Sunday, May 6, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

 What Do I Want?
The unknown is simply the unknown. It is time to determine if you can now allow yourself to be who you are while facing the unknown. Many now are in an entrainment period, entraining yourself to be who you are. As you move onto the pathway into the unknown, creating a new consciousness of harmony, community, and equality—and your new life that coincides with this—you are all you have. So are you harmonious and equal and in community within yourself?
Many now are making a new commitment to you. You have many tools and it is time to use them you as you make this new commitment. These tools will guide and support your movement forward and toward what you say you want.
You are always doing only one of two things. Either you are having what you say you want or you are avoiding the feelings that are surfacing inside you in relation to what you say you want. In order to have what you say you want, you must be willing to feel these feelings. For as you move forward towards what you say you want, your feelings will get stronger until they reach a crescendo. All the shadow feelings that you have avoided will come to the fore now, into the light; for you to embrace and integrate.
As you move forward on your pathway, look at what you are grateful for, and considering everything you have in your life. You have all the tools you need to step forward, confidently into the unknown. It is time now to make a definitive commitment so that you no longer have try to figure out what you are here to do. We come to you to purposefully guide you to clarify, define, remember, and discover your commitments.
The first step is to release ambivalence about making a commitment to what you say you want. You still may have some degree of trepidation however. Many are moving into a new life, it is important to recognize that your “old life” revolved around the illusion of control. In your old way of doing, your thoughts were focused on trying to control everything that lay ahead of you. You no longer need to do this now for one important reason, you know who you are now. Everything outside of you in your life is unknown, but now the “known” is you.  You know who you are and ready to form a new life in a new collective consciousness of harmony, community, and equality.
Perhaps you have already made a commitment.  Many however, are just at the first step of making a real commitment to having that which you say you want. 
Could you make a commitment to move forward on your pathway? Does the fear of the unknown hold you in a place of ambivalence to making a commitment?  The fear you experience is the fear of feeling the feelings that surface in the face of the prospect of having what you say you want and doing what you say you are here to do.
It is time to explore your commitments and intentions with this exercise. 
Ground yourself with three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, and then bring yourself to where you are at present. Write down the answers to the following questions:
What do I say I want?
Am I having what I say I want? 

Am I being true to who I am?
Is my heart open to receive all that I want? 
When you are done writing, close your eyes, move within, and picture and sense yourself having, living, and being what you say you want. When the picture is clear, continue by asking:
What am I feeling right now? Allow your feelings.
Am I truly feeling the feelings that are coming up in me?

Am I feeling not good enough, not worthy enough, not perfect enough?
Am I looking outside of myself for something to validate and gratify me?
Do I know who I am?

Am I being who I am and opening my heart, as I take the next step towards having what I say I want?

Remember, this process is not supposed to be a gallop, a jaunt, or a race. Begin with offering yourself acceptance and compassion for where you are and for what you are feeling in the moment. It is not a race to get somewhere so you can have something that will validate and gratify you. This is your life, a life to live, a life to give, a life to be. Your process is your life.
We fervently continue to ask you to feel your feelings as you live your life. Always consider: “Where am I? What am I feeling? What do I say I want?”
Having done this exercise, please ask one final question: 
“How much do I love myself now?”

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