Friday, June 27, 2014

One-ness Excerpt from Coming Home to Lemuria

Phillip: What do you consider to be one of the most important missions of your civilization?

Adama: It is an essential part of Lemuria’s divine soul plan to care for this planet until you on the surface can. We shall join together and bring the light of ascension into the entire Mother Earth, to assist in moving the planet and all her inhabitants into a higher, more evolved frequency of existence (which is your destiny as much as hers). Everyone who ever lived on Earth has returned for this amazing event of Earth’s transition into the light. That’s why there are so many people on the Earth now. Our light has never stopped being sent to the surface, this is the main mission of our remaining here. As below, so above

Phillip: If some on the surface were once in 5D Lemurian experience, why are we still in 3D now?

Adama: Because only a few Lemurians were given dispensation by the Creator to move down from 5D to 4D after the 3D destruction of our continent (due to the abuse of our wisdom). Some 25,000 Lemurians were allowed to be reduced into 4D reality and to work their way back now to 5D reality. Humans on the surface are descendants and reincarnated souls from the original 3D population that remained and are now being given the opportunity through ascension to regain 5D reality. You who remained in 3D chose to do so in order to be part of this process. This process will ensure that you never lose your higher connection or abuse it again. And that you step into your divine soul plan as master teachers of the universe. The universe awaits you, and thanks you for your great contribution to all civilizations.

Phillip: Who are the light workers and what do they do?

Adama: The light workers are individuals and groups committed to assisting the Earth to transitioning into light, moving into a higher frequency. These people receive large volumes of light from below and from above, which supports the planet and increases the people’s consciousness, mirroring universal consciousness. And this consciousness travels at the speed of light, consuming lower frequencies all over the planet. Light workers are being born at increasingly faster rates. Children (indigos, rainbow, and crystalline children) are coming into the earthly plane fully equipped for the task at hand, which is to bring humankind into oneness.

Phillip: What is your hope for humankind?

Adama: Our hope (and promise) for humankind is for you to live as immortal beings (like us) and to grow and expand in consciousness in an ever-expanding universe always toward the Creator within each of you. For you are the Creator experiencing itself.

Phillip: What is love?

Adama: Love is the highest vibration and frequency (energy) in the universe. Thus, it is the building block of everything. Everything is maintained and sustained by the love. Without love there is no creation, only destruction. Love will always bring our thoughts and emotions into oneness. The organ of love is your heart. Your heart knows that love is all there is. Everything else is the absence of love. We are all here to learn to love of the self first and foremost. 

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