Thursday, August 29, 2019


(A Daring Discussion For Our Dense Times)
By Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder The Angel News Network
All our current events human separation and suffering is due to not remembering from whence we came, who we are and why we are here and that we can chose to ascend to a higher state of reality as a result of what we are presently experiencing.  The purpose of this writing (with the vast assistance of all of the wisdoms within The Angel News Network library of books and teachings) is to assist in restoring our lost memory. By truly understanding what God is (free of any past teachings) and the reality that God is creating, we can better understand ourselves, knowing we are a reflection of God experiencing itself. This is especially essential within our growth and expansion in being human, realizing we are existing within the densest frequency within this universe. Understanding what God is and who we are is our ticket out of the density!

We have heard through many past teachings that God is omnipresent and infinite. Such teachings are true but they do not go far enough for our current awareness/consciousness. It is time to experience and understand God where it resides beyond the time, space, thoughts and emotions we live in as humans. .We cannot directly connect  with God nor fully  understand it until we can begin to know how it’s beingness becomes  all living multi-verses and all living creatures, including us.  When we better understand this, we can begin to see how God can manifest in unlimited forms and yet remain its infinite transcendent self. God is not only in our universe but metaphysically beyond it ( the finite of God’s creation travels to the infinite which transcends this world).

  It is the living God itself and the one that lives within us that constantly bids us to know that it does exist. Those of us who come to know and understand this cosmic force to be the ultimate foundation of all life and being will unlock the mystery of what God is ( the ultimate source of everything being the ultimate key to everything). It is time to expand beyond our human minds and all material things to understand both. Then we can better accept that God is unique and like nothing else in existence. It is the ultimate. It is the foundation to anything simpler than itself.  Humanity has been pondering the nature and meaning of God forever. It is time, if we so choose, to connect with the reality of a living God within us that does not need a church or anyone to connect us with it. It is our divine right.

It is essential to point out at this juncture in this writing that no amount of words will ever make the meaning of “God” clear to anyone who lacks the resonance and discernment to investigate the topic or has their own belief systems that they refuse to change. This discussion has no intention to attempt to convince or control anyone’s thinking.  So as in all (spiritual) matters continue to use your resonance and discernment in what becomes true for you.

Our human emotions and thoughts creating our actions and reality are based upon our five physical senses which have an extremely limited range of experience. This discussion is all about extending our range…God’s range goes far beyond our range; abilities of an infinite wisdom within an unlimited range. We cannot arrive at a true notion of God only by thinking of it in human ways. If we regard it only as an infinite and transcendent being remote from our finite world, we see only half of the truth.  If we see it as the universal energy manifesting every cell in our body, every creature in existence, all planets in our solar system, and stars in our galaxy we see the other half. God possesses both characteristics and accepting them requires a consciousness that allows a comprehension.

God is the one thing which can produce a multitude of things which are all different from each other and yet remain true to itself. It is the formless reflecting and manifesting the form. God is both the One and the many, however we intend to envision this.  The God-force is a unity in diversity and a diversity in unity, a stillness creating movement. When God is manifesting one thing from another, it is finite consciousness in action.  God has set everything up so that creation is constantly evolving from the many back to the one. This is the ascension of the planet and humanity that is taking place now.

Creation is nothing but the by-product of God’s divine idea. Our entire world is but an intention expressed by God.  The evolution of the universe is really a gradual manifestation/reflection of God itself, an interplay of its own projections. What is challenging for the human mind is to realize is that God is self-born, it arose of its own accord. And our human personification of God does not change this truth.
When cosmic cycles of creation begin there is literally nothing in existence, no forms of any kind, no conscious beings.   Creation is an ever-expanding circle (spiral), a process of ever-becoming. For instance, the universe is continuously expanding and amplifying itself until the reverse process sets in and the cosmic cycle exhausts itself and finally ends.  This process is taking place with our planet at this time. It is returning to the light from whence it came, becoming a  star, (primal light) that will eventually explode and begin again.
God is a cosmic force whose multitude of energies we know as the physical world. God has created the world out of its own substance, its own intention and that intention becomes light, the building block of all.  Everything in creation, with no exception, has been born from light. Sadly, there are many of us who cannot comprehend this infinite principle of life  (all-knowing and all-present being)  and remain in darkness. Most often we see nothing as it really is. The purpose of this writing is to bring us further into the light.

One of the most challenging things for the human mind to comprehend is that everything seemingly came from no-thing. And from the previous writing it has become clear that God is nothing that can be seen through our physical senses within the time-space dimension we reside in as humans. It is essential that we not attempt to continue to put God within any human shape or reference but know it is a force that does live within us and from whence we came. God is an absolute, thingless, timeless , spaceless ,  and beautiful boundless being, paradoxically the only existence, beyond the comprehension of most of us! God is the ultimate state of being where creation manifest itself and rest during dormant cycles. In God’s sphere there is no distinction between one thing and another, one being and another, one creature and another since they all come from a oneness frequency.

