Sunday, December 29, 2019


Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A New Perspective of You

As each and everyone one of you move on your individual pathway, new avenues may be opening and life is beginning to change for you. Old doorways are closing and you may be looking for change in your life, perhaps seeking a new perspective of your life.  This begins inside the depth and breadth in your heart space, for it lies within you, not outside of you. It comes from the essence of you, the wonderfulness of you, the beautifulness of you.   

This new perspective is a brand new perspective of self that allows you to open up to the full beingness of you and the full greatness of you.  It is seeing you for who you are, not what others outside of you say you are or seeking gratification and validation from outside of you through the perspective of others. It is about seeing, honoring and valuing yourself from your perspective of you.  

What is your perspective of you?

Each and every one of you has examined yourself and continue examining yourself. Many in doing this, shame, judge and criticize themselves. Look to see if you are doing this. It is time to now release this and shift your perspective of you. There is a direct relationship with your perspective of self and the life you are leading outside of you. 

When you examine yourself, are you doing so by continually criticizing yourself through judgment and shame? Are you looking at what might be wrong with you?

It is time to gain a new perspective of yourself by looking at your accomplishments, what you have done up to now in your life and seeing how far you have come in your personal process.  Begin now to look at your wonderfulness, your greatness, the beautifulness of the self and release the constant self examination. 

It is now important to define you from a new perspective that is based in loving, honoring and valuing you. Look at where you are in your life. Can you see where you are and new doorways that may be opening to bring your greatness to the world, to bring your beautifulness to the world? Or are you looking at what you haven’t done yet and examining this looking to find out why you think haven’t done it yet? Though this is part of the personal process, you can get stuck in this place. 

You can gain a new perspective of you through loving, honoring and valuing yourself through your heart space.  See what you have accomplished up to this moment in time and set new goals for yourself? 
The new goals that I you set for you are based upon what you want to give to yourself and how much you love, honor and value you. It is time to express yourself, it is time to be fully who you are through honoring, valuing and loving me.    

We come to you at this wonderful and most glorious time to tell you, you are loved, you are honored and you are valued.   

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