Sunday, April 14, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled By Jeff Fasano

What Does Being You Look Like? 

It is important to see the awakening to your old behaviors. Then look at what you can shift and change. What are you awakening to? 

When others come to you and offer their support, guidance and love, what are the feelings that surface within you? What transpires within you?
Are you opening your heart to receive what others are giving to you?
Are you allowing their love to penetrate your heart space? 

It is important to know that this is not dramatic. It simply just is as it always has been.  Yet, the nervous system seeks the stimulation.  Perhaps thinking that you must be special if others come to you to support, guide and love you.  It is not about being special, it is about you being you.  Can you be you and know that you are loved for that? 

What does being you look like to you?
Is it about doing for others? 
Giving yourself away to others?
Can you be you?

As you release old behaviors, perhaps now you are being you? 
The old behaviors you used were the only way you knew how you could be loved. Behaviors such as, taking care of the needs of others and incessantly doing for others. Perhaps still trying to prove yourself to others. For many it is a continous excursion of proving yourself. Have I proven myself enough to the world outside of me that I am lovable, that I am good enough? And since I have now done this, they are now opening their heart space to love me. This is an illusion. 

Most coming to you now are so because you are being you.  Allow what transpires within you to surface then release it.  What is surfacing is the illusion that you have to prove yourself to others and then they will love you. 
You might find yourself saying:
“I guess I have proven to others that I am worthy and this is the reason why they are coming to me now.” 
“I have done enough for others and now I am worthy and this is the only reason why they are coming to me.” 
Are those coming to you now doing so because you are who you are and you are being who you are?  

What does being true to your self mean to you?
What about you do you resonate with? 
Do you answer these question with actions? Meaning;  I am now doing this, and doing it is what is true to me? I am doing this and this is my meaning of being true to me. What you are doing is looking outside of you to prove that you are being true to you. Your doing proves to you that you are being true to you.
What does this have to do with being who you are? 

Simply ask the question, Who Am I?
Am I loving, caring, giving and transparent, and this is who I am and I am being this?  

What many are still entrenched in is doing. 
If I am doing this then I am lovable. 
Doing is related to loving, honoring and valuing you. What you are doing is a reflection of how you are loving, honoring and valuing you. You are setting boundaries, and what you are doing now you are so with greater discernment. This reflects how you are loving, honoring and valuing you. This is different than being you. 

Some now are being jolted out of deep comfort zones by being shown love from others. Some are questioning why. Allow yourself to be where you are with this, yet acknowledge the presence of others in your life. 
Your nervous system may have been assaulted in past lives and in this lifetime as well. You are now being shown love from others, yet you may fall back into your safety and security of isolation and separation. You are at an important juncture in your life as many come to you with support and guidance. You may be unsure as to why because of the old conditioned behaviors embedded in your nervous system. Things are beginning to happen for many in their life now and you can open your heart to be who you are, speak your truth and set your boundaries accordingly yet open up to love. 

You are now ready to awaken, awaken to create new as you let go and release the need to do.  Many are still wondering what they need to do. The reminder We have for you is; Are you living in your beingness, and discerning and choosing what to do?   

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