Saturday, January 31, 2015


Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans Activating Your Soul Plans,

With the current activation of your planet and humanity's ascension process, it is time to remember (if you so choose) that your seeking is ending and you are now entering a process of awakening the knowing within your hearts; to 'think' with your hearts.The portals and vortices networks opening throughout your planet at present are allowing your ability to access the knowing/wisdom within your hearts. 

Dear Ones the DNA within your hearts contains all the learning from past and present life times. Are you ready to know this is a process of inside out, not outside in? All you need to know is within you and we higher realms have given you many tools to access this wisdom to assist your individuated soul plan ascension activations. Are you ready to receive them? Love yourselves enough through self mastery, and self love to access all you need to know and allow the seeking to be a learning tool of the past.

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