Friday, July 7, 2017


From Archangel Uriel, Guardian of Humanity and Earth
Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
 Early Summer, 2017
Dear Beloved Humans being human,
We come to you once again during this crucial time of the ascension of your planet and humanity. This message and reminder is intended for those of you who have chosen the path, the soul journey of the light worker and way shower.
During 2016 and into 2017 we and other higher realms have been sending routine teachings and messages to explain what you have chosen to experience at this time as an essential aspect of your growth and expansion. You have never been alone and never will be. We of the higher realms are committed to supporting your multi-dimensional advancement into a higher frequency of existence through heightened consciousness until we reunite as one. Are you fully committed dear ones?
As this channel and many others have been receiving, you are at present being sent multi-dimensional energies like never before as the ascension process of the planet accelerates. (Remember beginning December, 2012 you began the final 2,000 year cycle of this process for plant Earth). These energies are coming from all the factors that assisted in the creation of your planet and selves: the twelve star realms that originated the planet, galactic, archangelic and angelic, ascended masterships, and Inner Earth civilizations to name a few.
So what is the purpose of these multi-dimensional energies coming in now? They begin and assist in your final awakening to know who you are and why you are here through the healing of the relationship with self (self being a reflection of all there is).  This healing will allow self-mastery and life-mastery. You have been given from we of the higher realms many teachings and tools to support your process (see the library of books within Remember dear ones, you are all in the personal process of accepting with compassion that you are (becoming) multi-dimensional beings.
So how does this increased multi-dimensional energy work? From the higher realms these multi-dimensional energies enter your crown chakra in a clockwise movement, they transcend all the way down to your first chakra. As these energies move downward, they release old patterns, habits and rituals that no longer serve your new highest good. Depending upon your wounds and ego defense configurations, you may experience emotional, mental and/or physical symptoms through this process. Some call these periods “dark nights of the soul,” Rest assured this process is in divine order with no intention to harm but simply a ‘test’ to awaken you to fully embrace who you are (your reason to be here) and to know through your unique talents and gifts why you are here.
If it resonates you may consider creating support groups to assist one another during the “dark soul night” periods. This channel is planning on having ASCENSION CHAIR CEREMONIES within his community as a self-empowering vehicle to support self and others.
As mentioned earlier you have been receiving regular energetic boosts for quite some time but the final months and weeks of 2017 will be quite intense due to increase in  the electro-magnetic interchange of the planet with higher realms, affecting your selves. Remember your entire ascension process of transcending to a higher frequency of existence is a process of inside out, not outside in.  Your world is filled with chaos and distraction from this truth of your being: An eternal spiritual being choosing to have a human experience through your emotions creating thoughts that affect your dense physicality. . You who called yourselves light workers and way showers are being truly tested in your awakening  to choose to apply the wisdoms we send you or not.
During the final months of your year 2017, as you assimilate these multi-dimensional energies great moments of clarity will further awaken within you. As you further release old aspects of self that no longer serve you, moving through periods of “the dark night of the soul” you will less and less rely on the outside world to define who you are and why you are here.
The awakened self within will allow you to become a fully sustained and maintained  multi-dimensional human being knowing you are worthy and good enough to be here. The inner wounded child will finally heal and detach from the third-dimensional world that has kept your prisoner for so long.
Starting right here, right now, as the planet takes a deep out breath of summer rushing through and within you,  you are being boosted further into your individual ascension process (your divine destiny).
In Conclusion
Beloved humans as your mental bodies rush in and want to know when and how everything is going to happen, surrender to not always needing to know allowing the probabilities and possibilities of creation to manifest through.
You who deem yourselves light workers and way showers have committed to a deep examination of yourself, knowing the only path to truth, and freedom is a release from self.
Now beloveds, can you simply be with what is transpiring, accept with compassion thus forgive the choices you have made in being human. More and more you are releasing attachments to the outside world of form…are you not?
Through this timeline and process it is essential that your nurture self and one another by coming together in communities of love, peace, equity, harmony and balance. (The channel explained earlier what group actions he intends to take). Through knowing your truth, ask what you need as you establish your boundaries in relationship to self and others.  Lose any fear (the absence of love) of gathering in groups of support as you fully embrace what is transpiring within your ascension process. Now is the cycle of creating the new you and world you say you want.
In Unconditional Love,
Archangel Uriel, Guardian of Humanity & Earth

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