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August 16th, 2015
Inspired by Ascended Master Saint Germain

Dear Beloved Soul Family of our Human Hearts,

As I enter my seventh decade upon Mother Earth let us speak of our hearts, a subject we have heard much of throughout your many lifetimes on this Earth. And while this is a time of giving and receiving for me; let me speak of the Greatest Gift of Creation: our Hearts. Are you ready to receive it? I shall now speak of aspects of our hearts you may have never known but the time has come for us to know and apply this wisdom, if we so choose…

Within the interior of our hearts there is a spiritual central chamber surrounded by a powerful God Power field of sacred light and protection. This is called the “cosmic cause”. This chamber is not just of our present dimension/frequency; no current medical doctor can find it. But you can. It occupies both your third dimension and fourth dimensions and beyond (connecting to the higher God Power frequency of its birth). This, what we call the “cosmic cause” central chamber, is also known as the Altar of the Heart (AH). The AH is actually the connecting point of your Sacred Silver Cord (you’ve heard about that) that descends from your God Power Presence to maintain and sustain your physical beating heart, giving your life meaning, value and purpose: A Divine Soul Plan that integrates with the Earth’s and God’s Divine Soul Plans: Man Power and God Power merging.

If you so choose let us value and treasure this chamber of contact that we have with Life by regularly giving our (Christ) Consciousness/I Am Presence to it.

Our awareness of this knowledge will create an invincible strength and power to manifest the Sacred Self Mastery/God Power within us.

It is not necessary to focus on the scientific how and why of this wisdom. There is little understanding in the human mind of this but you heart already knows. Let us rest our weary world-torn souls and be content to know that our God Power is ever present within us and we have this point of contact with the Divine at all times.  It is a spark of Light from our Creator’s own Heart to us! That’s how much this God Power of Creation loves us. For we are truly one and our Essence is Divine filled with Love, Wisdom and Power.

Each time we pay attention to this union within our heart, our Love and Power will grow within us and it will mirror out into our world service (our reason to be here). This is who we truly are; this is why we are here. Now you know the truth about yourself. We are God Power!

As our mind (that believes) moves back into full service to our heart (that knows) let us never lose contact with our Heart again as our Man Power is doctored by our God Power. Then our God Power manifests all the Power of Love and extends and sends it out into the darkness of the world and becomes The Beings of Light/God Power we truly are.

This reminder is my birthday gift to me and you. Are we ready to receive it?

From My Heart to Yours,
Phillip Elton Collins


The Harmonic Convergence began on my birthday August 16th This was a five year period that started in 1987 dealing with the blocked consciousness and development of humanity. This period gave humanity a chance to achieve a quantum catch-up in consciousness and to stop our process of destroying the planet and ourselves. This was the greatest birthday I and humanity could possibly receive. From that point I accelerated  my pathway as the Light Worker and Way Shower. From what I received some 26 years ago I now give to you on this my birthday. 

- The Light of Source Never Fails 
Phillip Elton Collins, co-founder of The Angel News Network.


August 16th, 1945

The day my twin brother and I were born, or should I say surgically removed from our extraordinarily beautiful mother, The United States dropped the largest bomb ever created on Japan killing thousands to attempt to halt Word War II.

It seems we have been dropping powerful bombs and killing one another ever since. We have not applied the knowledge into wisdom that war does not work. My twin brother died from the results of a war of which he never recovered and we never really won.

My birthday intention for humanity is that we stop killing one another worldwide realizing this behavior is an unhealed love of self reflecting out to others. Can we stop the insanity and simply ask, “What do you need?” Knowing there is plenty for everyone when we stop the few from controlling the many.

Let us stop fighting over land and resources we did not create nor own. Let us fill our hearts with gratitude for the privilege to be stewards of this paradise planet, stop abusing her, knowing we are all made of the same stuff and need the same things: to be love, to be lovable and to love all the time.

In gratitude for ALL THERE IS,
Phillip Elton Collins & William Ogden Collins
Birthday Wish, 2014


By Phillip Elton Collins)

“As soon as we can realize
We’re a collection of soul connections,
Then duality and separation
Will be simply sent away”

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