Monday, April 8, 2019

Archangel Michael Speaks: A Message for April 2019: Month for New Awakenings Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled By Jeff Fasano
A Message for April 2019

A Month of  New Awakenings

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move into a new period of time, opening up to a new awakening as you move into your month of April. It is a month of new awakenings. 

You have moved through your first three months of 2019, a period of transiton and many have emerged from a darkness and now moving into the light and an awakening. Many realizing old behaviors that quite possibly have kept them isolated and separated from others. There is a belief that there is safety and security in isoaltion and separation. 

So We ask you:
Where in your life are you isolating and separating based upon your need for safety and security? 
Do you find safety and security in isolation and separation? 
Is it now possible for you to open your heart space and join with others to create a new collective consciousness? 
As you move into your month of April it is important to see this and ask yourself;
Am I separating and isolating myself so I can feel safe and secure?

Many have moved through shadow periods, and quite possibly aspects or situations of your life have come to the fore and awakened you. Awakening through the shadow. As you move into your month of April, where are you awakening after moving through the shadow and what are you ready to transition into as you move into this next three month period? 
This next three month period, April, May and June will be periods of awakening and movement out of old behaviors.  This is why We elightened you to isolation and separation because this for many is an old behavior. 

If you are in the place of commiting to creating a new collective consciousness that consists of community, harmony and equality, can you open your heart space and join with others to create a consciousness of all inclusiveness?  Where in your life are you practicing all inclusiveness? 

It is time to look at isolation and separation in your life as well as all inclusiveness.

Are you all inclusive with others?   
Are you sharing yourself with others?

Many are now realizing that they are loved by others and is it being demonstrated by others to you. Yet, the old conditioned behavior of I am not good enough, I am not worthy enough, I am not perfect enough to be loved may still be intact within you. There may be situations in your life that are now awakening you to the fact the you are good enough, you are worthy enough and perfect enough to be loved by others. 

We have said to you throughout the first three months of 2019 that others will be coming to you. Opening their heart to you and inviting you to join with what they are doing. Can you now see that others are coming to you to support your highest good and simply be in your life. This is because they see your worthiness, that you are good enough and you are lovable. This is one of the awakenings that is transpiring in your month of April and We ask you to look at this. 

You can begin by looking at isolation and separation and ask yourself; does isolation and separation make me feel safe and secure? Even as it cuts me off to the commitment to all inclusivenes and to a new collective consciousness. 

The only way you can form a new collective consciousness is with others.

Where are you being invited by others?
Where are others coming to you asking you to join them? 
Perhaps as this happens you wonder why? 
You wonder why these wonderful and most glorious souls are opening ther heart space for you to join them. 
You wonder why because you are questioning yourself. Quite possibly still in judgment and shame of self? Quite possibly with the attachment; what do they want from me? 

It is time to open your eyes. Open the eyes to your heart space to see that those coming to you with invitations to join them, opening their heart space to you, simply are so because they honor, value and do love you. It is time to open your heart space to all inclusiveness, to a new collective consciousness of community, harmony, equality ansd togetherness.  

As you move through your month of April, take notice of the awakening in your heart space. Take notice where you are being nudged or prodded to open your heart space. Be aware if you are questioning it. And is they always do, feelings will surface.   When others try to nudge you out of your comfort does, what are the feelings that surface? Is the comfort zone, isolation and separation so you can feel safe and secure? 

It is time to open your eyes to see if you are making everything all about you. You make it all about you through your wounds. When all of what we have spoekn to you about transpires, it hits a core wound within you. The wound may be you are not good enough. The wound is created from the conditioning from mom and dad that you aren’t lovable perhaps because they never showed you love.  Yet now, others are opening their heart space to show you love and you may be questioning it. Perhaps questioning their motives and why they are opening their heart to you.  

As you move along on your pathway towards self mastery, opening your heart space to yourself to love, honor and value you, look now at where you are loving, honoring and valuing you. When others come to you opening their heart to you, their doors to you, this just may be a mirror for you to see where you are loving, honoring and valuing you. This hasn’t fully immersed in your nervous system yet and there are aspects of your nervous system where you are still not trusting you. Thus not trusting others outside of you. 

It is time now to awaken. Your month of April is an awakening. It is time to awaken to you. It is time to awaken to know that you are worthy, good enough and perfect enough to be loved.  Others are beginning  to show this to you. It is time in this aspect of your life to open your heart and begin to receive love. The first three months of  2019 was a transition period. The fruition of that transition is receiving love. Others are coming to you, opening their heart to you. Ask youself; Am I willing and ready and able to receive love simply because I am worthy, I am good enough, I am perfect enough and I am love?     

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