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ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! The Purpose of Relationships



Inspired by Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel

Dear Beings learning to love self,

More and more, as a human species, you are understanding and knowing the universal truth: the only relationship you are having is the one with yourself, and you can only love others to the degree you love yourself. There are many teachings within the Angel News Network (see Life Mastery,, channeled materials and books) and elsewhere to support a loving relationship with you that can then reflect and mirror out into the world around you. If you better understand and know the meaning, value, and purpose of relationships mirroring self, you just might increase the success of them. Then you can more fully embrace and embody their divine purpose in your lives: to create communities of equality, harmony, and balance.

How you feel about yourself, thus others, is taught. You are not born not loving yourself and one another. Now you can begin a new teaching and create a new you through the support of higher realms that love you unconditionally, until you can fully love one another and yourselves. Then you will create a world that reflects who you truly are: divine beings.


As you learn more about yourself through your wounds and ego defenses, you become more conscious and your original wounding can begin to heal. Through personal processes you can learn more about how your chosen maturation-family situations created unmet needs. Through the ownership of the choices you made, you can become responsible for what it is you chose to learn and how you chose to learn it. This moves you from victimhood to self-empowerment. You begin to know that life is a process of inside out, not outside in. You realize the other person is not there to fulfill what you can yourself. This prevents codependency.

You begin to know that the purpose of each relationship you are having is for your own growth and expansion, reflecting what is happening throughout the universe. For the universe would be incomplete without each and every one of you.


You have so many illusions, and sometimes delusions, associated with your teachings around relationships. In fact, there is very little truth within your concepts and ideas of what relationships truly are. Through the taught shaming, blaming, and judging of self, you do the same to others.

One of the first truths to integrate is that your parents are responsible for your well-being. They are here to nurture first so you may learn what you came here to learn. Often your parents focus on what you are not, thus creating the shaming and blaming that you need to release (the reason you chose it). When a parent or someone else says, “I must change you,” you have a choice to take responsibility for yourself and see the parent as the needed mirror. Isn’t it fascinating how the universe works and how you choose to learn? If you so choose, you learn that no one else is here to make you feel whole and safe. That is your responsibility, and when you do not assume it, you experience the consequence of that choice. When you’ve had enough consequences, you make another choice.


In order to know your truth, it is essential to know who you are and why you are here, two questions that you seldom ask yourselves or are asked by others. The “who” and the “why” in your lives defines your purpose. Your purpose is fueled by your passion, how you feel and resonate. From higher realms there are many teachings at present to assist humanity through a personal process of determining who you are and why you are here, if you need assistance. (See Life Mastery, It is not unusual for many of you not to know your needs, or for them to get lost within the needs of others. How often have others asked you, “What do you need?” When was the last time a needy child asked his/her parents if they needed anything? It is important to know you have real needs, for if your needs are not satisfied, it reduces your ability to support others.

It sounds simple, but the best way to satisfy your needs is to know them and communicate them to others.

Communicate your needs as a preference, not as a command or demand, which can create resistance to them. Be conscious of the negative egos, and attempt not to use manipulation as a way to get what you want, not what you need. This is a substitute for unmet needs.

Your boundaries allow the best use of your energy and what serves your highest good. Always ask yourselves these two questions in setting your boundaries: “Is this the best use of my energy, and is this serving my highest good?” Take a deep breath and go into your knowing heart for the response. Your resonance and discernment will assist greatly in establishing boundaries. Like needs, many of us don’t know we can have boundaries.


Many do not realize that a relationship is a wonderful opportunity to provide the needs of the other person—be it wife, husband, lover, brother, sister, mother, father, or pet. It’s about the universal law of balancing giving and receiving (which can be a challenge). If giving without the need to get and receiving without the need to give are organically achieved, these can become a great opportunity to learn giving and receiving. When the other’s needs become as important as your own, this will be a strong non-codependent relationship. When you express your needs freely, and give without thought of self, a process of healing inner wounds and ego defenses also is achieved through the positive energy exchanged.


Each person has unique talents and gifts to offer the world. In fact, the universe would be incomplete without all these. There are many personal processes to assist others in knowing their talents and gifts, if they are not presently aware of them (see Life Mastery, Bring these out into world service reflecting your self-love and value of the other person; know these are fragments of both of your divine soul plans. Give equally, more than you expect to receive, and see what happens. When you have gratitude for what you do receive, true abundance comes.


When you realize all relationships are for your own personal growth and expansion, your consciousness shifts greatly. Through your ownership of the relationships you bring into your lives (with truth, needs, and boundaries), everyone becomes a reflection or mirror of yourself. You abandon victimhood for self-empowerment. You can regain the forgotten aspects of self and expand more into who you are and why you are here: activating your soul plan. Through this awareness, you can begin to relate to everyone and eliminate duality, separation, and confrontation (which are so active in the world today).


These tools are presented to assist you in freeing yourselves from yourselves in order to create a world of equality, harmony, and balance during the next golden age.

*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins. 

As soon as we can realize 
We’re a collection of soul connections 
Then duality and separation 
Will be simply sent, away

We shall know we are surely 
One old soul
Who has never really 
Been sold into separation.

The vicious veil of separation 
Is finally to be lifted. 
We’re being released, 
From duality,
That never had any reality.

We are One Divine Soul, 
Old in our role,
Of consciousness and love.

Every creation molecule, 
Knows it’s all been a silly ridicule, 
Until now. 

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