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I recently spent a week at an ashram called Yogaville near Charlottesville, VA founded by the great Indian sage and spiritual leader Swami Satchidananda. He passed from this dimension in 2002, but his powerful, loving spirit permeates the place--including the food. I never knew a vegetarian diet could be so delicious!

Satchidananda's wonderful spiritual philosophy is: TRUTH IS ONE, PATHS ARE MANY.

All spiritual disciplines and religions are honored there which is evident to visitors the minute they walk into the huge dining hall. The walls are hung with giant pictures of spiritual leaders ranging from older Indian icons such as Vivekananda and Gandhi to those of other disciplines such as Mother Theresa. What a lovely atmosphere of peace and harmony they create.

The core of the week-long program I attended were the ancient teachings of Patanjali who lived more than two thousand years ago. There is some speculation about who Patanjali was and even if the teachings were drawn from more than one sage. However, there is no question about the beauty, power and simplicity of the teachings. I truly marvel at how relevant Patanjali's wisdom is to our  lives today. But then, I can say the same things about the teachings of Jesus, who represents the Christian tradition I grew up with. What blew me away, however, is the huge range of teachings all designed to contribute to the understanding and complete mastery over the mind.

I find the teachings to be amazingly consistent with the teachings of the Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael  and of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who are the sources of wisdom found in three books I have authored that may be  referenced on the The Angel News Network website.

Though I was interested--fascinated really--by the teachings of the ashram, none of my instructors seemed to have the slightest interest in the teachings in my books. It took me awhile to realize that their job was to preserve their ancient teachings, not to look for new revelations, which my books represent.

I brought this up last week in my conversations with the Two Marys--the combined energy of Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene--who are the source of teachings in The Ascension Handbook, a book I authored with channel Jessie Keener. As usual, the Marys had something very loving and relevant to say, which highlighted the value of preserving the wisdom of ancient teachings for the benefit of mankind.

This statement by the Marys really got my attention:

"Imagine what would have happened to Christianity if the work had been carefully maintained and not corrupted--if the actual teachings that Jesus spoke were given to generation after generation.

"That is part of what we wished to engage you both in, in The Ascension Handbook--to bring purity, to bring simple truth for people to  operate with. And so it is with this group (the Integral Yoga Ashram) a desire to keep something in tact because what is being kept in tact actually works."

The Marys then went on to say that in in our faster paced modern society--especially in this time when people do not live in communes but more often in separated cubicles--these ancient practices need to be integrated with "newer technologies." In essence, we are all so inundated by the day to day trappings of our modern culture (the illusion of separation) that it is difficult for most of us to maintain the spiritual consciousness of oneness with all that is (reality).

One old, powerful "technology" I connected with at the ashram were chants which the Marys say is a powerful way to activate the light body. Each morning now I put on a CD of Satchidananda chanting, which the Mary's say creates a sound that carries frequencies designed for "healing, wholeness and enlightenment."

The Marys also recommend an ancient breathing technique (newly revealed) outlined in The Ascension Handbook called the Sacred G breath. The Marys tell us this is an ancient practice from Lemuria which induces the pineal gland to release a chemical compound DMT which expands our consciousness.

It involves three cycles of breathing: (1) in the mouth out the mouth, (2) in the mouth out the nose, (3) in the nose out the nose (4) in the nose out the mouth, (5) repeat in the mouth out the mouth and continue the cycle two more times.

I find the exploration of ancient wisdoms endlessly fascinating. I find the new revelations of spiritual wisdom coming to mankind in this new age of Ascension endlessly fascinating also. I intend to stay open to them all, guided by my resonance, discernment and that beautiful teaching of Archangel Michael: Let joy guide you forward on your path.

I invite all of my readers to go to our website, The Angel News Network to taste some of the wonderful teachings coming to us from the higher realms all designed to raise mankind's consciousness as we move further into this wonderful new golden age of mankind's spiritual Ascension.

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