Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SPIRITUALITY and/or RELIGION: Archangel Uriel Received by Phillip Elton Collins


Given by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher
 Received By Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved humans being human,

As you are evolving within your ascension process of moving into your divine destiny of a higher frequency of existence (creating communities of equality, harmony and balance) you are currently within a personal and cultural transition of delineating from your human made religions and your true universal spirituality.

Your religions have largely been created on the premise that you needed to reach outside self in order to connect with God, Source or ALL THERE IS. While your religions have often been based upon some spiritual truth and have done some positive and negative things in your world, their foundation has also been based upon corrupted truth and an attempt to control what they did not create: you and your world.

It is your destiny to free yourselves from any forces that attempt to deny who you truly are and why you are here. You are divine eternal spiritual beings having chosen to have a human experience, expressing your talents and gifts through world service, creating unity consciousness. No matter how things may appear in your outside world, your freedom is in process…

Religions have largely been based upon fear. If you do not do or be this that will happen (go to hell). Spirituality is based upon unconditional, cosmic love knowing there is no judgment, shaming or blaming of self. All that you create (and you are the creator of your life) are learning tools to allow further embracement of your spirituality: you are creation experiencing itself. This truth has been hidden from you for eons. If you so choose it is time to make another choice.

At present, you are seeing attempted change within some of your world religions. Through the cyber-communication systems we have gifted to you, you are seeing these religions having great internal upheaval. This is all a divine process to set you free from any endeavor that is not based upon universal spiritual truth. 

Religions are being given the opportunity to transmute into truth.

This is a time for needed clearing and cleansing of the forces that have held humanity in slumber. Your grand awakening is upon you dearly beloved humans. This is a loving process of inside out, not outside in.



Inspired by Adama, Father of Humanity & Lord Lanto 
Ascended Master of Illumination & Wisdom 
Adapted by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of The Angel News Network

At this crucial time in our planetary and personal transmutation into higher consciousness (the mission of The Angel News Network), it is essential that we know through our ability to think with our loving hearts what is actually happening energetically and physically, and why.

From various choices we have made, we have been asleep for a long time. Now we are awakening and remembering, once again, who we are and why we are here. It is time to simply remember and know that we agreed to forget everything associated with our true identity so we would/could work our way back to our truth, so we would never forget again. It is time to understand and know our divinity; that we are the co-creator experiencing all aspects of the Creator. Through the unconditional love of the  Creator, our partner, we are now being freed (liberated) from the learning choices of separation and duality… we made so long ago.

We imposed our forgetting upon ourselves as a result of our abuse of our divinity through thinking we could separate ourselves from the forces from whence we came and who maintain and sustain and love us. As a result, lifetime after lifetime, our souls have been downloaded with untrue belief systems about our partner, the Creator, and ourselves. These untruths still exist today in our religions, governments and corporations who continue to attempt to control us. Now through the true eyes of our divinity we are finding our way back home…

The major factor that has also handicapped us is our ability to over-complicate our spirituality, our divinity. This has been largely corrupted through the above untrue belief systems. In reality there is little truth in our world today. The higher realms teach us that true spirituality is a simple concept that we choose to complicate.  The fact is, it is so simple we don’t believe or know it and have actually forgotten how to be spiritual and to embrace/embody it.

The mental body loves to over complicate, especially things it does not fully understand (and that is most of reality). You see this throughout our educational systems; if they cannot see or prove it, it does not exist. Throughout our history there have been literally millions of books written about God and spirituality. How many of them have brought us closer to the truth? Few of these books, written often by spiritually unknowing people, know the simple truths that authentic spirituality offers.  We still live in a world filled with separation and conflict, as a result of not knowing the truth about our spirituality, our true essence.


Our spirituality is not based upon what we do or do not do or the belief systems of our culture that are often our comfort zones. Spirituality simply “IS.” ( I AM THAT I AM). All the rituals, guidelines, habits and patterns based upon do this, or do not do that, may be through well-meaning people, but rarely infuse spirituality into your beingness. We, as individuated aspects of creation, can and must do this alone in loving reunion with our spirituality, our divine essence (and who we truly are).

The purpose of this writing, as many within The Angel News Network, is to bring a higher realm teaching into world service that is simple to know and always bring us back to the God-Power within, as the great Creator of our lives. 

Let us now know and remember our spirituality, our divine essence is alive and well within us always ever ready to create the lives we say you want as divine beings…

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