Wednesday, February 19, 2014



From the World Teacher, Archangel Uriel, 
Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-Founder of The Angel News Network

Greetings Beloved Children of Planet Earth,

The Consciousness of Creation intended specific purposes for each of its creations. Let us give some examples for you to receive within your heart in order to manifest into your beingness and doingness:

Your planet created the beauty of nature to inspire (join to spirit/higher realms) humanity to re-discover and connect with your own divinity, and for you to also integrate with the frequency of your home planet. Your heart beats at the same megahertz of the planet.

Your body and Source created specific purposes for each part of itself. The purpose of your emotional body is to integrate dense form with the energy of life through your feelings (the most important aspect of being human). The purpose of your mental body is to inspire (to  receive/connect with spirit/higher realms) perfection through your thoughts.  The purpose of your physical body, through its consciousness, is to maintain and sustain the world of form.

Many of you know that your emotions and thoughts are creating your reality and lives all the time. That’s how powerful  and divine you are. And through taking ownership of that empowerment and divinity  you can discover how to manifest what it is you say you need… as long as it harms no other. This is what the ascended masters have achieved, dear ones.

One of the most powerful ways our emotions and thoughts become manifested is through the spoken word. The spoken word is the pathway into the world of form. This is the original purpose of the creation of language. Through the emotion and thought and then the word, an action is formed. The key is to stay connected to your loving heart with the word and action.

Humanity has mastered duality and confrontation through the negative use of the words and actions. It is time, if you so choose, to realize all the pain and suffering caused by the misuse of the word and action… and know and take ownership of exactly what you have created. Then you can make another choice.

Dear children as you move into your adulthood, it is time to commit to speaking words of equality, harmony and balance (love).  When you remember how to speak like an evolved being, you will be delighted how quickly the world around you transmutes into manifesting love, peace and the abundance of which your weary world so hungers.

Remembers dear ones, what you create through your emotions, thoughts and words, comes back to you whether it is love or separation. This is an universal law and a way the universe balances itself. Someday your man made laws will be replaced with universal laws, as you become more conscious.

Right now, as best you can, make a commitment to speak, write and act through love and compassion and awareness. Be with others the way you wish them to be with you… no matter what. You can self-lovingly and powerfully express your truth, needs and boundaries through your concern how it affects others. As you have heard many times before, it is not what you say or write that creates duality and separation and karma for yourself, it is the way you say it. Karma is an aspect of universal law that also supports the balance of all things. It would be a different world if more humans knew that karma actually existed and its effect on humanity.  Dear ones, become aware that all your emotions, thoughts and words also effect, and extend beyond this world…

When you are not sure how to express yourself, take a deep breath and go into your knowing heart, think with it, and ask for guidance. You’ll be amazed and delighted how compassionate and articulate you will become and how you can transform a potentially challenging situation into a loving one. This is a demonstration of The Law of Attraction in this world and throughout the multiverse.

Uriel, World Teacher

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