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TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: The Power of Gentleness Parts 1 and 2


Channeled by Jeff Fasano, author of JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART


Part One

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael

We welcome you now at this wonderful and most glorious time and come to speak to you about gentleness, being gentle with yourself by accepting with compassion where you are in your life. Many of you may be expanding to points where you had never thought you would, not so much in the physical world by moving toward great things, but within yourself by moving toward a greater depth and awareness of "self".

You have found a greater depth of meaning, value and purpose within and grown to a greater awareness of self and what you need to release in order to stand in your power.

We are here to speak to you about the power of gentleness.

Many of you are expanding greatly in your life to where you have broken through "The Old" and now come to where you may be experiencing contraction.

However even at this place, you think that you must still forge on forward into life.

We ask you to become "present with the present". A place where you can become conscious and aware of where you are at all times, thus consciously being present.

Many of you have taken broad steps and now come to where it just may be time for you to take a step back and become gentle and more accepting with compassion with where you are in your life.  It is a time to "ease up" where you can become gentle with yourself and acknowledge what you have accomplished so far in your life.

Within this gentleness you come to a place of contemplation.

When being present with the present, you expose yourself to yourself and others, and in doing so possibly feel a bit vulnerable and overwhelmed in that moment.

Some of you are still looking to move forward "with a vengance" so to speak. As you come to be present with the present you may realize how you may objectify everything and everyone outside of you.

Yet what you have found within all of this is the freedom to be you when becoming present with the present.

The reason why We bring this up is because each of you may be encountering the core of your specific defense. It has become present as you become present, and you may not sure what to do now.

As you become aware and conscious of this judgment and shame may surface.

As you reach the core of your defense through the process of becoming "present with the present" shame and judgment may surface. Know that no one outside of you has shamed or judged you, the feelings exist in you.

You are moving within "in contraction" and looking for a place of neutrality there and this can lead you to acceptance, compassion and gentleness with yourself.

As you contract a bit you might possibly feel as if you are powerless.

You ask, "If I am not being assertive, I am in a quiet place and feel alone."

You are now moving into a place called "aloneness".

In becoming present with the present you become present with many wonderful and glorious souls outside of you. In becoming present and conscious in the moment you reach a point where much of what is transpiring outside of you might not make sense nor have meaning, value and purpose any longer and perhaps you have become disillusioned.

You are now looking at yourself with a deeper meaning, value and purpose and "the self" has a different agenda so to speak.

You find now that you are coming to a new way of personifying and identifying yourself that is not through what is outside of yourself any longer, yet you are not quite sure what you are identifying yourself with.

You may now have moved to a place called "aloneness" because you have realized that the reference point for your identification is no longer outside of yourself.

You are seeing the myths and illusions in the 3rd dimension and now "being" you. You also see how you had wanted to "fit in" out in the world. You now know you can no longer do this.

So you may have retreated and contracted to a place that does not feel comfortable yet know that you must be in the "aloneness".

Many of you are now beginning to redefine and refine your life where meaning, value and purpose of it is concerned.

Some may be feeling disillusioned and overwhelmed because you are shifting from looking outside of yourself to get something to moving within and into "aloneness".

Many of you feel as if you now have to "figure all of this out" all over again.

You have now moved to this place of quietness and wondering why you are not feeling assertive.

It is time to move into the power of gentleness.

Many of you now are feeling something that is much deeper than you have ever felt before because you have moved to a "singular" place, and something is brewing beneath the surface and you are not sure what that is.

Many of you are being asked now,

What is my purpose?

What am I doing?

What is my passion?

Where do I want to give?

"I am not sure of this because as I became present with the present I found the illusions and myths that I have been carrying and where I have given my power away "out there" and now realizing my power is, I am the source and creator."    

In this place of "aloneness" feelings are surfacing. You have also realized that you don't fit in any longer out there so Our question to you is:

How do you feel about this and what are your feelings?

As you find that you don't fit in out there any longer and what is out there is a grand illusion containing many myths, many of you ask these questions:

Where do I fit in?

Who am I?

What am I doing?

I see the grand illusion out there and it doesn't make any sense to me, what do I need to do? And state:

"I am in a place of disillusionment right now and I feel as if I am floating with nowhere to go and moving somewhere yet don't know where."

"I feel gentle, quiet, and alone and I am not quite sure what to do. "

Many of you are used to constantly being assertive and have associated power with assertiveness.

"If I am standing in my power I must be assertive."

There is truth to this but learning to be gentle and alone and honor where you are, will allow you to understand that there is a power in this as well.

