Saturday, January 31, 2015

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Challenge and Redemption

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

Channeled by Robert Baker

An Excerpt from The Second Coming;
Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age
Challenge and Redemption

Rather than righting wrongs, approach it from the point of view of redemption. The human soul is an experience of redemption. When there are challenges-rather than things that are wrong-when there are challenges to consciousness, challenges related to ignorance, to unconsciousness, which is simply the inability to deal with and face reality, then it produces challenges and problems. Those challenges and problems then seek redemption.

Redemption is about bringing things into conscious awareness and responding and from that receiving the learning it offers you and uncovering in that greater parts of yourself. You see, that is the whole purpose of challenge. Challenge is not something to defeat you, to create pain for you, to create suffering for you. That is what you do with challenge because you look at it from the point of view of judgment based on a system of morality that says this is wrong and this is right. This is good and this is bad. Nothing is good or bad-it's just a journey of choices. In those choices something called evolution takes place. Evolution brings about higher levels of consciousness, more expansion of awareness and presence of being. That is the purpose of challenges.

Challenge is not to create pain or suffering. When you approach it from the point of view of trying to get rid of the problem, then you have conflict. And then you have a challenge that seeks to defeat you. Rather, look at it from the point of view that everything you see that is negative or that frustrates you is there to reveal something you are unconscious about that needs to be uncovered, revealed, that you need to be inspired about in some way in order for you to transcend a present limitation of ignorance, of unconsciousness.

Look at problems and challenges as opportunities to learn, to develop greater awareness and consciousness.

Look at the history of the human experience as one of coming into awareness and consciousness that allows you to see and experience reality in a conscious way. That then allows you to use that reality to discover and to grow and become more of the potential that you are. Challenges reveal your potential. They reveal those places where potential is blocked or thwarted or unconscious. In what you call the negative experience or the frustration of the challenge lies the redemption because in it lies the answer to what you're looking for. Behind every negative experience is redemption, revelation, and inspiration.

Every challenge needs to be seen as an inspiration and a revelation of life because the negative aspect of it, the part that is unconscious, is simply the part of the self that has not been revealed. Those things that are the most challenging, the most frustrating, that have caused the most pain and suffering, offer the greatest redemption, transformation, revelation, and inspiration when you go into them from the point of view of what they offer you, what is underlying them, what they are covering up. Because that which causes you challenge and pain is simply something that is unconscious, something of which you're unaware. Therefore, you don't know how to respond to it. You feel threatened by the unknown of it, and you resist that reality. You create conflict. Then it becomes a fight, a struggle, a battle.

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