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Discourse #5




Discourse #5


The Ascension Chair, My Gift To You

Beloved Students,
Many of you may have heard of The Ascension Chair or experienced one of the Ascension Chair ceremonies that this channel has facilitated over the years. For those not familiar with this sacred ceremony (that you can do on your own at any time) please allow this to be a discourse and dialogue to bring deeper understanding of this amazing ascension tool. The detailed instructions as to how to create this ceremony yourself is at the end of this discourse and dialogue.
The Ascension Chair is a glorious gift from my beloved heart to this Lover-versity called Earth and to all you divine human beings on the surface of this planet. Quite simply, this is a tool to assist the raising of frequency/vibration of any candidate for ascension.

The energetic structure of The Ascension Chair contains the frequency of the pure white light of the Ascension Flame, which raises an individual’s vibration gradually and gently. While sitting in a designated chair you will only receive what you can maintain and sustain at that moment. (To learn more about the Ascension Flame itself I refer you to The Seven Sacred Flames). For the purposes of this discourse and dialogue I am focusing only on the “Violet ” Flame, one of the Seven Sacred Flames.

If you were to receive the full force of the Ascension Flame (which you are not ready for in your evolution at this time), your dense carbon body would be transmuted into its light body, and you could achieve permanent ascension into the higher realm I reside within now (fifth dimensional consciousness). Anything less than love and light dissolves, and the candidate is instantly transformed and reconnected with the fullness of their Divine Essence, allowing all spiritual gifts and attributes restored. An individual must be spiritually ready on all levels to achieve this.
This is the divine destination that you will achieve (when ready) that so many of you long for at this time. What awaits you is a permanent union of your unhealed self with your higher healed divine self.

Again, facilitating an Ascension Chair Ceremony is a wonderful way to increase your frequency (within a loving community) as much as you can at this time within your evolutionary process. The more often you experience the ceremony, the higher your frequency becomes each time.

While the Ascension Chair is a tremendous gift, it is not the only way you can achieve ascension. The higher realms have offered several ‘personal processing’ techniques to support you. (See Life Mastery, A Guide For Creating The Life You Want And The Courage To Live It by Joel D. Anastasi.) These are all based upon healing the relationship with self and mirroring this out into the world.

In addition to the Ascension Chair Ceremonies you can set up on your own, please know there are a few fifth dimensional retreat chairs located in various locations on this planet. Facilitated by the Great White Brotherhood, I have one located at Jackson Peak, Wyoming, and there is another located within the Inner Earth Civilization of Lemuria in Telos.

If it resonates, I urge you to begin performing the Ascension Chair Ceremony yourselves. I have designed a ceremony to be easily performed by you divine beings experiencing the third dimension.

Your Teacher & Friend,
Saint Germain


Adapted for The Angel News Network Gatherings

By Rev. Phillip Elton Collins

The Ascension Chair is a gift to the Earth and humanity from the heart of beloved Master St. Germain. St. Germain is the ascended master of the 7th Sacred Flame: The “Violet ” Flame of Transmutation. The main qualities and actions of the “Violet ” Flame are freedom, transmutation, transformation, diplomacy, CEREMONY and application of the science of true alchemy.

The Ascension Chair is a tool to assist the raising of vibration of a candidate for ascension. It contains the frequencies of the pure white Light of the Ascension Flame. It raises one’s vibration gradually and gently.

The regular practice of this ritual with each ceremony builds a huge momentum. The energies almost double in intensity and beauty each time this sacred ceremony is performed. It affects and helps not only the people participating in the group, but also creates a web of Light touching almost the entire planet.

As you evolve your consciousness, The Ascension Flame helps your purification process in greater measure each time and assists in the raising of your vibration every time you express your intention through this sacred ritual.

Each person comes forth to sit on the chair to declare their intention vocally before their friends and before their God to express their desire and intention for ascension. The candidate also declares the willingness to do whatever it takes to make this happen. Ascension has been defined by the Sacred Flame Masters as the “union of your human self with your Eternal Spiritual Being.”

As the candidate formulates an intention, a prayer, Master Germain floods the individual’s force field with the level of ascension frequency appropriate for that person in the now moment.


We gather chairs in a circle around a designated Ascension Chair, and each person comes forth to sit on the chair and states their intention, preferably aloud with a fully open heart, their goals for this life and their ascension. Make the most honorable prayer your heart dictates or inspires you to express at this moment. (Those who cannot ‘think’ of anything in the moment will select a card from the Lemurian messages and read it).

Each person holds a special crystal in their hand (provided by the facilitator) and sits on the chair for about three to five minutes.

When finished the candidate gives a sign of completion with their eyes (to the facilitator), the facilitator or designated person rings the Tibetan bells once, and the group sings three “AUMs” to assist anchoring this energy in the physical while the person remains seated. Then the person returns to their seat and the next person comes forth.

There is always a natural flow created, and each one takes their turn in no specific order. The facilitator can go last. When everyone is finished several Lemurian masters invite you to drink an elixir, which they charge with the frequency of the “Golden Liquid Light.” Sparkling apple juice is poured into small cups and passed to the group.

A short invocation is made to ask that the liquid each person holds in their right hand be infused with the frequency of the Golden Liquid Light. There is a pause to allow the masters to transform the liquid at the frequency that is most appropriate for each person.

When given the signal, each person slowly drinks the liquid that has now become a sacred alchemical elixir, expressing their deep gratitude for the gift and rich blessings now bestowed upon them.

When we come together in group, in community and reinforce our intentions, it becomes more powerful in all our lives. This sacred ritual is a blessed way for like-spirited people to spend time together. This is a simple and pleasant tool to raise your consciousness. And so be it, beloved children of the heart. Be in peace and in love with yourself.

NOTE: The room is cleared and cleansed, lit with candles, low music, beset with fresh flowers, and the chair prepared.

Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-founder of the Angel News Network
The Angel News Network
Phillip Elton Collins Website
Saint Germain's Seven Ascension Discourses Introduction/Index

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