Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Excerpt from SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESAAGES, by Phillip Elton Collins:

Council Message #18:




In message #17 we spoke of the connection to ALL THERE IS through Universal Law. But when we and other advanced civilizations on this planet choose to lose our connection to Universal Law (moving from the heart that knows to the mind that believes), we might call that Universal Choice. Since all beings on Earth have a freedom of choice and will (that no one can tamper with), the Universal Law of Unity/We Consciousness was never forced at any time. We were, in effect, choosing to learn what is through what is not—a tough way to learn but a way. You on the surface of this world have embraced and continued this teaching tool for eons. But that timeline/end time has come. Through duality, separation, and confrontation, you have gone as far from yourself, one another, and Source as you can go. Have not you, Dear Ones? There are many teachings, once again, coming to you to balance this situation. In the past you have killed and destroyed teachers bringing you the truth. Allowing the alter ego within the mental body to be assertive has created much of your negative past. Are you willing to accept with compassion and forgive how you have chosen to learn in the past and present and move into a new way of being and learning?


Now through the ascension process, the mind is moving into service to the heart—the heart that knows, the mind that believes (and beliefs shift and change, but truth/knowing remains constant). We are not speaking of eliminating the mind but have it work in balance with the heart. They both have many things to contribute. The reason this heart/mind balance is happening is due to the reality that the planet has chosen to ascend; thus, everything within and upon her body needs to do the same. And this includes you, Dear Ones. Only through the loving heart can this take place—a heart that cannot shame, blame, nor judge neither self nor others and sees all in equality, harmony, and balance. You are learning to think with your hearts, Dear Ones, and create a new world paradigm.


Here are some qualities of the ‘knowing heart’ that are supporting your personal and planetary ascension processes. Many of these teachings you have been taught in the past/present and ignored them. Are you ready to see the meaning, value, and purpose in them and embrace them at long last?


Qualities of the knowing heart: equality, harmony, and balance; acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness; unconditional love; balance of giving and receiving; gratitude for what is allowing abundance; trust and surrender to higher realms and the unknown (allowing the probability and possibility of manifestation); releasing attachment to drama and glamour as a comfort zone; not choosing negativity and confrontation; living in the now moment; being conscious/aware; being in joy and blessing for life and all living things; being open to learn from sources other than the human mind.


And these are just a few, most likely not new, for there are many aspects of the heart. There are many books and teachings on these wondrous qualities, but you get the idea. These qualities are essential in building your new world paradigm. The existing old-world paradigm is dying right before your very eyes. Have you noticed?


Through your freedom of will and choice and resonance and discernment we shall leave it up to you. Are you ready to raise your individual vibration and thus that of your world so our two worlds can join in one? This portion of our higher frequency world was saved in order to show you the way back home. Then we can show you wonders beyond your imagination that will thrill and delight you and connect you once again to the universe. Are you ready, Dear Ones, to commit to creating a new you and world—a world that never has to be destroyed again?


- Phillip, with The Lemurian Council of 12

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