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MAN POWER GOD POWER: Chapter VII - Two Wondrous Way Showers, Transmuting I AM Christed Light


Probabilities and possibilities
Live in the unknown
And when we can surrender to them
They become our own.


Inspired by The Christ Consciousness, and Ascended Master Saint Germain


Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages, To Change Your Life & The World

We are all light workers
To a greater or lesser extent,
It merely depends on your bent.

You have a mission and purpose
In this lifetime.
And if you so choose,
It is time to release the conceal and reveal
The various healing modalities that are your true realities.

You may partake in these modalities,
Any way you choose,
There is no way to lose.

Some may work with individuals or groups
In certain techniques
And that remains your mission and purpose,
Feeling quite complete.

Way Showers are Light Workers
Who bring their gifts and talents
Out into the world in a larger way,
That is their pay.

A Way Shower shows the way
For others to move onto their path,
With no wrath,
To create communities,
Of equality, harmony and balance,
So there is no malice.

You may ask, at last:
Am I a Light Worker?
Am I a Way Shower?
How can I know?
Am I both, not to boast?

Some will know their total purpose now,
Others need time for it to reveal,
And that’s no crime to let it be real.
Not to worry,
It will all be defined and refined
As you continue your journey,
For life is a continuous refinery.

If and when you are steady
And ready to take the oath of both,
The Light Worker and Way Shower,
The heavens will shower their Light on you,
No matter what the hour.


Many of us are aware we are moving from the worn-out old to an unknown new. Our planet and ourselves are now being given a most divine gift to awaken to our true selves and purpose in Being (here). To let go of duality and confrontation that have kept us separate far too long. To now join in Oneness and We Consciousness to fully activate our divine soul plans, planet and people alike.

A precious pair of Ascended Masters, who once walked this Earth as we, are vital links to this process of moving from the mercurial me to the wondrous we: Jesus Christ and Saint Germain. As we further awaken, more and more is being revealed, beyond our religions and past metaphysical studies as to who these devoted God Power “Sons of Source” truly were and are.

What are the meanings, value, and purpose of these divine duos’ actions? Within their soul plans and service to Source that ushered in the Christ Consciousness (Jesus) and the I AM THAT I AM higher self-presence (Saint Germain) from the Piscean into the Aquarian Ages. This transition thus activated what has been called the Ascension process of the planet and humanity moving into a higher frequency of existence (moving from Man Power to God Power). In effect, this allowed the integration of the I AM presence with the Christ Consciousness. Neither man nor any other being can now shut this unified portal. This is a balancing of personal and planetary karma. It is our divine birthright for this event to take place now. Man Power is truly becoming God Power.

“The Piscean Age is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. These represent the lower and the higher self that are in opposition to one another that are evolving through duality. So the higher and the lower selves in the last 2000 year cycle have been evolving in duality. Now you have evolved to a state where in this age the two can join together in the Age of Aquarius, which is represented by the water bearer, balancing the emotional body to bring about unity. The Aquarian Age is the age of unity, with the water bearer carrying the two buckets of water in balance. The balance of the emotional body will bring about the awakening of the soul, which is the experimental aspect of spirit or God that now awakens in the Aquarian Age” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

Let us fill our hearts with gratitude that we have all chosen to be here for this glorious event of Creation.

Saint Germain has had many extraordinary incarnations/embodiments on this planet, always assisting humanity in ascending onward. Please see the studies within The Seven Sacred Flames for a complete understanding of them all. In the eleventh century BC, he was the prophet-priest Samuel in Israel, and as the “sponsor” in creating the United States of America, he is belovedly known as “Uncle Sam, where he brought forth the twelve (tribes) star systems that seeded Earth revealing each one’s true mission as light bearers in service to Source.

“Your planet now combines twelve archetypes of evolution from the twelve-star systems that began your planet to now create a unity of twelve archetypes into oneness. This is your mission and purpose” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). This is a unique divine experiment in the universe, reflected in our diversified races, languages, cultures, sexual preferences, and gender…all becoming united.

The recreation of paradise (Oneness) on Earth through the Word (Consciousness) becoming density was/is the mission of Earth, the Lover-versity of the Universe.

Through the integrated teachings of Jesus, The Christ Consciousness, and Saint Germain we can know our higher Christ self as our Divine Self as we heal our wounds and ego defenses, and negative karma from past and present lives. Through the Law of Transformation utilizing the Christ Consciousness and I AM presence, humanity worldwide is being given the opportunity to become free of false prophets, false pastors, false gurus, and false Christs in our religions, governments, and corporations. Thus, through the intentions and energies of Ascended Mastership, and The Christ Consciousness, the TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE by the spoken Word. The Word that can be expressed through prayer, meditation, and mantra (breath, sound, and motion). Even the sacred frequency AUM (OM), the universal sound and syllable of the Divine Mother, which represents and balances all chakras, can employ light workers and way showers to assist our Ascension.

