Monday, October 28, 2013

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Chapter VIII, Wonders to Come


The Creator wishes to remind you,
All things are possible
Through knowing your divinity
Which is, by the way,
Always within your vicinity.


Inspired by Archangel Gabriel, Michael, and Saint Germain

As humanity reconnects more and more with higher God Power realms and moves further into “We Consciousness,” wonderful gifts will be revealed to us when we are ready. “This is how it has always been during the creation of Golden Ages. These ages were never created alone but with the love and support from higher dimensions/frequencies. Let us know the separation from higher sources was the demise of past Golden Ages and the assurance of this permanent one we are creating now.

“Everything in nature takes total responsibility for its place in nature and its effect. Man is the only creature that does not.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). So after previewing some of the proposed wonders to come again, we shall study some advancement necessary in our lives to ensure the receivership of these powerful technologies.

After we have further advanced in our consciousness (the purpose of this endeavor), here are some technologies we used in the past and can now again change the way we live forever, thus fulfill creating a world filled with freedom, equality, balance, harmony, and oneness; Man Power truly employing God Power. Since we have a limited experience with God being a physical experience, we must be ready to receive God Powers that can destroy or create ourselves and the planet.

USING BODY-CONSCIOUS ENERGY: This will enable humanity to power electronic/digital apparatus through brain waves by the use and mastery of the energy currents flowing through the heart and the mind. Our thoughts and emotions have always created our reality. Now we shall understand the brain and heart more through higher-realms scientific use. We are beginning to see body-conscious energy use in computer phonetic usage and artificial limbs. As we move further into unity consciousness, this will grow and expand: “You are as a human being live in a body. That body appears a self -contained vehicle. The consciousness of God is flowing through it all the time through the life force here called God Power.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). We shall now harness this power for the good of all.

PHOTOGRAPHING THE UNSEEN WORLD: Cameras will become so sensitized they will photograph the human aura, our etheric, unseen, nonphysical body just outside our physical body. This is the portion of us that maintains and sustains the physical.

This will allow medical physicians the ability to see the causes of many physical and mental and emotional imbalances caused by emotions and thoughts from past and present lives known or unknown to the patient. This will begin healing the true cause and effect of imbalances. This is a preamble of our becoming telepathic and knowing the truth at all times. Our world is filled with deceit and denial of the deceit at the moment.

MAGNETISM POWER SOURCE: With the greater understanding of magnetism, it will become possible to suspend objects in midair without any form of visible support. This will explain how many ancient structures were built through levitation, magnetism, and sacred geometry that cannot be built today. This is the constructive wisdom of the Ascended Masters revealed. There is enough unseen free energy in the world today to power the entire planet. This will be a game changer in the governmental and economic structures of the planet.

EXPANDED FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION: New forms of air/water/land navigation and transportation/teleportation will be made possible by utilizing inner and outer Earth electro-magnetic energies. Thus objects will rise in complete resistance to gravity and we shall be free to explore the cosmos without further consuming the Earth’s resources. These vehicles will be God Powered by safe magnetic-electronic frequencies.

CONTROLLING WEATHER: Through our raised consciousness, we shall know that our thoughts and emotions create weather. Once we become aware/awake to the true power of our minds and emotions, we shall create perfect weather. Think of the time and resources that are lost presently due to weather.

The above wonders will soon be dwarfed by still greater wonders to come from higher realms as we maintain and sustain a state of growth and expansion of self, leading into our final Golden Age.

In order to prevent humanity from repeating the past and destroying itself again from advanced technologies such as the above, we shall discuss some suggestions to change and initiate in our lives to ensure our divine destiny. These twelve suggestions reflect the twelve-star systems that seeded our planet and come from The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims A New Age, trance channeled by Robert Baker, author Joel Anastasi.

1. Humans must grow up and take responsibility for their reality, for themselves and for others. They are acting as though life is happening to them as opposed to their acting on life.

2. Give up duality. Give up a system of right and wrong, good and bad, reward and punishment that produces fighting against one another. Allow space for all that is. Don’t judge one side as good and the other as bad. Embrace both and create a state of neutrality.

