Friday, January 27, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins

                                                   I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!

Actually, that is a line from an old Helen Reddy song from some decades back, as some may remember. But it captures perfectly a message St. Germain is sending mankind in new teachings from St. Germain that the Angel News Network intends to publish this year.

St. Germain, as most of you know, is the Ascended Master charged with guiding mankind during this new 2000-year Age of Aquarius. He tells us he dictated important passages of our founding papers to our Founding Fathers.

In my interviews with him, here is what St. Germain had to say about the hundreds of women protests that exploded around the world after Donald Trump’s inauguration last week as president of the United States.

“What a joyful moment for we in the ascended master realm to feel the divine feminine energy unlike ever before within the history of this particular planet joining hands and hearts and saying to the masculine, enough!

“Millions of women world wide joined hearts and hands and forthrightly declared and sent the intention to the masculine energy, you will no longer control us. You will no longer attempt to control us.

“It is the imbalance of the masculine and the feminine, the masculine attempting to subjugate the feminine, that is creating much of the chaos and imbalance in your world. There is a reason for these two energies in creation. It is not just about your genders. It is not just about your sexual activities, and it is not just about reproduction. It is about forces of creation that come together to create. That is the masculine and the feminine.

“They (women) have had enough. This is the breaking point for the feminine energy, which will be led by the Western World, particularly in the United States, which is destined to be the beacon of the light of the world. These women will now give courage and inspiration to all the other women of the world because of your communication systems. They are beginning to wake up and realize their separation, their subjugation and that the masculine energy is telling us what we can and cannot do and who we can be, and that is coming to an end.  

“It will be the women of the world that will lead the planet and this nation into its light. The masculine energy has had their day within it. What you are seeing within your new government, recently inaugurated, is the Old Boy’s Club, the white men’s boy’s club coming forward, are you not? And the women are paying attention to this. They are seeing this and they are rallying, they are protesting, and they will create a parallel existence, a parallel choice to the old, with or without the approval of the old paradigm.”


“There is so much happening within your United States. This chaos is a preamble to the clearing and cleansing which are necessary for these United States in order for you to fully embrace your divine mission of being the light of the world.

“In the ascension process you are in the process of becoming a nationless world. From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel you were gifted with cyberspace, the Internet, so you could free yourself from any national, economic, political or communication control. You are being given an opportunity to see yourselves as one world, one being, and all of you being each other in disguise in order to see the diversification of the oneness which is the mission of this planet—to learn to love through all of the diversity of creation.

“What you are experiencing now is sort of a step backward brought about by the hidden forces which have been controlling your world—your so-called Illuminati, the so-called Cabal. What you are having is their attempt to keep you in separation in order to keep you divided from one another, in order for them to continue to try to control what they have not created.

“This is an ‘old guard’ government acting as a proxy for the clearing and cleansing of all that needs to be cleared and cleansed to protect the principles of Democracy, not to force this on other nations who may or may not be ready for it but to insure it for a nation that is.

“You still have a majority of your population that chooses not to vote. It is time for your populace, if they so choose, to wake up to realize that if they really wish the popular vote to win, then all who care about themselves and their nation must show up and exercise the gift that so much of the world is fighting for at this time. It is not to be taken for granted.

“Much of what you are experiencing now is because of the apathy and the lack of involvement of the populist individual. What is needed at this time is to move from the individual into the collective consciousness of the unified force field to protect the principles of democracy which are an amalgamation of everything that has worked and hasn’t worked on this planet in the past.

“I wish for you to know, believe and wholeheartedly trust and surrender to this truth:

“No matter how things are transpiring in your world, the foundation and the checks and balances and the Founding Father Papers that you have--that we assisted in the creation of for the United States--will hold firm. This time is a wake up. This time is an eternal final exam, an eternal final exam for humanity to understand the choice of democracy, the choice of allowing we the people, by the people and for the people to work full heartedly in this country. And that requires the full participation of everyone and to allow that to ratchet out into the world as a whole. That is the hope and the promise of the Ascended Master realms.” 

(If you resonate with St. Germain’s message, please share it far and wide!)

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