Sunday, August 4, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Message for August 2019
What Serves Your Highest Good?

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are opening up to new parameters in your life. Many are now are moving into new depths of self introspection, self healing, that dis-lodge aspects of old conditioning. Feelings are now surfacing.  

Many are opening to new facets of their life, taking stock of what is transpiring in their life, looking at their life and seeing what no longer resonates for them. Many are looking at relationships and seeing what no longer works in those relationships. They are differentiating between relationships that they think are purposeful in their life and now seeing the relationships that are purposeful. 
What We mean by this is, many are beginning to look at specific aspects of their life. Looking at relationships, what is transpiring in their life, their geographical situation and asking, What serves my highest good?  

As you move into your month of August, it is now important to look at what serves your highest good.  What relationships serve your highest good? What aspects of your life serve your highest good? Look at old behaviors, old routines, old relationships, do they serve your highest good. Look at how you are behaving. Are you reacting or responding to what is happening in the world outside of you and in your relationships? 

What is transpiring in your month of August is moving into a great depth of self love. Taking another step into it by looking at what serves you and what doesn’t. This is based upon self love and self acceptance. 

So We ask you to look at what is serving you in your life, who is serving you and what and who no longer serves you.  It is an all encompassing look. Looking at your old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors and asking, Do they serve me?  Do they enhance my life? Am I growing in my life based upon the way I interact with others each and every day?  Do my relationships serve me? Is there a balance of  giving and receiving in these relationships?  

Your month of August is about looking at what raises your resonance and vibration and what doesn’t. You can look at August as a month to “clean out your closets”, cleaning up the mess and what is transpiring in your life. You can look at where you are expending your energy on what no longer serves you yet is a habit and behavior that when you do you wind up with the same results. 

It is now important to once again take a step within and ask, how much do I love, honor and value me and can I now look at what serves me and what doesn’t? This may be confusing to many and be very clear to many, it is all based upon the depth of self love.  

If you chose to look at what serves you, what doesn’t, who does and who doesn’t, you will inevitably need to release aspects of your life. What you will be doing in this process is taking a look in the mirror.  As you do, it will bring up deep seeded feelings that you have repressed and suppressed.  As you entertain doing these exercises, you will move deeper within the depth of your heart space and begin to uproot deep rooted feelings. It is important as you do this to allow yourself to feel your feelings. This is a clearing and cleansing process, clearing and cleansing all that no longer serves you or raises your level of resonance and vibration. Quite possibly you will see where you tell your same old story. 

It is important now to raise your resonance and vibration. Look at where there is joy in your life, peace in your life and harmony in your life.  Ask, Am I expending energy on these areas of my life? Am I expending energy on those who raise my resonance and vibration? Am I expending my energy on those who bring me joy, where I am in harmony community and equality, there is a balance of giving and receiving and they champion my highest good as I do theirs? 

Or are you meandering in old relationships. We speak about relationships in the broad sense of the term.  Relationships with an other, your relationship to your career, what you are doing in your life, your modalities your endeavors.  Are they raising your resonance and vibration? Does it bring you joy? Or are you expending in inordinate amount of time on relationships that don’t?  Are you expending an inordinate amount of energy on areas of your life that do not raise your resonance and vibration but lower it?  

It is time to see where you are expending your time and energy.  Are you expending energy and time on those relationships that raise your resonance and vibration where there is joy? Or are you expending time and energy on relationships where it is “ one sided” and lower your resonance and vibration? Perhaps now you can see where  you expend time on those relationships where there is a lack of giving and receiving in balance and reduces your resonance and vibration. And now shift into seeing those relationships that raise your resonance and vibration, yet you shy away from, perhaps because they raise intimacy issues within you.  Is it easier for you to spend time on relationships that are not fulfilling?
It is time to see this and look in the mirror at yourself so you can move into intimacy.  If you are in a relationship where there isn’t a balance of giving and receiving, doesn’t raise your resonance and vibration, and you are trying to get it to do so, this is a sign of where you are where intimacy is concerned.  Can you now foster relationships with those who honor and value you and raise your resonance and vibration and open your heart to them?  

As you move into your month of August it is time to look at where you expend energy and time. Ask; Where am I spending time and energy? Are you expending time and energy on areas of your life that raise your resonance and vibration, or on areas that lowers it?   Then look into the mirror and ask yourself; What do I truly want?  What is important to me? Is it important to me to expend time on that which lowers my resonance and vibration? Look to see where you can lend your energy to that and those who raise your resonance and vibration. 

This is just another step in creating a new collective consciousness. It is a consciousness that fosters the balance of giving and receiving, harmony, community and equality. A consciousness that is simply joy and where you are not constantly fighting to get the attention of another. 

It is important see areas of your life where you are fighting to get what you need and what is important to you. The see in your life where this is easy and in balance and comes to you naturally and organically and you can open your heart to receive love. Open your heart to know that you are worthy to be loved and will be loved for who you are if you allow it.  Do you fight in relationships where it isn’t readily available? Do you continue the fight and think and hope it becomes available? Look at your life where it is available. Have you allowed it to enter and penetrate your heart space.

In many ways your month of August will be a month of elimination if you choose to eliminate that which no longer serves your highest good.   

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