“Breath, sound and motion is the source. Without breathing you cannot think, you cannot feel, because breathing awakens the consciousness in the physical body. When you breathe into the body you stimulate awareness. You stimulate life. You stimulate consciousness. So the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body are dependent upon the breath. Everything in life is dependent on three things: the breath, movement and sound. Life is movement. Resistance is non-movement, which is death, destruction.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

Saint Germain and Jesus, The Christ Consciousness, are quite simply and clearly teaching and reminding us the SECOND COMING is within each one of us as our Man Power is becoming God Power. If all the ways that separate us could know and accept this truth, peace and oneness will come to this world!

Let us reveal and stop the often hidden forces that keep humanity pitted against itself for profit and greed. The solution lies within ourselves, not outside. This is a personal process of inside out, not outside in. A process of you being God…

“Creation is God, universal mind, universal consciousness. It is made up of all that is and all that is not. It is all that is and was and ever will be and is yet to come. It is you. Can you wrap your brain around that one?!” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

It’s now forever present through our Christ Consciousness and our I AM Presence. No one, and no-thing can take this away from us. Are we ready to wake up and claim our divine God Power? And know I AM God in me is the truth and I am in the process of accepting this now.

Your Christ Consciousness and I AM Presence is God being undifferentiated consciousness until it connects with a soul like you. As has been said many times and will be many more, “the purpose of all physical evolution is to learn to love. Your individual part of God is learning to become experiential.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC).

We would like to leave you with this visualization and powerful tool… always see yourselves holding your right hand in the hand of The Christ Consciousness and holding your left hand in the hand of Saint Germain. Call upon these wondrous Way Showers of Truth and Love any time, day or night, holding each other’s hands. These miraculous masters will never leave you as long as you remain true to the reality YOU ARE GOD EXPERIENCING ITSELF.

“You have been frozen in a state of childhood now graduating to adulthood, accepting your god-hood.” (Archangel Gabriel, TSC). 


Inspired by Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel
Co-founder the Angel News Network

We are all light workers to a greater or lesser extent. It merely depends upon our bent. We have a divine soul plan, (mission and purpose in this lifetime), and if we so choose, it is time to release, not conceal and reveal our various healing modalities that reveal our true realities.

We may partake in our modalities any way we choose. There is no way to lose.

Some may work with individuals or groups in certain techniques, and that remains your mission and purpose being quite complete.
Way Showers are the Light Workers who bring their gifts and talents out into the world in a larger way. That is their pay. A Way Showers shows the way for others to move onto their soul path, with no wrath, in order to create communities of equality, harmony and balance with no set path.

You may ask, at last, “Am I a Light Worker or Way Shower?”  How can I know? Am I both not to boast? If you are ready, steady yourself and let’s see what being a Light Worker and Way Showers can be:

The Light Worker and Way Shower know how to surrender to not knowing allowing a trust of the unknown. Within the unknown, escaping the human mind, all probabilities and possible of truth can come through.  They know and trust that the void of the universe is filled with consciousness that can support themselves and others allowing intuition and wisdom (applied knowledge) to be applied.

When working with others, the Light Worker and Way Shower do not have to tell you what all they know, and how they can heal you.  They are there to allow you to receive what it is that you are ready to receive; allowing an organic balance of giving and receiving. They know that healing is a process of inside out, not outside in. And that they are there to assist you in healing you.

Maintaining and sustaining the self-empowerment of others is an essential process of the true Light Worker and Way Shower. They are not here to fix you. They are present to assist in awakening the innate powers within others through a relationship of equality, harmony and balance.

Learning to ‘think’ with the knowing heart ,and allowing the believing mental body to gently move back into the service of the heart, is crucial for the Light Worker and Way Shower. They know the heart has downloaded within its DNA all the data needed to assist another within their healing. This way the ego, housed within the mental body, does not have to know it all, be in control or be right.

Releasing any and all judgment, shaming or blaming about a situation is key for the Light Worker and Way Shower. They know that everything has simply been a way that they or another has chosen to learn, the way they needed to learn,  the way they need to learn it. This includes “accidents,” disease and death.

Allowing another to be heard is essential to any healing process for the Light Worker and Way Shower. Creating a space and relationship of safety and sanctuary is vital. Within this environment there is no right or wrong or who is in control.  

Allowing ownership of what has been created, thus releasing victimhood, excels the healing process. Sometimes just showing up is all that is needed.

Through humility and compassion the Light Worker and Way Shower offers support through the resonance (how one feels) and discernment (how one thinks) of the other. This way another can make a decision different from the Light Worker and Way Shower allowing the support of the highest good for all.

The Light Worker and Way Shower know that feeling all emotions is essential. They know the basis for physical imbalances are the emotions creating blocked energy flows within the physical body. 

Once the emotions are fully felt, they can be released and balance restored.

Staying connected to the higher realms from whence we came and who love and support is the most essential aspect of being a Light Worker and Way Shower

Finally, the Light Worker and Way Shower have taken a cosmic conscious oath to be in personal and collective service to others and the world.


Which are you a Light Worker or Way Shower or both? It is my intention to draw our attention to the wondrous ways of the Light Workers and Way Showers that allow us to be the most divine and best we can be.

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