Monday, July 3, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain, channeled by Phillip Collins


“The original intention of the planet Earth is for the success of a democracy, a communion of twelve-star systems (which seeded Earth) together as one.

A system of democracy is simply a system where the equality of individuality is embraced, where equal importance of all expression is held sacred, where all beings live for the good and wholeness of one another.

Archangel Gabriel spoke these words to me in early 2003 when I was beginning two years of interviews that were published as The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age.

For most of mankind’s history the few controlled the many. Humanity seemed content to accept the “divine right” of kings, pharaohs and other dictators and expected to be ruled by these powerful beings who told them what to do in virtually every area of their lives. Personal freedom had little meaning.

Then the United States was created, which Gabriel described as a “new world which was to be a synthesis of all the people of the world who have lived under oppression and have come here to find spiritual freedom and expression of their individual being. It was supposed to have been a collective of that democratic idea of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of individual social construct, so that every person and every group can live together in harmony and peace.”

Democracy took root in this small, weak cluster of rural states against enormous odds largely because of divine intervention, St Germain (the guide for this new spiritual age) tells us. Democracy gradually spread throughout the world, although the battle between authoritarianism and democracy has raged since our founding. Now authoritarianism is rearing its ugly head again in democracies such as the Philippines, Turkey, Eastern Europe and even in the United States itself.

 Astonishingly, large numbers of citizens of these democracies support attempts by these “strong men” (tyrants, St Germain calls them) to curtail freedoms of speech, religion, the press and movement.  Why would anyone wish to destroy these hard won human rights and freedoms?

That was the topic of a recent discussion I had with St Germain.

St Germain says the DNA of primitive man was altered millions of years ago by advanced alien civilizations to enslave them to mine minerals and metals these advanced civilizations needed for their home planets.

“These primitive species were genetically altered and manipulated to serve more advanced civilizations. Within that splitting and manipulation of the genes a slave mentality was factored into the DNA of the human species.

“You are healing the genetic manipulation that began with the origin of what became human beings as you know them today on this planet. You are healing the slave, the herd consciousness, mentality of the human being.

“Many people who look for daddy, to look for someone to tell them what to do, who resonate with the creation of tyrants or a dictator, they are still within the strong possession of that herd mentality, that slave mentality, to acquiesce to someone else to take care of them.

“Those of you who have raised your vibration and frequency to a higher state of consciousness no longer resonate with that and understand that it is the We consciousness that will move forward your individuated and collective consciousness as a species and the ascension of the planet.

“That is the wisdom that is missing from the knowledge of humanity, that they (tyrants) are appealing to the unhealed aspect of the origin of the species. That is a leap of information for most. That is what is taking place and he (Trump) instinctively knows how to appeal to that manipulated gene that needs to have someone tell them what to do and to follow them blindly regardless of their behavior.

“This is being healed by the higher frequency of the planet itself moving into the ascension process, which is affecting everything within and upon her body. So that same electro-magnetic frequency, that higher vibration, is also going through the human body, through your chakra system, healing that manipulated slave gene, if you will, that herd consciousness gene, for those of you who have decided to become conscious and to allow ascension to be the priority within your life.

“The most prominent feature of the tyrant is an endless capacity to counterfeit (lie) and dissemble (divide and conquer) to make something look like what it is not and to create multiple justifications to cover up self-serving motives. Protecting your free press can expose all this.

“Join in a collective consciousness to not resist the tyrant (which is what he wants and will fuel him) but create a positive, parallel path that exceeds any intention of the tyrant for the good of all.” (Honor and protect the U.S. Constitution which was inspired by St Germain.)

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