Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Archangel Gabriel channeled and transcribed by Joel Anastasi


We wish to communicate with you about love and your world. You have just seen a documentary on the corruption in the Catholic Church, which pretends to teach the truth about God and the Christ.

It teaches neither. It is an institution that is crumbling and imploding as we have warned before. All institutions that are contributing to separation and inequality will implode and are imploding. There is a great infusion of high vibration energy entering your earth plane that is destroying all entities of lower vibration that have been keeping man in separation and conflict.

There is a great wave of love sweeping the world, which is fundamentally changing how mankind will live together in the future. You may see it for a time as not much different than what you have seen before. But make no mistake. Your world is rapidly changing through the influence of spirit as has been outlined by the archangelic realms and other higher dimensional entities which have been communicating through those connected with your organization, the Angel News Network, and others.

Many powerful events are beginning to unfold which will shake consciousness to its roots, which is precisely what must happen if mankind is to continue on the new trajectory on which it has begun to travel. You are indeed coming together as one in consciousness. Still, you are so far apart in separation from each other and from source that you have a long way to travel before the consciousness of one becomes the consciousness of man.

We are here to champion and support you with the messages of oneness. You have heard all the teachings. You have still to adhere to them: Love one another. Love your neighbor. You are your brother’s keeper. What more instruction do you need? It is compassion that can join you. As you feel and express compassion you will join together with those you love. As the numbers of those you love grow, you will expand your connections until eventually you will discover and experience what it truly means to have the consciousness of one.

This is a simple idea but one that has proven to be very challenging for you to live. Live it. As you do so you will discover the process of living oneness will create for you that great goal which has been outlined many times by your beloved Archangel Michael: a world of community, harmony and equality. That, dear ones, is the world of oneness that we talk about incessantly. That is your goal and that is what is unfolding now.

Beloveds, this is Gabriel.

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