Wednesday, June 27, 2018


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 

All nations have a reason to be here on this planet. The United States of America’s soul plan is to create a country based upon love, equality, harmony and balance. We are constantly guided by higher realms to reveal the better angels of our nature. Often in our history, including the present all can seem lost only to give way to the light (our divine destiny). Our Nation has often been where we are now but like trapped gas, this too will pass…

The United States of America’s creed of liberty, self-government and equal opportunity was received from higher realms to support the ascension of the planet and humanity transcending into higher frequencies of existence, as we maneuver the barricades of our own wounded selves and behavior.
Our brief history on this planet has taught us that progress begins at the bottom and proceeds to the top. All leaders are reflecting the present state of the people they are governing.  We often see that politics is an uneven symphony, not always a continuous step forward. Sometimes we have to step back to learn how to continue to move forward. 

Higher realms (divine providence) have not bestowed upon any set of human beings a monopoly of patriotism and character. The United States is intended to be an united blend of diversity. We can never be what we ought to be until we are what we ought to be (divine beings having a human experience). This is the way creation is made. The United States of America is tied together in the single destination of destiny, in an inescapable mission of mutuality. We are ever ancient, ever new in the healing of ourselves and actions.

The fierce urgency of NOW is present in order to free the future. Each of us can choice to become an apostle of love, equality, harmony and balance through a healed relationship with self. Let us affirm we can be and do for the highest good of each other.

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