Friday, January 6, 2017

WELCOME TO YOUR 2017 “Twenty-Eight Tool Reminders” (2+8=10; 1+0=1= The year of Rebirth & New Beginnings) From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network Dear Beloved Humans being human, As you embark upon you new year 2017 filled with 3D chaos, confusion and often confrontation, continuing to create separation and duality, perhaps it is time to again review a few life tools. . Are you ready to apply them? What is about to be shared (again) will allow you to move/evolve from duality into oneness (which is essential within your Ascension Process). Please know dear ones there is more higher realms, planetary and cosmic energies coming in to assist you than ever before in your history. The year 2017= 10=1+0=1= The year of transformation into the divine). (1) Remember your being within this 3D Earthly world is a JOURNEY OF CHOICES (JOC’s) through your free will and choice. So by taking responsibility for your choices/decisions you can stop blaming and shaming self or others for the life you are creating. In your vernacular this will clear up a lot of crap. Dear ones you can always make another choice. It’s just a choice, not the end of life! (2) If you so choose stop resisting being in this 3D world you chose to be in to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it. Your resistance is preventing your self-empowerment and growth by persisting in not supporting and loving who you are and knowing why you are here. Love is the vehicle to your freedom. (3) Most of the negative thoughts you have about yourself (that can be reflected to others) are trapped in your mental body from childhood conditioning from Mom and Dad. You have been given the tools to free yourself from this trap. Are you ready to apply them? (4) During times of challenge and self- doubt what tools do you know how to use to love and support yourself? (5) As #1 states; it is simply a decision or choice during a challenge to test yourself and see do I choose to use the tools given to me or not. (6) Until you really know your purpose in being here and what you need to know this you cannot truly be happy. You have been given the tools to know this. Are you ready to apply them? (7) You mission is to create the freedom to be who you are. The tools to achieve this are your resonance and discernment. (8) Are you ready to get rid of anyone and anything of which you do not resonate nor discern? (9) The purpose of your planet is to master love, peace, equality, harmony and balance. (10) How you feel is a major indicator of your success and a divine tool to your happiness. (11) Remember your major mission in your being here is to raise your consciousness/vibration in order to move into a higher frequency of existence. You be and do this through the forces of love. (12) The true expression of yourself lives in your heart not your mind. That’s why your believing mind is moving back into service to your knowing heart. (13) Many of you have been destroyed or abandoned in the past and present for being who you are. It is time to heal the fear this has created and move into the true you. (14) Do you know what you really need to feel fulfilled and to be happy? What are you suppressing or repressing that yearns to be expressed now? (15) Do you know you came from love, are lovable and loved? (16) As in your 2016, planetary and cosmic energies will continue to come into your 3D world on a routine basis during 2017 to support you like never before. You have never been alone. (17) Remember you are mastering life through self- love (love being the key component of who you truly are). (18) Remember resistance and fighting the old world of form fuels it and holds it in place. Build a parallel path instead. (19) Since you are in the final 2,000 year cycle of your planet’s ascension everything is accelerating in your 3D world in order to allow you to transcend it and move beyond the illusions preventing you from being your divine essence and self-empowerment. (20) Are you fully committed to your self- mastery and ascension process? Are these the priority of your life? (21) Are you tired of reacting to things that activate your nervous system and trigger your ego defenses vs choosing love and fully taking responsibility for yourself and assisting others? (22) The Divine Plan of 2017 is to effect a paradigm shift releasing the old and you fully expressing the who and why of yourself. (23) Do not judge what is truly transpiring in your world by outside appearances. Your Ascension is a process our inside out, not outside in. (24) You are a multidimensional being, experiencing many realms at the same time. Where you are within the 3D is the densest and the last dimension to be effected by energetic changes. (25) Learn “to think” with your heart. All the love, peace, equality, harmony and balance you need lives there all the time. You are leaning how to access this and apply it in your world. (26) Remember your emotions, thoughts, words and actions are creating your life and world all the time. (27) Your I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness living in your heart creates your ability to access the Higher Realms. This allows you to directly communicate with 5D frequencies and beyond. (28) Focusing on ‘what is’ in your life allows abundance. This is the path to eternal love and peace and your God Power.

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