The human mind may ask, “What was there before God?” And the answer is  no-thing (the void). Because this conception of the ultimate being deprives it of any kind of form in space and any kind of existence in time.  But what is indistinguishable from complete non-existence is something called consciousness, the tool box of God. When cosmic energy and light combine through God’s intention its consciousness is created and becomes the manifestor of all.

As stated earlier it is not easy for our form-ridden human consciousness to accept this notion that No-thing is the equivalent of reality, that emptiness is the basis upon which all our emotions, thoughts and actions are built and not through some solid material. But once we thoroughly comprehend this truth the mystery of existence is solved once and for all!  We need first find and affirm the Ultimate to be not this or that before we can discover what this and that is.  Nothing that is measurable, nothing that is finite, nothing that is formed can possibly be the true foundation of existence. It is by leaving out all that is transient (us), by negating all that is familiar we comprehend the true concept of existence.
Again, it is difficult for the human to successfully accept an absolute void, no-thing. The instant we think of the void our mind is actually itself inhabiting the void. Most of us are not able  to think of identifying with no-thing, for the moment we do we declare its own presence. Thus, we see that this unlimited and infinite God must be unconsciously presupposed before we can know its limited and finite manifestations within and around us.
Everything we see around us has come forth out of the invisible, which cannot be a mere no-thing. The no-thing is empty only of individual and separate appearances but not of the universal reality which is its origin.  Thus, no-thing is both potential material and potential space. If we were to remove every vestige of the universe with all its creations, the mysterious emptiness that remains would be God transcending all reality.  Let us not call it nonexistence since it is the permanent matter in which all things are created. Beyond the senses of all of us, this alone is eternal.  GOD IS THE CAUSE OF ALL AND CREATION IS THE EFFECT! 

No-thing is not to be denied but understood. Matter is the form that everlasting God-essence takes. Our reality is actual because we sense it through our five senses, yet it is nothing less than an appearance. We further begin to understand reality when we accept this paradox. No-thing is not mere emptiness but the reality itself behind all our worldly experiences and perceptions.  The no-thing is a blank void, the basis of all manifested existence itself arising (everything we daily experience).  We all see the world around us but few realize the truth of it.  Our reality is not a self- existent or self- supporting one for it depends on the original no-thing and indeed arises from it and eventually is merged back into it.
The most challenging aspect for most of us is the reality of the no-thing (the unmanifested) as ultimate reality. We think in terms of measurable forms and solids so often that we have lost the ancient wisdom to think in terms of unidimensional formlessness. It is our destiny to return to this wisdom. The foundation of all of our present reality is to understand the unseen reality it is based upon.
To reiterate, from no-thing comes everything, from silence all sounds, from darkness comes light, from unconsciousness comes consciousness, from problem comes solution and from intangibility comes all tangible things. No-thing is something not born, nor created. If it were not for no-thing there would be no possibility for what is born.
In order to evolve and ascend to a higher frequency of existence humanity needs to expand beyond our ignorance and integrate the universal reality being shared here. This seeming no-thing is the secret of the whole universe’s existence, the original source where it emerges, the last place it recreates itself.  The first and last of all things is the no-thing and All There Is.  Then reality becomes God’s thought within our thought. Here the divine reveals its own unseen nature; the ever becoming behind and beyond all.


So, let’s see if we can further answer the question “What is God by better understanding “What is reality?”
From the previous words shared we can see that God and reality are not here today and gone tomorrow. They both bypass time and have always been in existence. All things of this universe whether seen or unseen, whether matter or spirit must have an everlasting existence (even though they may change form). If this were not true the universe could never have arisen for out of no-thing only nothing can emerge.  The original ‘something’ of all things must have always existed and must still exist. This explains the eternal nature of the human spirit that can never die.  This we may call the ultimate God and reality as one. It is the never-ending origin of All There Is. It is God-power consciousness, a force that can exist by and in itself, a totality of all experience, the starting point and terminus of all existence, that which knows and that which is known.

This is what God is. It is what we have unconsciously or consciously called soul, spirit or divinity, the eternal essence of all of us.  While other things exist relatively, these three alone exist absolutely for themselves, independent of other things. This ‘matterless principle’, the Godhead, has been called many names through the ages. No matter what it is called, ultimately, we cannot separate God from anything else we know or can think, including ourselves. (Our attempt to separate from God is the cause of the ills of this world knowing the effect). Let us feel and directly connect with the sacredness of God without attempting to separate it from anything or anybody because God is ultimately everything and everywhere, and the most blessed aspect of ourselves.

It is time, if we so choose, to remember what we have forgotten and lost in our lives. For that which now becomes a memory will allow us to manifest  the lives and world we say we want: a world based upon love, equality, harmony and balance.  It is time to transcend this dense frequency of existence and transition back into the light from whence we came by way of our God connection and expression…

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