Monday, June 18, 2018


Channeled by Jeff Fasano


What is your concept of love?

Many understand in their mental body, the concepts of the teachings We bring you. It is now important to move the understanding of the concepts from your mind to your heart space and implement them in your life. It is time to begin to practice love. It is time to practice self love and loving others.  

How do you practice self-love?
Do you give to yourself each and every day?

It is time to move from the concept of love, the idea of love, in the mental body, and begin to practice it from your heart. 

The idea of love may be wonderful to you and the energy of the concept may open your heart space and raise your resonance and vibration. The question now is; Are you taking the concepts and the tools We give you and practicing love?  If you are practicing love, you then have moved to a deeper level of loving honoring and valuing you. 

Yet, many remain in the mental body, in the conceptual mind and resist practicing love, most likely because of the fear of feeling their feelings surrounding love. Many know; If I open my heart to love, that will trigger deep rooted repressed and suppressed feelings. Perhaps feeling abandoned or betrayed. 

You now can choose to open your heart and practice self love. 
You now can choose to open your heart and love others. 

Making this energetic choice within your heart will trigger repressed and suppressed feelings and memories surrounding this. This is where many will stop because in the conceptual mind they think they should be feeling joyous with love.  You are joyous with love of course.  Yet, if you make the choice to move from the conceptual mind into your heart, and begin to practice love, by making the choice energetically, it will trigger repressed and suppressed feelings and memories when you open your heart.  

Questions We have for you:
Where are you within the practice of love, self-love and loving others and giving and receiving in balance? 
Are you exploring opening your heart and practicing love? 

A way in which you can gauge how deeply you are practicing love is to look at your relationships. Look at your relationship with yourself and others.

Ask yourself, As I open my heart to love, what feelings surface? 
It is important to be aware of what is being triggered within you when you open your heart to love.
What are the memories that surface?
What are the fears that surface? 
Perhaps you fear being betrayed or abandoned? 
You might find yourself saying this:
No matter how hard I try I will never get them to love me. So why open my heart to love?

These are the wounds of the child. You now can choose to explore this so you can love fully. If you choose to explore this, it is important in your process, to connect with this wounded child often because you are dealing with the wounds of that child.

The child may be saying, No matter what I do, Dad (Mom) will never love me for who I am.  As the adult you think, why should I open my heart to love because they will never love me. Therefore, I must be unlovable because Dad (Mom) never loved me for who I am.  You are living in the illusion of the wounded child. 

If you move within and connect with the wounded child often, you will see more clearly where you are as the adult in the illusion that has been created surrounding love.  As adults, many are living in the illusion that has been created by the wounded child, yet are unaware of the illusion.  This is because the memories and feelings are embedded within them. 

If you intend to open your heart to love, it is important to connect with that child and begin to heal the wounds of the child. You can assure the child that you are there for them, and they are loved. This is the practice of love.

Many think the practice of love is doing loving things. This is an expression of love. The practice of love is moving within your heart space and loving the wounded child who is seeking love from mom and dad, but may never have received love or the nurturing the child needs.  This is the deepest aspect of the practice of love.  

We ask you: 
Where are you where Love is concerned?
Where are you where Self-Love is concerned?
Are you practicing love and using the tools you have been given?
Or, are you cherishing the concept of love and wondering why it is not in your life? 
If you are cherishing the concept of love, you may wonder what love is about. Thus remaining in the concept, wishing you had it, and thus not having it. 

It is time to implement the concepts into your life. 

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