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Channelled by Phillip Elton Collins

One of the amazing benefits of working with the Angel News Network (ANN) is that I often get the chance to ask spiritual entities from high spiritual realms (Angelic, Mary energies, etc.) about events and experiences affecting we humans here on planet Earth.

I have been intrigued by the Roman Catholic Pope Francis I since I began hearing some of his statements and reading some of his work. His recent encyclical on global warming and humanity’s contribution to it certainly caught the world’s attention and mine as well.

I grew up in the Catholic Church. The older I got the less enamored of it I became, so I wanted to get a higher realm reading of the Pope and his mission, especially as it relates to the powerful institution he heads called the Vatican.

Several days ago I met with channel Phillip Elton Collins, a colleague and co-founder of ANN, to speak to whatever spiritual entity chose to come through Phillip to address this subject. (Phillip has an enormous gift of being able to channel many higher dimensional energies or entities as they are often called.)

The energy that came through identified itself as the Francis Energy. In addition to Pope Francis, we discussed a number of topics including the killings of  parishioners attending a prayer meeting in a black church in Charleston. In this writing I will present excerpts of the comments on Pope Francis and the Vatican. 

In my next blog I will present comments on the Charleston shootings and their spiritual context. The entire interview will be posted on the ANN website:

Here are key excerpts on Pope Francis:

“This is the Francis Energy. We are the energy of compassion and brotherhood. We are the energy of the balance of the masculine and the feminine energies. We are an energy of the inner relationship of all life forms upon this planet—be they human, be they animal, mineral or plant.

“St. Francis is the incarnation of this specific frequency and energy and a messenger of it. This is the energy of the pathway of the one you call Pope. He is a messenger sent of this frequency, a messenger of the people, by the people and for the people. And not only the people but all of the other life forms on this planet which humanity affects.

“One of the reasons his messages of humanity are including weather and the conditions on the planet (Encyclical on Climate Change) is because they are all interconnected. He is in the process of connecting the wisdoms and the events of consciousness or the lack of consciousness and how it will affect the planet and humanity at large. He has that wisdom. He has that connection.”

I asked about man’s role in contributing to the changing climate of the planet. The Francis energy responded that global warming was the result of the natural evolution of the planet and man’s activities and behavior.

“There is no doubt that humanity’s behavior is increasing the evolutionary experience of the planet herself. It is the emotions and thoughts of humanity that are collected within the atmosphere which affect your weather patterns, your storms, some of your geological activities such as your volcanic activity and farther out beyond the planet herself. "

I asked if there were karmic consequences for those polluting our air, land and water.

“There is a karmic consequence. It is the way that the cosmos and nature, as you call her, balances and maintains and sustains herself.  When they (the polluters) leave this frequency they will experience a balance of what they have created through the intention to harm. 

"These individuals are here for a purpose as well. They are here for a clearing and a cleansing of humanity’s wounds and defenses to come up for a review to be fully expressed and experienced.”

I asked about Pope Francis’ mission with the Vatican, a powerful organization that many people see as having a history encompassing both good and evil.

“He is an instrument and a messenger of the St. Francis energy, if you will, of peace, love, acceptance of humanity and of all the life forms on this planet. He has chosen and been chosen to be a frequency of this particular energy. He has chosen to go into the belly of the beast, if you will. And, yet, at the same time, keep himself in it and not of it, knowing that his role is to begin to affect and transcend and transition the intention and the focus of this endeavor you call church. He realizes that all that may not take place within his incarnational cycle.

“But he knows he is planting a seed of change. Without that change and without the truth and the goodness and the love and support that he brings to it, he also realizes that the endeavor cannot succeed or continue as it is. It will fall upon itself in the corruption of itself. So, in effect, he is bringing in a new light. He is bringing in an old foundation of truth and love into the newness of it. He is asking that it return to being a church of the people, which, in reality, it never has been.

“It has been an instrument of control. It has been an instrument of the disempowerment of the feminine energy. It has hidden many of the historical and spiritual truths of the reality of humanity and your true history on this planet. He is laying a pathway for all of that to be opened. For within the vaults and libraries of this endeavor is much of the truth of which we speak, and he knows (how) to bring it out step by step knowing that it is a pathway of acceptance.

“He is aware of the resistance within and outside the organization that will resist the changes he is asking for. But he knows within his soul plan that he has chosen and been chosen, if you will, to bring this truth into this powerful organization that will mean the continued life and breath of it with these changes in place. Without it, it will fall upon itself.

“Much of humanity is “getting it” about this individual. It is interesting to note that much of that awareness is coming from outside of the endeavor of which he is a part. So he has struck a collective chord, if you will, in addition to the internals of the organization. Ironically, his support is coming from outside rather than inside his organization. And it is the pressures, shifts and changes to the intentions of goodness coming from outside in that can affect a dynamic of inside out.”

Next week I will present the comments of the Francis Energy on the Charleston killings and why it says, “Be aware of what a magnificent time it is upon your planet.”


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