Sunday, December 1, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Your Soul Seeks Union

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are moving through episodes in your life. What is transpiring for many as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart space is you are seeing old habits, pattern, rituals and behaviors surfacing based upon what is transpiring in your life.  What is transpiring in your life now, is triggering aspects of you and of the old. As you open your heart space into the depth of you, you may find yourself stating: 
This is what I want 
This is the intention for my life
This is where the change in my life needs to occur
I am shifting and changing my life from the old to the new

It is not so much about shifting and changing your life outside of you, it is about changing your old behaviors that constitute what transpires within you. Each and every one of you have determined that change is important in your life, and this is based on your love of self. This change begins within you. And as situations in your life are triggering something within you, it is about how you respond to it now.  It is about having a different response to the stimuli of the third dimensional realm.

If you look at your life and an aspect of it that is transpiring now, perhaps a relationship, it is triggering something inside of you. Feelings and old memories are being triggered. Many based upon the depth of their personal process are now more acutely aware of themselves. You are now decisive and precise in what you want in your life that is based upon how deeply you love, honor and value you. You are doing this at a new level by being you and knowing who you are. Many are stepping out in life and saying they want more in life, you want to be more in your life. You are seeing what is important for you.  

It is important to know that your soul is always seeking union. You are seeking union with others. Is this what you want?  

You have union with others on various levels.  This union in relationships with others is based on you and how deeply you love, honor and value you, your boundaries and your needs. 

Many have opened to a greater depth on intimacy. You have shed your mask, moved through the veil, and declared that you are transparent, open to what you say you want. You are doing this because you have allowed yourself to feel your feelings. You are no longer shutting down, isolating and separating yourself. You are now seeking union in community, harmony and equality with others. With this being your foundation, you are coming across relationships in your life that are triggering the old in your life.  

You are moving from the concept of union, community, harmony and equality and intimacy with others. And now in relationships with others you are being faced with putting those concepts into action by moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space. You begin to test this in your life, by putting yourself out there, saying it is now time to have what you say you want on a deeper level. You are doing this now by being who you are, being with your own energy, and saying to others this is who I am and this is what I want. 

Now as you come into contact with others in relationship with them, you are being tested and triggered deep within. In the new relationship, old habits, patterns rituals and behaviors will begin to surface. You will see how you would have handled a situation, you will see what you used to do, you will see old behaviors. You might find yourself beginning to do the old behavior again. It is now time to release the old ways of reacting when you are being triggered and move to responding through a new consciousness and awareness and see what needs to change in your life. This change begins with you.    

As you open your heart space and release the mask, move from behind the veil  and begin to show up in life, transparent and authentic, you are now triggered more deeply. You may react to this and move into old behaviors. Yet it is now about responding based upon your needs and your boundaries and what you want in relationship with others in union with them. 

What is transpiring for many are the old ways in which you would go about being in relationship with an other though you are seeking union with them. You now can see this and shift it. The change for you now is a deeper understanding of you along with a deeper level of awareness and consciousness and loving, honoring and valuing you more deeply. 

When you are triggered now, ask:
How much do I love, honor and value me? 
What do I need?
What is important for me? 

Now that you are moving into a relationship of sorts with an other, find what is being triggered within you, and what your old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors are that surface in reaction to what transpires with an other. It is these old behaviors that are used in reaction that need to change so you can change and have the relationships that you say you want.    

As you move into authenticity and transparency and open your heart, it is important to know that you are of equal value in the relationship. You have needs and boundaries. It is important to see the old habits, patterns and rituals that surface when you come into contact and begin to create a relationship with someone new.  

What is being triggered now is the depth of your heart space that is seeking union. The soul seeks union. Your heart seeks union.  Is this what you seek? 

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