Sunday, April 28, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Moving into the World in 
Unity with Yourself and Others

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you continue to move into the depth and breadth of yourself.

We now ask you to begin to make decisions, decisions that are based upon your highest good and support your highest good.

Are you indulging into the depth of your feelings or situations and drama in your life? It is time to be aware of this and begin to let go of this.  

It is time to look into the mirror and ask yourself; What is important to me?
Are you ready to make decisions for yourself based upon what is important to you and what you say you want?

We come to you now to speak to you about Unity, unity with yourself and how you can move into unison within the whole for the greater good of the whole.

By moving as a self contained entity in unity with all the wonderful and glorious souls around you, you can stand individuated without the energy of the whole affecting you. By containing your energy, you can move into unity with those around you and fully embody the depth and breadth of who you are.  

We come to you to speak about how to move into the world and into the soul group of your choice by making decisions based upon what is important to you and what you say you want. You can now move out into the world as a self contained energetic whole within the depth and breadth of your heart expressing  your ideas and the new found aspects of your self and begin to make decisions based upon what you say you want and give and receive in balance. As you move out into the masses of the third dimension you can contain your energy and be in unison with the masses.

You do this by standing in full recognition of you, seeing all the aspects of you that you accept with compassion. Then, when you look out into the world at the masses, you do so with the same acceptance and compassion.  

It is not about fitting into the world outside of yourself, it is about galvanizing your path in the world knowing who you are, utilizing your tools and letting go of attachments. Standing integrated within your self, individuated, you can look out at the world and choose your path, the path is not being chosen for you.

See now where you may be indulging into your illusions and the depth of your feelings and how you may have lost yourself in all of this. Many of you are still in the mindset of preparing constantly for whatever it is you say you want. Are you still preparing yourself for your life? 

If you are moving out into the world in unity with those outside of you, are you  choosing who it is important to create relationships with? You can be in unison with them. Know you are of equal value and you are important. You have something to say and your feelings and what you need to express is important. 

As you move out into the world, are you taking what you have learned and the tools as well and using them to support, guide and affect others?
Are you  still isolating and separating yourself?  Perhaps doing this from a place of superiority or where you think you know more than others? 

You can move out into the world from a place of integration where your energy is self contained. 

Know that as you now choose relationships with those outside of you, they in turn are choosing you and you can move in unity into world service together. Find those relationships and the soul groups that resonate with you and in turn, you resonate with them.

You are now making bold decisions and choices as to what is important to you and what you say you want. You are revolutionizing yourself on the trail of possibility and galvanizing the road towards abundance and world service.

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