Saturday, May 12, 2018


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain and Adama channeled by Phillip Collins


The political confusion and chaos in the United States continues under the leadership of a president who appears to have little regard for truth, regularly attacks the press and the rule of law and is systematically weakening agencies of government created to protect the American people and our land. Many fear America’s role as the standard bearer of democracy and freedom in the world is being irreversibly eroded.

We at the Angel News Network have been reporting observations about spiritual and political issues in the United States by St Germain, the ascended master guiding humanity during this new 2000-year spiritual age that began in 2012. Here are more comments from St Germain as well as new observations from Adama, the father of mankind, received this week during our monthly program called Divine Discussions (explained below).  

 St Germain: “We realize that this is a challenging moment for humanity, particularly in these United States. Long before the United States actually existed, we within the ascended mastership realms had a divine design to create a platform for bringing We consciousness and equality, harmony and balance into existence within this planet.

 “So we helped dictate, if you will, the founding father papers of these United States.  These documents were amalgamations of what you had experienced in the past through your governments and your kingdoms, in combination with the fifth dimension higher realm wisdoms, to create a platform, a wayshowing, of how to be an enlightened, wise nation and allow that knowledge to move out into your entire world.

“It is the destiny of these United States--the Americas including what you call South America--to be these wayshowers. We are instrumental in making sure this happens.

“We wish to assure you that the planet herself is protected by we of the ascended mastership and the other higher realms. It cannot and will not be destroyed by human activity. When that was attempted those particular advanced civilizations were destroyed themselves (i.e. Atlantis).

“Through your freedom of choice and will, you will allow the pushing and pulling of your ascension process--not always in a straight line. Sometimes you take one or two steps forward, and then you may take some steps backward, in order to move forward.

“The players upon the stage of your humanity, particularly of these United States, are upon the stage en masse at this time to awaken humanity, and--for those of you who resonate with a truly democratic, equal, harmonious and balanced civilization--to step forward like never before to learn and apply what is through the contrast of what is not.

“That is what you are creating and experiencing at this time in the United States.

“It is all part of a divine plan, but it is up to you, individually, to not give up but to wake up and to step up to really reveal yourself and to other like-minded and like-spirited communities of equality, harmony and balance who you truly are and why you truly are here.”

Twice a month we at the Angel News Network conduct a program called Divine Discussions (see for details.) Last week Adama, made the following comments about what we are experiencing in the United States:

In our conversation, I called the current political situation in the United States a “nightmare.”

Adama: “It is not a nightmare. It is the clearing and cleansing you need as a nation to understand the wounds and defenses within your populace. The gift of democracy is not a spectator sport. It requires the participation of each and every one of you so that you do not give your power away. What you are experiencing is the folly of humanity at extreme levels revealed like never before. The clearing and cleansing is in place.

Your democracy will come out of it stronger than ever before. It will happen when the clearing and cleansing is complete and when your nation understands the importance of the participation and the honoring of what democracy really means—a government of all the people, by all the people and for all the people.

I asked Adama how we can heal the polarization and separation in our country.

“You are waking up remembering who you are. You came from higher dimensions. You are one extended family. Oneness is an abstract idea. You are all connected, and this is happening like never before. Strangers are becoming friends. You are in process. You are all aspects of one another. If you can accept that, you can begin to listen to one another even if you appear to be in separation. You will begin to see there is a common thread.

That thread is you all want to be loved, to be heard, to be seen, to know somehow you matter. You all want to bring a creative process of the expression of yourself out into the world to the best of your ability without being handicapped by others.

“Love one another. That means, I will love you whether or not I agree with your politics. I will love you unconditionally in spite of your gender, race, or religion. Even though I may set up a boundary about what you believe, I have an aspect of my higher self that transcends that into something called unconditonality.

“You are made of pure white, golden light from the inner heart of God. Most of you have forgotten this. See yourself enveloped in a white, golden light of perfection and beauty. Know this is you. Know you are beautiful beyond words and perfect beyond sight. Bring this beauty and perfection into your vision and see yourself standing as the magnificent being you are.”

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