Monday, December 30, 2019

2020 Higher Realm Overview


“Happy New You In The New Year”

From The Angel News Network

(Edited combined wisdoms from Archangel Michael, channeled by Jeff Fasano, and Ascended Master St. Germain, channel by Phillip Elton Collins).

Let us remember the ascended masters were once human like us walking the surface of this planet, our DNA being the same, and along with the guarding and guiding wisdoms of the archangelic realm, we are so blessed to have these mighty support systems, filled with love, ever present in our lives.  Now let us see if we can be responsible and accountable (the foundation for our truth, needs and boundaries) for these applied wisdoms and insist (require)the same of others; our governments and corporations and world around us. This is creating new requirements for our relationships, demanding a balance of giving and receiving, and a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. This will create the new you, the new world in the new year, of which we all hunger.

The two higher realms forces speaking now have often taught that the foundation of our duality, separation and confrontation is our imbalance of giving and receiving and the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies on this planet.  By knowing the cause, we can reduce and/or eliminate the effect. We are in process of healing these. It is time that we demand individual and collective soul family balance in all aspects of our lives, thus allowing our light (activated of our soul plan, our reason to be here) to shine out into the world…

With the continued ascension energies (macro) radiating from above and below the planet into humanity, we as a human species (teacher souls, micro) shall continue to accept and embrace the divine reality of being Children of God.
Throughout the 2020, month by month we shall continue to have the support and blessings and messages from the archangelic and ascended master’s realms.  There will be ups and downs, shifts, resistance, change and absorption during this process.  Monthly tools and wisdoms from the higher realms will continue to support us, accepting and applying the truth: we have never been alone.
Regular higher realms support will be consistently available on the Angel News Network web site (  and within  our social media and our library of books.
Looking ahead, the next decade will be an unprecedented period of growth and expansion as we accept responsibility and accountability for ourselves and demand it from others, our governments and corporations.  We are beginning to see this happening now.

The focus of this overview will be the new year 2020, with January being the beginning and assimilation of the new energy and all spoken of at this time. Ultimately, 2020 will  reveal the depth of our healed relation with ourselves and how that mirrors out to others.
These new energy systems coming in will assist us in not only balancing the assertive masculine and compassionate feminine energies but our giving and receiving, as well. It is time, if we so chose, to know and accept we are each other in disguise, unique adults, healing the inner wounded child, here to express our truths through love; knowing creation would be incomplete without each of us or we would not be here!

As channels of higher realms, it is essential that we at The Angel News Network look at ourselves first as a channel, to now we are receiving what we need to master our self, as we then share with others. This way we can move the individual into the collective consciousness (quantum resonance). It is time to be the message that we receive as we share, truly being the messenger that we are.

We are being told we are all ‘teacher souls’ mastering self (a reflection of all), thus assisting others to be and do the same.
It is time to look closely at what we want in our lives and to know whether we are having (creating) it or not., and why. Until we know each person is of equal value, we cannot create communities of love, equality, harmony and balance.
As we become more conscious and increase our frequency, we can see clearly the need for power and control of our governmental and corporate systems, not seeing each of us as necessary, equal individuals.   The folly of ‘man’kind, not being so kind, is that they cannot control what they did not create. And they did not create  this world or you and me. The outer world largely at present is not being responsible for what they are being and doing. The effect of this can be humanity’s demise, if we do not wake up.
The way to evolve is through changing our own frequency, through healing our self, not necessarily changing the structure of the old or present. Once our frequency increases dense structure will shift. Remember we are living in the densest frequency within the universal plane, a choice we made to learn what we need to learn the way we need to learn it.

For eons the higher realms have been giving humanity teachings and tools to assist our process. Most often we have chosen not to apply them.  It is time to garner the necessary tools given us and apply them. The Angel News Network has dedicated ourselves to sharing these many tools over the years allowing us to move beyond our blind spots into collective consciousness of love, equality harmony and balance. The basis for success, again, is taking responsibility and accountability for ourselves in being our message…. being into doing.
Now let us release being stuck in our stories, end old lifetime wounds, nurture self and transmute into collective we-consciousness.  It istime to be and have what we say we want, knowing we are divine beings having this human experience.

As we move into collective consciousness, as healthy, healed individuals, bringing our talents and gifts out into the world we can create new soul families, often a continuation from past life times.  These soul families will have the ability to bring our separated world together (united field) creating communities of peace, love, harmony and balance.
The year 2020 will be one of choices, applying our free will or not.  Again, it will be about holding self and others accountable and responsible; balancing the universal equation Responsibility = Consequence.  As we achieve this ourselves, we need demand it of others and become more self-empowered than ever before.

Once more, the year 2020 is the year of truth of what we say we want. And the only way to achieve this to be our message through learning how’ to think’ with our hearts, allowing our ‘believing’ minds to move back into service of our ‘knowing’ hearts. Remember, stored within our heart DNA is everything we have learned from past and present lifetimes. Time to access and apply this wisdom, if we so chose.
In closing, it is all about connecting with the healthy, healed assertive masculine energy that has suppressed the compassionate, receptive feminine for eons, to balance these two essential forces, allowing an assertive-compassionate feminine force to come through. This will allow compassion and acceptance of self, thus others further connecting like -minded, like- hearted peoples to create communities of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.  Thus, creating the lives and world we all say we want.

Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-founder The Angel News Network

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