Monday, August 12, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Can you Look at Life as a Gift?

We ask you to look at your life and see aspects of it that need to be refined and defined? 
When you look at a relationship that raises your resonance and vibration, can you look at the aspects of it that fulfills your needs? 
Doing so allows you to define what is important to you in relationships.
What you are doing is looking into the mirror. Not to expose aspects of yourself , though that may transpire, you will be looking into it to help you define and refine what is important to you and what you need.  

If you choose to look at your life as a gift, what are you gifting to yourself?
Are you gifting you, joy, community, harmony, equality, and intimacy?
Or are you fighting and depriving yourself of this?
Can you give yourself the gift of joy, community, harmony and equality? 
Or are you fighting the deprivation of this? 

Many continue the fight based upon their wounding and conditioning. They have a need to fight and oppose. In essence, this tells you where they are in their personal process. By fighting and opposing what they are saying is, “I am frightened of intimacy”.  

Might you find yourself chasing after what is unavailable, yearning after what is unavailable, continue to fight and think you can get what is unavailable to become available?
When something or someone becomes available, do you fight and oppose this?  
Doing so keeps you in your comfort zone and in the old.
Perhaps you push it away with your energy, keep it at arms length?
All this done based upon your worthiness to be loved. This all leads to how you feel about your self worth. 

Can you look those who you are in relationship with and see who raises your resonance and vibration and have gratitude for them? 
Can you have gratitude for those areas of your life you are creating that raise your resonance and vibration? 
Can you now see the difference between these relationships and those you created where there is fight and opposition? 

Seeing this can lead to a re-birth into raising your resonance and vibration and into community, harmony, equality, peace, love and joy. You can take this to heart more deeply now. 

You may see all of this playing out in the world outside of you. You may see the reflection of fighting, blaming and shaming and judgment. When seeing this can you use it as a mirror to see where you may continue to fight, blame and shame others and yourself? Nothing is separate from itself. Everything and everyone is interrelated.  If you see this outside of you there is no mistake, no coincidence. What does it trigger within you?   

As you move on your spiritual journey to a greater awareness and consciousness of you and look outside of you at the low, dense vibrational atmosphere of the third dimensional realm, ask, What is being triggered inside of me? Is there a mirror? 
Or, is it reminding me of where I was and no longer resonate?  

Look into the mirror outside of you and look at the reflection. Perhaps it is time to hold that mirror, look at the reflection and see joy, contentment, community, harmony and equality. 
Look at your life, see what and who raises your vibration and what and who lowers it.   

We ask you to now raise the mirror to you, look directly into your own eyes and ask yourself, Am I joy?  Am I community, harmony, equality, peace and love? Am I embodying what I have learned and opening my heart to conjoin with the LOVE you call God?  

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