Sunday, February 16, 2014




Archangel Gabriel channeled by Joel D. Anastasi

Dear Beloved One:

This is Gabriel speaking to and through you for the very first time, at least on paper.

Yes, we are beginning our new relationship. Notice how easy it will flow. Simply get out of the way as your brothers tell you and let us communicate through you.

Mankind has begun a new time, a new era, if you will, as we have said and others have told you repeatedly. The separation that has dominated your existence and experience here on Earth is beginning to dissolve and dissipate like fog in the sun as you have sometimes described other experiences.

Humans everywhere are demanding their freedom and their equality. Authority is being challenged everywhere. And that is creating its own momentum. No longer will dictators flourish for generations and build their riches on the backs of their people.

Huge amounts of buying power, wealth and riches are locked away in the safes and chambers of the rich while billions of people go without the basics of food, shelter and clothing. Man has indeed gone far from source as he behaves as though he never, ever had a relationship to source or to the people of Earth who go without.

But consciousness is shifting in a great wave, a great crescendo. The voices of separation can still be loud and they can still wield their influence and power. More and more they will be seen for what they are, voices of separation that contain no love or compassion for their fellow man.

It is compassion that connects human beings to each other. The voices of compassion have been mocked in some of your political and social circles inured to the suffering and pain that inequality can bring and has brought to individuals, entire groups of people, even whole nations.

Notice how the consciousness of separation is shifting. Consciousness is beginning to shift like the first rumblings of an avalanche. It starts with subtle rustlings, low murmurs and slowly builds to a roar and then the entire mountain seems to move as the entire snow pack collapses and implodes.  That is what is occurring with the forces of separation that have blighted human consciousness.

True, separation has been a learning tool. You are here to learn to love, to heal the separation that has been at the root of so much pain and suffering on your planet for millennia. Humankind has never been more aware of the suffering that separation causes than they are now.

We have given you the technology to shed light on the painful consequences caused by separation and to join forces to create a global consciousness of unity.

You are fast approaching the tipping point. Continue to join together with the message of “We are all one.” That statement alone can cut through all the doubt and confusion the voices of separation seek to create. As the voices of unity grow, they will overwhelm the voices of separation until the latter are only a memory and you will only wonder that they ever existed at all.

Go into your hearts to discover what you must be and do to raise and join your voices with the loving voices of unity, which are being raised throughout your world.

We are Gabriel and we trumpet this message to you through our beloved scribe who is beginning a new chapter in his relationship with us and our realm.

Go in peace, love and unity.


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