes I do. You’ve given us this guidance before. But, I guess, we constantly need to be reminded. What are some effective ways that those of us who are trying to raise our consciousness around these issues can join our energies together to accelerate this process, to help you, to join with you more powerfully.

Entities: To more fully help one another, dear ones. To really join in like-minded, like- spirited individuals through your resonance, through your internal gyro system, if you will, and really form communities and groups which will empower you through the processes and the teachings that have come to you before hand. To use them in a loving relationship with self, how that mirrors to one another.

You will not go forward with this process without eliminating the conflict with self, others and endeavors such as war, dear ones. That simply will not take place in the future. Does that help you? 

Joel: Yes. Certainly we understand the wisdom of that. You know what we at the Angel News Network are doing in terms of the various activities we’ve been involved with, with the channeling activities, the workshops we’ve created of Life Mastery and The Ascension Workshop and the other programs that Michael and other spiritual entities have given us. We feel as thought we’ve been laying the foundation and now we need to step out in a stronger, broader way to reach the world. What guidance would you offer in terms of how we can more effectively do that?

Entities: You are moving from the light worker into the way shower and combining the light worker with the way shower are you not, dear ones? And through your individuated talents and gifts you will find endeavors that will allow that way showing process to take place through your specific talents and gifts. Whether it is writing a book, producing a seminar, having a show of some kind, a workshop through your cyberspace, which has been gifted to you from the realms we come from at this time--the Ethernet, which frees you from the frequency of 3D which you are in, which allows you all to be in concert simultaneously bypassing many of the control mechanisms.

But what has humanity done with a lot of cyberspace? They have abused it and misused it as they have many other tools they’ve been given in the past. So we ask you to check yourselves as to how you are using the gifts and talents that you already have and apply them into the constructive endeavor of ascension, dear ones.

Joel: In the beginning we were using the more traditional vehicles. We were publishing books. We’ve been doing seminars in brick and mortar buildings with limited audiences. We are, as you say, now at the threshold of taking these teachings into cyberspaces to send them out into the world in more powerful ways to reach larger audiences. That certainly makes sense in terms of where we are going.

Entities: Yes. Each of you will have as a reflection of your soul plans and the defenses that you are healing at this time.  You will find your path. You will find your journey. Love and support one another in that by simply asking one another what you need and supporting each other within an egoless environment. Much will happen and much will be revealed. 

Remember, things are moving exponentially at high speed now. Pay attention to your emotions and the thoughts that your emotions create, the physical symptoms that you create. Remember, you are moving into a higher state of being as you move from a carbon format to crystalline format. This will make many things possible that have not possible in the past. If you simply pay attention to your present now as opposed to how things have been in the past, you will see things are moving exponentially at a nice clip and pace, as you would say.

Joel: You have pointed out more fully than I’ve heard before the role of the United States of America in the new Golden Age. I think you said that the United States was the Garden of Eden and that it is being reactivated. Is that what you said?

Entities: Yes, dear ones. Your myth of the Garden of Eden is really the beginning of the energetic force field, which is now your United States. Humanity came into planet Earth through the area that you are in now, through what you call America. That was the beginning of humanity and the civilization that came through hundreds of millions of years ago. That force field, if you will, that vortex, that portal, is being reactivated. The memories of that initial Golden Age, the memories of that original Garden of Eden, have never been lost and are in the process of being reactivated now, dear ones. Does that help you? We realize that this is a new story for you. We understand.

Joel: You say America is going to lead the world into a new Golden Age. But I’m looking at this logjam that we call democracy in the United States. I see it as the forces of separation fighting the forces of unity, which are trying to bring us all together so that all the people can be served equally. We don’t seem to be able to get anything done in America at this point. What observations would you make about how well our democracy is working at this point?

Entities: It is the last hurrah of duality. It is the last hurrah of separation. It is the last hurrah of confrontation. Your worlds are now becoming more and more hesitant about going to war, which is your most destructive form of confrontation. You’re beginning to realize that it simply doesn’t work. So you’re having old forces, old paradigms in their last hurrah bellowing, knowing that the end time is here, dear ones.

Entities: I don’t want to shy away from naming the facts as I see them. The fact is corporations maintain so much control in our country and direct a disproportionate share of the resources of our democracy towards feeding their needs and agenda rather than the needs of most citizens. We now have a far more diversified population in terms of race and religion than we’ve had in the past, while the old guard composed mainly of older white male is trying to hold onto power.  That’s where most of the resistance to equality seems to be coming from, from my perspective. 

Entities: Energy will not be given to forces that do not support the oneness and the ascension process, dear ones. Each life force, each life field, is given through the realms we reside in and beyond life substances, which maintain and sustain life and your ability to move and be in this frequency. Forces, life substances, in the future will only be given to endeavors and individuals, which serve the ascension process.  It is your destiny that this takes place, dear ones.  Know this truth.

Joel: All of the programs that Michael and others have been bringing to us have always talked about creating a world of community, harmony and equality. Isn’t that really what we’re all heading for?

Entities: The foundation of that is the relationship with self, mirroring into those communities of equality, harmony and balance. Yes

Joel: I think we’ve pulled together a lot of the themes in your opening introduction to us. We’re so grateful that you’ve joined us. Is there anything that you would like to add before we bid you farewell? 

Entities: Just to reiterate that this is your final seventh Golden Age moving into a mortal state of beingness. You’re in process with that, and you have chosen to be here for that. All of you who are here now, whether you are conscious or unconscious of that, what is called the United States and the Americas at large will be instrumental in creating this paradigm of resonance which will lead the planet back to an original state of Garden of Edenism, if you will, that began many millennium ago, that is being reactivated at this time. That is new information for some and not for others. But that is what is taking place.

We ask in your constructive endeavors to call upon us, the Archangelic realms, the Star realms, the inner Earth realms, for us to assist you and support you in your endeavors of unity, equality and harmony and balance in these communities that you are creating.  We are here to serve you. We are here to support you if your endeavors are constructive, dear ones. So as we take our leave, know this truth. Know that we are here. Know that the veil between us is as thin as it has ever been. And soon we shall all join in oneness.

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