Sunday, June 3, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart

Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Expansions and Contractions
Celebrating You in Every Moment of Your Life

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael, this is Michael, and We welcome you as you move through aspects of your life into the core aspects of the self.  What We mean by aspects of life is, in the moment of now you are experiencing an aspect of your life or an episode of your life. 

We ask you to look at what is transpiring in your life right now.
What aspect of your life are you in right now?   
Are you in a contraction?
Are you in an expansion?
Are you moving within and gaining greater clarity of you?
Are you moving through a dark shadow period?

These are episodes or aspects of your life that are where you are in the moment of now.  An episode or aspect of your life transpires in the moment of now. The moment of now is all you have and it is important to raise your awareness and consciousness in each and every moment to be aware of what is transpiring in your life so you can remain centered in your heart space.  Doing so will allow you to identify the episode or aspect of your life that you are moving through right now. 

As you move through an aspect of your life, know, there is a specific end point to it. Aspects of your life appear chronologically in accordance with your soul’s divine plan and have a specific time of duration that corresponds to your soul’s divine plan as well.      

As these aspects transpire, it is most important as We have stressed to you, to feel your feelings and nurture yourself through them.  If you are moving through a wonderful expansion, feel your feelings, embrace the feelings as you move though it.  If you move into a contraction, allow yourself to feel your feelings and nurture yourself.  If you are moving through a shadow period within the contraction allow yourself to be where you are because it is most important in your soul’s divine plan that you move though this to receive the lessons that is important to receive. 

The most important part trough all of this is self-introspection.

If you are moving through an expansion where perhaps your resonance and vibration is raising, ask yourself;
Am I feeling my feelings in the expansion?
Am I receiving the feelings in the expansion? 
How does the expansion make me feel?
Is there joy in the expansion?
What is transpiring in the expansion?

When you move into a contraction quite possibly moving through a shadow period, it is most important to be where you are and in it. It is not about enduring the contraction or celebrating the expansion, it is allowing yourself to be in the moment of the episode in your life. 

If you are moving through an expansion and wonderful things are happening in your life and it is time to celebrate yourself, do so. When you move into a contraction in your life and quite possibly through a dark night of the soul, what is of importance is to celebrate here as well.  

Many, when they move into contraction and move through a shadow period tend to judge and shame themselves and continually lower your resonance and vibration.   

We are here to talk to you about fully celebrating you in each and every moment of your life.  The celebration of you, the celebration of the beingness of you, the celebration of your truth, the celebration of who you are is a consistent practice. 

Are you celebrating yourself through the peaks and valleys of life? 
Are you celebrating yourself through the expansions and contractions in your life?
Or do you only celebrate yourself when you move through an expansion?
Then demean yourself and move into judgment and shame when you move into a contraction? 

Based upon the laws of Quantum Physics, expansions and contractions happen symbiotically.  An expansion cannot sustain itself for an extended period of time. It is only natural that after an expansion you move into a contraction.  When you move into a contraction many yearn for the expansion. Yearning for the high vibrational resonance of the expansion and wonder why they cannot be in that place all the time. You will move into contractions, it important to understand this.   

The expansion is the exhale of the beingness and wonderfulness and powerfuleness and greatness of you. On the in breath you move within, quite possibly into a contraction, yet you are still in the wonderfulness and greatness and powerfulness of you in that moment as well.    

It is most important to know that as you move through episodes or aspects of your life, there will be expansions and contractions.  Where are you now?  Are you in an expansion or a contraction? 

As you move into a contraction it is important to feel your feelings and not sink or indulge yourself into the contraction and begin to judge and shame yourself. Be aware if you begin to do this. Raise your awareness and consciousness if you are indulging and sinking into the feelings within the contraction.   

As you move through the episodes and aspects of your life, always celebrate the beingness and the truth of who you are.              

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