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SACRED TRILOGY OF TEACHINGS: The Seven Sacred Steps by Phillip Elton Collins


From Adama, The Father of Humanity
High Priest of Telos, Lemuria - Inner Earth Civilization

The SEVEN SACRED FLAMES, SACRED SHIFTS AND SACRED STEPS teachings have been presented to humanity many, many times from higher realms such as the archangelic, Inner Earth Civilizations, the ascended masters and many more.

The following teachings have been presented to humanity many, many times from higher realms such as the archangelic, Inner Earth Civilizations, the Ascended Masters and many more.

This particular trilogy of teachings is a concise, simplified, easily accessed endeavor to support the current planetary vortices and portals that are being activated. These planetary activations are affecting the planet and humanity in a powerful way within our ascension process of returning to the light.

This body of teachings comes from Adama, the Father of Humanity and High Priest of Telos, Lemuria. For those not familiar with Adama or Lemuria, you have a wonderful journey of discovery ahead of you, if you so choose. For the moment please listen to these words of wisdom and see if they resonate within your hearts and can be applied through the discernment of your minds. You can access these three teachings from our blog located on The Angel News Network Website. They will also be made available in a separate package in the future.

The mission of the Angel News Network is to bring the teachings of higher realms to humanity to raise our vibration and consciousness. We have directly received and now give, within a balance of giving and receiving, these teachings as an aspect of our world service. 

The Light of Source Never Fails,
Phillip Elton Collins

From Adama, Father of Humanity, High Priest of Telos, Lemuria, Inner Earth Civilization

Received and written by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humanity Ascending into your Divinity,

We once again come to you to support your process of ascension having held the wisdom and focus to be and do for eons. We are your pathway home. As you planet Earth continues to activate various portals/vortices within her ascension process this effects all within and upon her body. Let us now review some seven steps necessary for humanity to balance and integrate your destiny of moving into a higher frequency of existence.

Previously we have given you concise teachings within THE SEVEN SACRED FLAMES and SACRED SHIFTS and now these SEVEN SACRED STEPS complete the trilogy of teachings essential for the healing of your emotional, mental and physical bodies. This trilogy is a divine demonstration of how much you are loved and supported by We the higher realms. Know dear ones each time one of you moves into your ascension (moving from the me to the we), you create an energetic pathway for others to follow...

Step #1: Your emotions and thoughts have been ruling your lives and world far too long. It is time to know you are not your emotions or thoughts but being able to experience them is to release them from your DNA cellular memory is vital. You have been passing along the unexpressed life time after life time. Your emotions and thoughts have created the duality and confrontation within your physical bodies and world at large. It is time to stop learning what is through what is not.

Step #2: Once you master Step #1, you are beginning your release from the third dimensional world of emotions and thoughts, and better able to begin to receive the Universal Laws that balance ALL THERE IS such as: Giving = Receiving; Masculine = Feminine; The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Karma, Comic Love, Laws of Attraction, You Are One, etc. All of these Universal Laws have been made available to you in the past and are available to you at present by simply asking for them to be revealed (again).

Step #3: Each step energetically builds upon the other in divine order. Once Steps One and Two are firmly seated within your consciousness, you are ready to know that all things within and upon this planet have a divine right to be here and you are able to apply unconditional equality, harmony, balance and love for all. You are learning how to create peace on Earth. Learning and applying acceptance and compassion for all life is vital to your ascension.

Step #4: Through Steps one, two, and three you begin to move into direct relationships with your higher self who can be called your I Am Presence or Christ Consciousness. You are accepting your multi-dimensionality. Through acceptance and compassion, thus forgiveness you see your wounds and ego defenses without judgment or shame but an intense knowing they are learning tools and not who you truly are. You are freeing yourself from yourself.

Step #5: Here you are ready to clear and cleanse all emotional, mental and physical dense aspects of self that need balancing. You are transmuting your dense carbon self into the light. Each emotion, thought and physical imbalance is readying itself to move into its light body aspect. You are seeing your divinity and knowing this is who you truly are. All that has proceeded this moment has merely been a preparation for now.

Step #6: All of the previous steps have been a preparation to know that everything in your lives has been a preparation to be in (world) service to one another, as a reflection of your self-mastered love of self. You all have the same needs, and that is a mirror of your oneness; being created of the same cosmic matter. You are becoming ready to commit to being the master teachers of this world and beyond.

Step #7: After you have mastered the first six steps, every energetic component of being is being purified by the higher realms from whence you came. Your dense Man Power has become God Power light. You are ready to join the realm of the ascended masters, your divine destiny and destination all along…

Phillip Elton Collins is the author of Coming Home to Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story

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