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Teachings of Archangel Michael
with Jeff Fasano
"Allow Your Heart to Become the Guiding Force of Your Life

Welcome to Journey of the Awakened Heart     
I am a Trance Channel, Reiki Master,  Light Ascension      
therapist and a professional photographer . I have been
 a messenger for the energy of Archangel Michael
since 2002. Michael's teachings give us the loving
support and guidance we seek so we can move within to

love, honor and value ourselves more deeply and continue
on our journey.  Many of us now are seeking support and
 guidance as we uncover deeper aspects of ourselves.

 It is for this reason I would like to share with you
Teachings of Archangel Michael. Each week I will bring
you a message from Michael that I have personally channeled.
Today I am sharing with you a wonderful message
where Michael speaks to us  about 
The Ending of Contracts       
A Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano
The Ending of Contracts
From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael. We come to you at this wonderful and most glorious time as you are now moving into a place of Self Actualization.
Many of you are defining who you are thus becoming Self Actualized, being who you are. As you do this, you proficiently move forward and begin to release attachments you had come into this lifetime with. Since you have chosen a path toward Self Mastery, and move on this path you are coming to conclusions with aspects of your life that no longer resonate for you and with relationships as well.
These conclusions are the End of Contracts….
To continue reading the entire message from Archangel Michael  

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Gathering with Archangel Michael
The Angel News Network
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Join me as I bring in the energy of Archangel Michael.
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Weekly Video

Look into the Mirror
Archangel Michael's message is to love, honor and value ourselves. So I decided to create a weekly video series entitled Journey of the Awakened Heart based on Michael's teachings. It is a series of simple and helpful messages and exercises that will allow you to move within and give you tools to help you along your pathway to self mastery.
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