3. Give up the herd consciousness. By embracing the herd, you give up the self. Understand the celebration of the middle road. Embrace neither one side nor the other. Allow both to be included. That is how you let go duality.

4. Embrace the nurturing of life, all forms of life. Nurturing all forms of life develops intimacy, sharing, and communication, particularly with families.

5. Give up judgment, which creates shame and condemnation.

6. Exercise forgiveness for yourself and others.

7. Develop a conscience. Recognize there are many choices in all situations. Choose, and if you make a mistake, forgive yourself and others. Developing a conscience allows for your mistakes and the mistakes of others. It allows you to explore many possibilities. The possibilities of choice become endless and that allows the creative force to be expressed.

8. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Look at each choice that you make and know that choice has an effect not just on you, but resonates endlessly into the universe. So always ask yourself, if I were to be affected by this choice, would I want that? If the answer is no, then reevaluate your choice. If the answer is yes, then by all means make that choice.

9. To thy own self be true. This involves connecting to the soul self, to the truth of being. It contains three lessons:

A. The first is your life lesson that involves your talents, abilities, and qualities of being that bring about the realization and fulfillment of self. By honoring that which is inherent within you, those talents, abilities, and qualities are uniquely expressed through you. Even though they may be similar to those of others, it is important to express them because they carry within them the unique signature of the soul sound that is you. From this comes fulfillment because you are honoring the truth of who you are. So look at whether you are indeed honoring the truth of who you are by honoring your talents, abilities, and qualities of being because that is what you have to give and to share with your fellow souls that contributes to all creation or the God body. Who you are is absolutely unique and must be honored as such. Who you are is of value in its uniqueness.

B. The second lesson is the soul lesson, which is the ability to experience everything that life has to offer with acceptance—acceptance of your feelings, allowing those feelings to be felt, experienced, and completed in each moment. This brings about a depth of meaning to life that reveals your unique needs. If you are not able to experience life through your feelings, then your needs cannot be revealed because it is what you need. And those needs are unique to you, even though you share some common needs with every human, such as the basic needs of health, well-being, shelter, food, etc. But from the unique perspective of your creative self, your needs are honored that bring about the fulfillment of the third lesson, which is your purpose.

C. Your life purpose cannot be fulfilled without your knowing your needs and understanding the meaning those needs have for you. The conscious direction of your purpose involves the choices that you make and your ability to choose freely. Freedom of choice only becomes freedom of choice when you know your value and you are able to fulfill your meaning by being in touch with your feelings and your needs so that you may act upon your talents and abilities and exercise you qualities. Then you are able to direct your choices and your actions with a purpose that fulfills the truth of who you are.

10. Heal the emotional body. Accept all your feelings without shame and realize the highest aspects of yourself. This has to do with releasing yourself from living out the myth of the past and being present in the moment of now—being able to respond to what is rather than what is not without projection of the past as the past has been completed because you allow all feelings. You allow each moment of experience to be completed by allowing the feelings.

11. Heal the mental body. Free the mind of all thoughts so that you have the direct pathway to the soul’s knowing, so the soul can take charge of directing the personality, the ego self. Through that knowing, there is a connection between spirit, soul, and matter. The soul is the joining point. That is the Christ Consciousness. That is the resurrection. That is the life. The soul is always present in the here and now. The personality, which is confined by the mental body and the emotional body’s business and noise, is not able to be present with the soul because of all the noise. The soul is ever present whether you are or not, and the soul operates through the love force. Therefore, when the emotional and the mental bodies are healed, when you are present in reality, you are present in the experience and the expression of the creative force of love.

12. Love one another as you love yourself. This involves realizing that you are your brother’s keeper, that your choices are not separate, and the choices of others are not separate from you. Everything is connected. Look at nature to realize this. But have humans looked to see the divine plan and its teaching in nature? No. Instead, they have tried to conquer nature, conquer and divide as they do everything else. Therefore, they have created themselves separate from nature and sought to destroy nature—thus the problems of the ecosystem.

We can learn these twelve lessons now and move into a new advanced world paradigm or take the next final two thousand-year-cycle to do so. What do you choose?

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