Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES: Lemuria by Phillip Elton Collins

Lemurian Council Message #2:


Lemuria is often called the Motherland, the Father of humanity, and 'seeded' the evolution of human development. Lemurians came to this planet from another galaxy on a divine mission.

The Lemurians were some of the original civilizations to embody in advanced physical format what now is known as Homo sapiens. Other ‘colonists’ arrived elsewhere on the planet.

The planet was and is to be a divine experimental laboratory for the universe, a bringing together of as much diversity as possible.

You are still attempting to learn how to see yourselves as a diversified version of Oneness: the purpose of your planet.

Please allow this to begin a dialogue of where you came from, why you are here, and where you are headed...

- Phillip, with The Lemurian Council of 12.

Lemurian Council Message #3:


Early in the Lemurian civilization when the Lemurians experienced living within a dense, physical body, it became obvious that in order to stay connected to ALL THERE IS and create an advanced civilization, their makeup would have to be a combination of physical body and spirit. And the spirit component would become the essential blueprint.

The higher realms’ connections, where we all come from and return, would allow the necessary access to our true home of equality, harmony, and balance.

This spirit aspect would also allow souls to explore other dimensions throughout the universe in order to constantly grow and expand. A major benefit of staying connected to spirit is that you always know who you are and why you are here: a process we in 3-D are still examining. Later we shall examine how the Lemurians stayed attached and conscious of their spiritual essence... A path for us now...

- Phillip, with The Lemurian Council of 12.


Some say Lemuria was the bases of the myth/story of The Garden of Eden. Well, whether it was or not it was ceratinly like the fable of old. Days were spent with perfect weather created by awakened consciousness filled with spiritual, creative and joyful abundance. There was a love of beauty beyond your comrehension now that was expressed in our physical bodies and environment. Everyone's soul essence was honored and we knew abundance through gratitude and balance came from our connection to ALL THERE IS, Our self-empowerment came from kowning and living our true soul plan. Because there was not true separation from our physical and light bodies there was no separation of emotions nor thoughts. There was an integration of all things through telepathy. Since you knew what others were thinking, it eliminated deceit and the denial of deceit. We were claivoyant, and we all honored Universal Laws of Oneness. ALL THERE IS energy was combined in all our existence. We practiced unconditional love knowing when we interacted with another we were in the presence of our mutual divinty. Now knowing all these wonderful things about Lemuria, you may ask how did we come to lose it? What caused it? And how can you prevent it from happening again when you achieve what we did? THIS IS THE GREAT LESSON FOR HUMANITY AT THIS TIME. There have been Godlen Ages on your planet that have come and gone, Now you are being given the opportunity to create a final Golden Age that will not, cannot end so you may go out into the universe and be the master teachers you are intended to be. We chose to leave and shift to a higher frequency of existence due to the imbalance of the assertive masculine energy (Atlantis) against we the Lemurian receptive feminine energy. You are now being given the opportunity to finally balance these two forces of giving and receiving so you can create an entire world of equality, harmony, and balance; a worldwide we consciousness of oneness. Do you choose to now create a true Garden of Eden and join our civilization in the higher realms or stay in separation and confrontation? Your Mother Earth has made her decision, all within and upon her body will be a higher frequency or they will not be here. If you so choose not to shift you will continue your dense path elsewhere, knowing some day we shall all arrive at the same destination...what do you choose? 

-  Phillip. with The Lemurian Council of 12.

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