Stand in the power of gentleness alone and your uniqueness as you have found this as well.

You have found your individuality and that you do not "fit in" with the herd and the herd is doing something else all together.

Many of you may have come to realize that you don't fit in anywhere, even with your soul group and your soul family. You may see how you used that to perpetuate herd mentality and this might be a surprise to you.

It is time to be with what surfaces from the core of your defense and see that "fitting in" with the herd no longer exists for you even when it comes to your soul family and soul group.

It is time to move into gentleness and acceptance of where you are and be you.


Part Two

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael

It is time now to move to full individuation and in doing this you will find your passion and this is different for each of you.

Finding your passion is akin to finding your soul note, and it is unique to each of you.

It is something that has been encoded in the depth of your heart and if you choose to bring it forth it will reveal the true individuated soul and the individuated mission that you will follow for your service to the world and the universe.

Your service to the world is not just about this world, it is service to past lifetimes, this lifetimes and lifetimes to come and is a connection to your soul's divine mission, your passion.

It is unique to each of you and no two have the same encodement, mission or plan, yet there are similarities.

As you stand in gentleness, aloneness and the gentleness of the aloneness, this is another step to the depth of your uniqueness and individuality.

It is time to stand here.

Many of you feel as if you a floating freely down a river and many feel as if you have no control what so ever over anything, and this is the truth, you control nothing.

Many feel that being gentle in the "aloneness" you are not in charge of your life because you thought what you were controlling you were in charge of.

You thought you were controlling yourself in the 3rd dimension by putting up a mask to see if you still fit in.

Many of you now realize this and ask,

What is there to fit into "out there"?

"I don't fit in out there and I am wondering if I fit in anywhere because I thought I fit in well with my soul family but I don't fit in there either."

We now caution you about moving to isolation and separation, which is where you can move if the defense or ego is not satisfied.

Be aware of this and is why gentleness and "aloneness" is important. 

Being alone does not mean isolation and separation.

It means standing in a power of individuation and being gentle with you, accepting yourself with compassion yet being available to those who call you, need you, come to you for guidance and to those you just want to love you.

We also caution you about moving to isolation and separation in regard to your soul family as well because you might feel that you don't fit in there any longer.

It is not there nor anywhere where you must fit in, it is just feeling and being free to "be" you anywhere.

You may be find the myth in your soul group and soul family. Yet it is not so much the myth of the family, but your myth about it, your attachments to it and your illusion of it.

It is what it is, and you can be in it expressing your individuality and giving and receiving in balance.

You have now come to gentleness in the "aloneness".

Be gentle with yourself and honor and value you where you are with acceptance and compassion for you. 

Many of you are trying to figure all of this out because you are tying to figure out where you fit in.

It its time to blaze your pathway individuated in your uniqueness moving towards life, however as you move along in life you might try to figure out where you just might fit in.

Know that you no longer fit in anywhere, and who you are is who you are and where you are is where you are.

Beneath all of this is your passion because the meaning, value and purpose of your life has shifted and you are seeing your myths and the myths and illusions of the world outside.

Many feel as if you are floating along in life aimlessly, so it is time now to move into quietness and reflect upon what has transpired for you up to now in the process.

You are now at a place of gentleness, feel the power of the gentleness, aloneness and accept with compassion where you are.

You now see the illusions, the illusions that you placed upon your soul family and you soul group.

A combination of Pleidian and Sirian energies are entering at this time to move you to what they most represent, comfort, nurturance, compassion and acceptance.

A cleansing period is ending and many are feeling this physically. Some have felt extremely fatigued where you have over extended yourself and expended an inordinate amount of energy, some experienced disease and feel that it is time to be gentle with yourself.

Give yourself time to regenerate because you are moving to a place of neutrality.

You are not quite sure if you exist in neutrality because up to now you have been using your assertive energy in releasing the old through your process and in doing so felt stimulated thus a great sense of self.

You're a now coming to a place of quietness, aloneness and gentleness and looking for your sense of self here.


Do I exist in the quiet?

Do I exist and am I powerful in the aloneness?

Do I exist and am I powerful when I am not asserting myself and boldly moving towards?

This will show you that you do exist in the quiet and in the depth of the aloneness.

Within the aloneness and gentleness and beneath it there is a fire burning. And as you move into the quiet alone, you will allow that fire to burn brightly, this is your passion.

It is your uniqueness and the depth of your individuality and it is ingrained in the depth of your soul.
It is your soul note and it individuates you from everyone and everyone from you.


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