Thursday, November 10, 2016


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

More and more I am mastering the essential reality of letting go of this three dimensional world of our emotions, thoughts and physical natures and embracing my new reality of being a citizen of the cosmos. I don’t plan to abandon my life within this frequency but it will be deeply focused and purposed into expanding our experience here. This revelation has largely been the result of my own evolution and our recent Presidential elections in The United States of America. I know there are many joining me in this….
As a light ascension therapist, author, teacher and channel of higher realms for many years, I am more and more knowing I am of this world not in it. My true eternal being is beyond this world. Being here is an aspect of the whole, not the whole.
How can I only see myself as an American when almost half the people in my country (46.9%) choose not to vote when many in this world are fighting for this right and privilege? How can I exclusively see myself as American when a quarter (25.5%) of my country selected a man with a very questionable personality and work experience as their President rather than the most qualified statesman, a woman, in the history of our country as their President (who won the popular vote).  I am aware current events happened as a result of each one’s wounds and ego defenses around their relationship with themselves. I can understand and forgive what has happened but I must continue to expand my identity, and purpose to be here beyond this country and world. My several years of training, clinical experience and channeled connection to higher realms has been a preparation for this.
Through my many metaphysical studies I am aware that the United States is destined to be a way shower of equality, harmony and balance for the rest of the world. My future work/mission within this country will be to support this truth while not becoming involved in the drama surrounding the unhealed governmental, political, corporate aspects of the country within which I choose to incarnate.
 As a result of my own personal process, and current events acting as a catalyst, now as a confirmed Cosmic Citizen, I would like to announce/review a recent concise teaching I have brought forward from the Ascended Master St, Germain, called the Seven Discourses of Ascension, assisting humanity in ascending into a higher frequency of existence, which is our divine birthright. Let us remember the ascended masters walked this Earth as we do now and have transcended to a higher frequency of existence and are now showing the way for we the people to be and do the same thing. What I have received is a vital tool to free us from what we have been experiencing in the past and at present and allowing the creation of a new unified pathway to the future.

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