Friday, July 28, 2017


Lightworkers are showing the way (WAYSHOWERS) for our world, we carry the cosmic flame, holding the light of this planet and humanity in love, peace equality, harmony and balance, we have come here to help the planet and humanity shift/ascend into higher consciousness of existence. To Ascend…

We are gifted beings and we have come here to fulfill our lightworker soul plan mission. Lightworkers carry a high frequency light within our souls to enlighten and illuminate the world. Most Lightworkers are teachers and healers employing their unique talents and gifts,

Some of us take on the role of higher realm’s teaching, energy-work or self- healing, some do their work in unseen ways. When some lightworkes come into this physical world, they sometimes struggle to re-discover/remember their light within. Lightworkers can forget their mission and purpose, their light can be extinguished for a short time or permanently.
When our light is “activated”, we lightworkers go on a journey of self discovery/empowerment, intent to heal ourselves; allowing us to assist others. But, unfortunately, when the light is “off, the lightworker can remain in the lower 3D or 4D psychic realms rather shifting our light again connected to the higher 5D realms; where all wisdom resides. This can be a challenging procedure for Lightworkers to experience, however when our light is reactivated, we become self-empowered again and resume our mission of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.

Lightworkers have unique individuated soul plans! But, our primary goal is to help people through our talents and gifts to find their light/purpose in being here by answering the questions: Who am I? and Why an I here? Most Lightworkers are accountable for healing the energy of fear, doubt or ignorance (monsters of mankind) with the energy of love.

When You’re A Lightworker:
You notice that you don’t fit in any type of class or group
The feeling of being misunderstood is amplified. We often feel like we don’t belong “in this world or life. We are aware we have an eternal higher realm home. Lightworkers have little resonance with everyday ‘normal life’. Spirituality becomes a way of life and there is no need to partake in any one religion or philosophy.

We develop a ‘cosmic consciousness’ and inner wisdom and know how to apply it.
Lightworkers allow our mental believing minds to move back into service of our knowing hearts. We ‘think’ with our hearts.

We prefer not to be in crowded places because we are well aware of energy and frequencies. Lightworkers tend to need quiet time to recharge our energies as we absorb the vibrations of those around us.

People innately trust you and seek your higher frequency support and guidance. Others ‘entrain’ to your loving energy.

Lightworkers have no fear of Death or Dying
Death is a transition in the stage of life for Lightworkers. Many Lightworkers have had near-death experiences, diseases, and have overcome huge obstacles in their lives. This allows us to directly know and understands life’s issues.

The soul plan of the Lightworkers has allowed us to release the illusion that death is final. There is an acceptance that life is transcendent. As a Lightworker, our mission/purpose is to have an open loving heart and a deep awareness to help others transition through these ever-changing times of ascension.

It’s not our job to change or heal anyone, but to accept with compassion our choices and bring forth Divine healing light. Our presence as a loving Lightworker/Wayshower is a major shift in consciousness and spiritual evolution for our planet and humanity.

Many Lightworkers are now joining in communities of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance to further support self and others. Are you ready to join us?

In Unconditional Love and Light,
Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

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