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MAN POWER GOD POWER: Chapter IV, Do We Have Wisdom or Just Knowledge?


Beliefs change,
But truth remains the same,
Is the game.


Inspired by Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Saint Germain

For a long time, the world has been “ruled” by the human mind. Where has that gotten us? In spite of the amazing advances humanity has made, the world still does not allow equality for all. Many are fighting for their right to be equal and free. Much of the world lives under oppressive governments, religions, and cultural values, a few controlling the many.

All teachings within this book are from higher-realm messengers. They are messengers of truth of the relationship of humanity to the divine and the divine to humanity. The beings here act as interpreters of a specific portion of the universal divine plan, which is an aspect of our divine soul plan.

At present, we still believe war and killing each other is acceptable behavior. Our way of thinking and being really isn’t working very well. In fact, if things stay the same, we most likely will not survive as a planet or species. It is time to wake up, or else…

No wonder the planet has now activated an aspect of its divine soul plan that allows an ascension process to move into a more advanced, higher-frequency existence where the behavior of the past is simply not allowed. The divine destination is that we live forever to serve the forces that created and love us eternally.

This new way of being is the result of the human mind, at long last, returning in service to our all-wise God Powered heart. This is our divine destiny. Our heart holds all the wisdom that we need to grow and expand that is not contained in the intelligent/knowledgeable human mind. This heart wisdom is the result of all past and present wisdom being stored in the DNA/RNA of the etheric heart and passed on from reincarnation to reincarnation. The collection of knowledge becomes wisdom as it accumulates.

Maybe we need to know the important difference between wisdom and intelligence/ knowledge. To know something does not make us wise. Our history proves this. Data needs to be stored and used over time. Welcome to the terrific thinking heart and the value of immortality.

The word wisdom comes from the phrase “wise dominion.” The dominion is dominion over self—to understand and accept and forgive the human self (as a learning tool) and choose to rise above and beyond it to the divine/higher self. This is “divine” wisdom. There are many messages, tools, and teachings coming from higher realms to assist humanity in this process. This is one of many.

Let’s take a closer look at the difference between wisdom and knowledge. We all know a lot of things through memory. Most of us memorized our way through school and soon forgot most of what we knew. Our schools are set up for testing, which encourages knowledge, not wisdom. But students’ hearts are hungering for a new paradigm in education that includes wisdom. Memory alone cannot assure us the proper use or release of stored knowledge at the moment it is needed nor does it fully allow timely discernment.

Wisdom does allow discernment since it accumulates over time, many lifetimes. When we study the ascended masters and their many incarnations, it becomes clear how they have accumulated knowledge into wisdom. Remember to apply your discernment and resonance in all being said here as well.

“Discernment involves consciously connecting with your senses to discern what is true for you…what resonates for you as it relates to your choices and decisions and what does not.” (Archangel Michael, LM).

So an essential pathway to wisdom is the knowledge (the heart knows, the mind believes) of repeated lifetimes, incarnational cycles. It is truly unfortunate that there are large components of humanity who still do not accept the universal truth of reincarnation. For only through the acceptance of this cosmic fact can humanity achieve the wisdom of eternity and truly know who they are and why they are here.

Our planet now combines twelve archetypes of evolution from the twelve-star systems that began us. We are a grand, unique cosmic experiment. We are now to create a unity of the twelve archetypes through all their diversities into oneness. This is our mission and purpose and one example of wisdom gained from incarnational wisdom.

Western religions have taught eternal souls but have left out the part about repeated lifetimes. It’s easier to control people with only part of the information/truth being given.

By knowing, accepting, and understanding our own incarnational reality, we know the “cosmic continuity” of self, and the true love of the forces by which we were created. We are a reflection of that force, and as surely as God is eternal, so are you. You just do it through many embodiments as God just keeps expanding. Once we have the wisdom of the centuries at our disposal, this becomes a game changer. 

