Sunday, June 28, 2015

BROTHER RAPHAEL: Open the Eyes of Your Heart by Jeff Fasano

Brother Raphael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Open the Eyes of Your Heart

From the star seed Orion We come to you, at this most wonderful time this is Brother Raphael and We now bring you a message to move through the healing process and into the good-naturedness of you. A place where you can open up to compassion in your heart space for yourself so you can join together with your brethren. 

Dear ones, you now can see with open eyes, the open eyes of the heart, the open eyes from the depth of your heart. It is time now to open the eyes of your heart so you can see another through your heart. See another through the neutrality of the heart and through compassion from the heart and from the essence of the heart. See another from your eyes as you look at them and they look at you and as you look at each other in oneness.

Judgment and shame lies in the mental body. When you look at another and move into judgment and shame you are simply moving into that judgment and shame through your mental body and your conditioning. It is time to open up to the essence of your heart space, to see compassion for yourself first and to see if, in fact, how much you love you. Look at this as you move through your process and ask yourself: Have you received love from yourself or are you still trying to get rid of your old habits, patterns and rituals? Are you judging and shaming yourself through your process? 

It is time now to take a step back into the essence of your heart space, to look at another through the eyes of your heart. You are now moving into the love of self, the love and compassion of self, the embodiment of self, so when you join with your brethren see the level of intimacy you have gained with yourself. This about intimacy, about sharing from the depth of your heart. So as you entertain connecting with your brethren, look to see where judgment and shame of self comes up. We ask you to open your hearts with each other. See the compassion for yourself, then you can see compassion for another.

It is time to fully love yourself. It is now time to take one step back into the depth of your heart to open your eyes to yourself. Look at your process, have you judged and shamed yourself? Are you still judging and shaming yourself? You judge and shame yourself through the conditioning in the mental body, not through your heart space. So We ask you now when connecting with your brethren to move through the depth and breadth of your heart, move through the love-ness and the oneness of self, the love-ness of the oneness of another. See the oneness of another through the oneness of you.

It is time for you to move into the depth of your heart and open your eyes through your heart. So now, when you gather with your brethren, open your eyes. Not through the mental body, not through your conditioning, not through the physical body, not through the emotional body, but the eyes of your heart. As you now allow yourself to see you as you are, you can see another as they are in their process. We ask you to look at judgment and shame. 

We leave with you this: Are you still judging and shaming yourself? Can you have compassion for judgment and shame? Can you have compassion for yourself? Can you now begin to heal what you have not accepted in yourself? Can you accept with compassion where you are, so you then can have compassion and acceptance for your brethren?

Jeff Fasano is a soul photographer, trance channel for Archangel Michael and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart

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