Sunday, May 13, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart

Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for May 2018
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Expand into Joy in the Solitude of the Self

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael, this is Michael and We welcome you as you move through aspects, episodes and moments of your life. It is now important as you move into your month of May to move into the moment of now and what is transpiring in the moment of now.  

Many of you have moved to various aspects of expansion this year so far. Expanding into your greatness. Expanding into yourself, into the depth and breadth of who you are and into your truth.  Many have also expanded outward into your world because you are finding your powerfulness and greatness and now expressing that.  

Now that you have moved into your month of May, it is time to take a step backward and move within. It is not about moving into a full contraction because it is still important to continue to move forward and toward what you say you want.  It is still important to express yourself out in the world.  Yet, as you move into May it is important to move within into the silence of the self, into a retrospective period.  As you do this you can take notice of your growth.   

What is transpiring in May are growth periods and you will experience growth spurts.  From your month of January through April, many have moved into the knowingness and the realization of their powerfulness, their truth and a new found sense of self.  Many have expanded out into the world and beginning to express themselves. 

If you look at this on an energetic level, continuous expansion is not attainable.  So there comes a time when you need to retreat and move back within and into the quietness to reflect upon the growth of self. This month of May is that time period.  You can now look at where you have grown within yourself as well as allowing yourself to grow.  By doing this you can then move into greater expansion in your month of June.   

So as you move into your month of May, We suggest you move into a place of quietness so you can see your growth and see your greatness.  

In moments of expansion you escape yourself. You move to a new excitation of self and of life and expand out into the world. You expand and express yourself. You create new endeavors, new modalities. You move to a new energetic level of self that is at a higher vibration. Thus you move out into the world and show up more frequently and readily because you are opening to a greater sense of self and knowing that what you have to say is important.  Your self-expression is important. Your modalities and endeavors are important so you expand out in the world.   

It is during these times of expansion where there may be little time for the self and to move into the quietness of self.  Though you may have a process of meditation, many are pre-occupied with the expansion. You are pre-occupied with your endeavors and modalities and giving to others in your life. Expanding takes up an inordinate amount of your energy. Much of what has transpired in the first months of your year is this.          

As you move into May, a month of contraction, many are beginning to feel the contraction.  Many are organically and naturally moving into a contraction into the quietness of the self.  Perhaps you are finding aspects of your life ending, relationships ending as well.   

May is a time for silence and quietness. Quite possibly some solitude with the self to simply reflect on what has transpired for you this year so far. So you can see where you have expanded into your powerfulness, your greatness, your truth and into the beingness of yourself. You can move into a place of retrospection and reflect upon your growth.  

Many have grown into their powerfulness, into a deeper sense of love of self and who they are.  When you move into a deeper sense of self, this triggers an organic and natural expansion.  When you move into a deeper love of self, you then will move outside of you to bring yourself to the world.  You are realizing your expression and truth is important to share with others. Moving into a deeper sense and love of self is the impetus for expansion.  You then expand and bring yourself out into the world. You release separation and isolation because you realize that who you are and why you are here is important to share with others.   In the expansion you bring your endeavors, modalities out into the world and begin to give to the world and others. As you expend this energy you move to a place of purposeful doing as opposed to doing arbitrarily that helps you to avoid yourself.  

As you move to a greater depth of love of self, you begin to embody the self in the beingness of you. You then move out into the world and begin to share yourself and in this moment expand out into the world.   You then begin to move to new territories that you have never experienced because you are sensing growth of self.  

Moving to a greater depth of loving, honoring and valuing you is growth.  You are growing to a deeper sense of who you are and thus look to share you with the world. You open to aspects of the wonder child, looking to move out into the world to discover what it hasn’t discovered yet.  It is an entire new beingness of self. The wonder child and magical child coming together to expand out in the world so you can celebrate yourself.  

Moving into the depth of your heart space and into a greater depth of loving, honoring and valuing you is expansion.  It is an expansion of who you are and into a place of celebration of yourself.   You then can move to various parameters of the world you have never experienced.  This for many has transpired this year.  

So as you move into May, you can begin to rein yourself in a bit and move within to a quiet celebration of self with yourself.  You can take stock of where you have grown.

We are not asking you to move into isolation and separation from others. It is most important to continue the momentum of expansion. Yet it is important to move into a place of quietness and solitude to see your growth.  

As you moved through your first 3 months of 2018 and into your month of April, where the greatest expansion occurred, it was perhaps the greatest expansion of self. What you have done in the first four months of 2018 is plant many seeds.  The seed you are planting with other outside of you is you.   

It is now time to simply take a step back and allow life to transpire. It is time to take one gentle step back to take stock of what has transpired for you in 2018. Move to a place of enjoyment of life, a place that allows you to expand with joy. Your month of May is a time to expand into joy in the solitude of the self.           

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