Thursday, August 27, 2015

JOEL’S JOURNAL: Archangel Michael, Edgar Cayce (& Joseph Campbell) All Agree: FIND YOUR BLISS!, Joel D. Anastasi

Archangel Michael is the angel of personal process, and much of our work at the Angel News Network (ANN) deals with the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life? (Michael is channeled by Jeff Fasano, one of ANN’s co-founders.)

The Life Mastery Program, based on Michael’s teachings, was designed to address these questions. The questions are interrelated so our answers to one generally relate to our answers to the others.  

As the designer and presenter of Life Mastery, I try to stay alert to fresh ways of exploring and answering these questions because, though they are easy to ask, they often are hard for many of us to answer. Moreover, our answers often evolve and change, sometimes leaving us feeling confused.

Recently, I came across a wonderful little book that clearly explores the above questions, among others, titled, Contemporary Cayce, A Complete Exploration Using Today’s Philosophy and Science. The authors, Kevin Todeschi and Henry Reed, do a terrific job of clearly explaining many teaching of that great American psychic, Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s wisdom, at least for me, sometimes gets lost in the fog of the archaic language in which his readings were expressed.

Here are a few excerpts relating to what the Cayce readings have to say about our life mission:

“A sense of mission in life is not meant to be a path to private fulfillment, although following one’s mission is very fulfilling personally. Instead, our having a mission in life reflects the soul’s need for an outlet to serve others as a means of stimulating the growth of the soul’s qualities.

“We don’t self actualize for our own sake, even though we are often so motivated. Instead, the soul realizes that its actualization serves a larger purpose, to be of help to others and their growth toward God awareness. Rather than seeing the path to heaven as a ladder we climb solo through personal meditation and enlightenment, the Cayce perspective views the path to heaven as a large dance in which we are all helping one another prepare ourselves to be God-realized and communal citizens of heaven. We get to heaven leaning on the soul of someone we have helped.

“Having a sense of mission is probably a better notion than finding one’s mission because the former implies an ongoing process rather than a singular event of discovery. Our entire life’s journey is our mission, suggesting more process than an end result. “

In other words, our life mission is more than a job description; it is a way of life.

“It is less important who we become in the sense of a career or job title, as it is the style and spirit in which we live. Discovering our mission is an ongoing learning process of discovering our own divinity.”

The authors suggest a guideline for living made famous by Joseph Campbell: “Follow your bliss.” 

In moments of bliss, “people pursue activities they enjoy doing for their own sake rather than ones where they anticipate specific results. Someone who says they would do their work even if they were not getting paid for it is someone whose work is in line with their mission in life, for it is to be enjoyed for its own sake. At first we may serve others from a sense of religious duty. As we mature, however, and begin to realize our soul’s talents, we exercise these talents for the pure joy of it and we find that serving others with our talents is itself a joyful experience.”

These comments remind me of a few key teaching in our Life Mastery program:

. You are here for world service.

. The path of spiritual growth leads from ME to WE.

. Let joy and ease guide you forward on your path.

. Let go of results.


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