Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Joel's Journal: "Donald Trump, A Gift Of The Gods?"

By Joel D. Anastasi. The Angel News Network

I confess that I have been as horrified at the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States as if he were a comet barreling towards Earth threatening to destroy us all.

And each day my anxiety grows with his choices to fill key posts in his administration, his attacks on the press and US intelligence agencies and his incessant, angry, sophomoric tweets.

So imagine my surprise—and pleasure, I admit—when I asked St. Germain this week for his assessment of Mr. Trump and received the response below. St. Germain, as many of you know, is humanity’s guide for this new 2000 year age of Aquarius which began in 2012, just as Jesus was our guide for the Age of Pisces which began 2,000 years ago.

St. Germain has had many notable incarnations including, Joseph, the father of Jesus; Christopher Columbus; Francis Bacon who wrote the plays attributed to William Shakespeare, and he inspired our founding fathers to write the founding documents of the United States of America. St. Germain is channeled by Phillip Collins, one of the co-founders of the Angel News Network.

Here are excerpts from our discussion:

J: Many of us in the spiritual community have thought of humanity as having progressed a great deal over the last century in moving towards oneness. Many of us are confused by the election of Mr. Trump who seems to risk reversing our progress.

SG: Well, ascension is not always a straight line forward. Let us talk about this divine soul called Trump.

I would like you to begin to think of this individual as making a gift to humanity, a gift from the gods.  Begin to see this individual (differently) in order to eliminate and prevent your resistance to this individual—because what you resist persists. Begin to see this individual as bringing up all the unhealed aspects of humanity. Begin to see this individual as a player upon the stage, if you will, to show the foibles, the follies, the wounds, the defenses of humanity that are coming up for review. Since we were so involved in the creation of the United States of America, we feel you are at a pivotal point in your ascension, an accelerated process to bring up all the things that are preventing America from becoming the light of the world.

J: You are referring to all the separation in our country?

SG: All of that is coming up for review within this individual and within the collective. Now you have in the role of your so-called president of the United States an individual who represents all of the weaknesses of humanity rolled up into one as never before.  With your communication systems, cyberspace and the Internet, all of this will be revealed. Then the  democratic principles that this nation was founded upon of equality, harmony and balance can come forward. It can be a test of the true intention of the creation of this nation going forward.

So begin to see this as a play that is being orchestrated by someone like Shakespeare, who we once were. Begin to see this as a human (drama) unfolding for you day by day. But the mission, as you witness this, is not to go down into it, to be it or to become it but to observe it and to make another choice, different from the ones being made within your political governmental process. Governments, as you well know, represent the people that they govern. So what you are seeing by this particular divine soul coming into this particular position is magnified unlike ever before because of all your communication and transportation systems.

J: We have been told by you and other divine realms that there are many hidden forces controlling things behind the scenes that we are not aware of. Because he has not been in government before, might he be a force who could challenge some of this controlling power?

SG: He was selected to assume this role because the forces believed he would be the most malleable and the most easily controlled. His opponent not so much. Let’s look at this individual for a moment. You have been studying the ego defenses and how they form around the wounds of humanity. You are looking at an individual who is severely wounded in his relationship to dad, within his relationship with his children and within himself. So he has developed the ego defenses around him so as to appear that he is in control and he knows what is happening. But if you look at his responses through his twitter and cyber communications you will see the inklings of a very wounded little boy crying out in the night, “For God’s sake, love me, like me, agree with me.”

J: His tweets seem like high school responses.

SG: They are of a wounded little boy saying, “Daddy, love me, like me, approve of me. “

J: So we need to show love towards him?

SG: Beloved students, it is a matter of showing love towards yourself, him and everyone else as a solution to the chaos and the drama that you are in. That does not mean accepting. But it can mean creating a parallel path to what is taking place in order to create a new paradigm. That is the intention of these seven discourses and the glossary that will affect and support you ascension process.

J: So the material you have given us and our dialogue will help us fashion this parallel path.

SG: That is the reason, in your vernacular, we are showing up. That is the reason we are making ourselves available.  And it is not just with this channel. As we have explained to you, we can be in many locations at the same time. We have selected divine souls throughout the planet to assist in facilitating this.

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