Just because we cannot remember previous lives does not mean they did not exist. The minds of many individuals will never accept this statement. The knowing must come from the heart, where all those past lives are stored.

Metaphysics explains that the reason for not always remembering our past lives is so that we can more fully experience and learn what we came here to learn in this lifetime. The heart remembers through experiences such as déjà vu (flashbacks from previous lives) and past life regressions and channeling, such as in this book. It simply does not make cosmic sense that we are eternal souls with only one chance at being human.

Eastern religions have supported the idea of repeated lifetimes for millennia. Incarnational reality is the universal science of eternal being. Many people have accepted sometimes misguided religions without incarnational truth with their dogma that says what we see is all we get. By withholding the truth, church and state have gained greater control over the people.

Dear ones, stop and take a breath and connect with your heart and ask for the Wisdom of Your Heart to be imparted to you. There has been so much suffering in our world by denying incarnational reality as an essential component in our being. The truth will now set us free.

The same principles that make a university or library a great place of learning apply to our lives. It is the accumulated and stored information/knowledge that allows us to ascend into our soul plans and destiny. Stored knowledge such as: each planet in our solar system went through an evolution as Earth is now…from a primitive phase through an advanced phase. Each planet is in the process of becoming a star. We cannot see life on other planets in our solar system because they have advanced to a higher-frequency existence we can’t see. It doesn’t mean they are not there!

The encoded wisdom stored in our spiritual DNA from many lifetimes (now awakening) allows us to truly know who we are and have access to all the knowledge beyond our planet, connecting us with the God Power Source that created us. Then a unified relationship of world service to creation begins. Through becoming a master of self, we master the universe.

For our planet Earth (the Lover-versity, on which we learn to love self and ALL THERE IS) is a reflection of the universe of learning. And all of us shall soon know there can be no such thing as so-called death.

If death were permanent, as we are often taught, we could not clear and cleanse ourselves in order to become the master of our destiny as the divine beings we are. This is the great gift of God: to behold God Power and gain true wisdom. “Eventually all members of mankind will be able to transcend the physical altogether. There will be no need for it because the physical world is simply a state of consciousness used for the purpose of growth experience—how the soul grows, expands, and deepens its awareness of self. This is the purpose of the physical plan. No other purpose.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

As the ascended masters continually teach, the first contribution of God to humanity is a continuous life stream, followed by our freedom of choice and will, which allows us to gain spiritual wisdom, freedom, and blessing eternally.

Once we break free of the confines of the one-life concept, we can break free from the planet itself, revealing other dimensions, worlds and civilizations, and true wisdom. When the universal laws of frequencies and dimensions are opened, we enter etheric octaves within the “garden of God Power,” where Oneness reigns supreme and everything becomes possible as we master the tools of creation. All chains of the past controlling and imprisoning humanity (even karma) are broken and are replaced by glorious guidance from our Higher Self, allowing the full birth of the immortal/eternal God Power-giving beings we are.

We are then able to access all the wisdoms of Earth’s past Golden Ages, to know what created them and why they failed through the disconnect to the higher realms. This creates a vortex of opportunity for world service and we now have the wisdom and knowledge through our God Power to facilitate the final Golden Age of Mother Earth, Gaia. We fully know now who we are and why we are here.

We shall soon have full access to the cosmic crystal universities, the universal wisdom and direct connection to realms that join our mission of world service. All barriers in our being and consciousness are cleansed/cleared and the right use of wisdom comes pouring forth. We see that love is fueled through true service to wisdom. The ascension of the planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe is now at hand…it is your divine birthright.

We are coming to know all this is a process from inside out, not outside in. We are on a path of connecting with the light, the God Power that’s always been inside us. Through our freedom of choice, we shall discern what we chose. We shall come to know our truth, needs, and boundaries. Through our talents and gifts, we shall simply levitate into the new me, life, world, solar system, galaxy, and universe.

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